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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Not to get all Oprah-y and start shouting out my favourite things like you should care...but I'm going to shout out my favourite things. And please pretend to care. Because I am having a crap day and I need the caring confirmation... So, my new favourite things which I add to my old favourite things: Politics and Prose and Nam Viet. As well as meerkats and Disney World. And Morningstar Farms' fake bacon. And pick-your-own fruits and vegetables.

(1) Serenity. I met her last night. Some things you may not know about Serenity: international spy (oops, I probably shouldn't have told you that blows her cover). Holder of a Fields Medal AND a Nobel Prize. Supermodel. Has over 66 tattoos--mostly of cool things like a Follistim pen jabbing into a torso and the word "Mom" being torn apart by a dagger. Drinks champagne by the caseload at every meal and doesn't even stagger a bit as she goes back to her waiting limousine.

Just in case you don't believe me, I will also tell you that she rocks. That when I sat down at the table, it was as if I had known her for 80 years. She is just as smart and funny and caring as she seems via her blog. She is exactly like your favourite sweater--the one that simply makes you feel good just by wearing it. I can't wait to see her again the next time I'm in Boston, and I'm hoping to drag her down to D.C. soon. I am so excited that I got to meet her.

(2) Good Grief by Lolly Winston. This was one of those books that I always picked up and carried around the bookstore, but then chickened out about buying. Because it is about losing your spouse and the grief that follows and I didn't think I could handle reading it. But I took the chance since we're reading her other book Happiness Sold Separately for the Barren Bitches Book Tour and it is FANTASTIC. I think about Sophie, the main character, whenever I'm not reading the book: worrying about her, trying to think of some small things I could do for this fictional person that could make a difference. You care about her so deeply and you feel her grief so deeply and it has been extremely cathartic to read this book. I think Winston's greatest gift is that she takes you right up to the edge of grief and lets you look down, and then pulls you back for a moment to catch your breath with a small laugh, and then brings you to the edge again. So whereas the grief from the Year of Magical Thinking simply brought me to heaving tears (which is also a good thing from time to time and I loved that book too), the grief in this book is much more managable. You know what it's like? You know how some people have crappy clinic nurses who don't hold their hand through the process and therefore, they feel even more overwhelmed and terrified through their first cycle because they never feel like they know what the fuck is happening? Winston is the opposite: she's the good nurse who is going to hold your hand and return your calls and walk you through the cycle and let you know what's up so you don't feel quite so overwhelmed. You may still be scared or sad, but you won't be overwhelmed. And that's how her writing feels to me.

(3) O'Naturals. This restaurant has the best fake chicken. It also has real chicken, but since I only eat fake chicken, I am only concerned with the veaty variety. It. is. so. good. I love you, Stonyfield Farms.

There are probably other favourite things I could add to this list, but since I'm not Oprah and since no one really cares what I think and like, I should probably cut it off here. But feel free to add your own fabulous finds to the list and I'll try yours if you'll try mine (except if yours is real chicken or beef or fish--see #3 on my list).

Coming up next, director's commentary for Uterninus's Law. The blunders (did you catch the mistake in the movie that we left in?), the behind-the-scene stories. While I'm on this ego trip, I thought I would do an interview with me.


reichmann said...

Welcome back, Mel! Hope your crappy day turns around quickly :) Just had to add one of my favorite things: Edy's Slow Churned Take the Cake Ice Cream. Tastes like my favorite part of the cake- the icing...with sprinkles. Pure heaven.
I'm sure I'll think of others, too...

Stacie said...

Adding my new favorite thing. Rose ice cream. Tastes like a flower smells. The first bite seems "perfumey" but by the end of the bowl I can't shovel it into my mouth fast enough.

I hope your crappy day gets better.

Rachel said...

My newest favorite thing: crawling into bed on clean sheet night when the sheets have been washed or dryed with Snuggle Wild Orchid & Vanilla kiss softener.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Sending you some love. Sorry you're feeling low. One of my favorite things is waking up to birds singing and the sun shining through the shutters on a warm late spring/early summer morning!

Ann said...

My new favorite thing--meeting for game nights with new friends. There's no better way to break the ice!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I also picked Good Grief but simply couldn't buy it because I am a chicken. And the thought of losing Mr. LIW shakes me to the core. Not only because I love him (duh!) but because I need him - he's my rock.... But, based on your suggestion, I just might buy it the next time I go to the bookstore, which will be soon since I go once or twice a week. I am a book worm, that's for sure!

As for my favorite things, a few have already been named (i.e., nearly any and every icecream flavor) but...let's see...when I call out to my cat (who's name is Max but he also responds to "kittenkitten") when I come home and I hear him gurgle as he runs out to greet me. That warms my heart each and every time!

Hang in there!

Bean said...

I don't mean to sound hokey, but right now the online IF community and, this site in particular, is my new favorite thing. I'm still sad and angry a lot of the time, but finding this community of warm and welcoming people who GET it really has helped me cope. While I'm an open book and happy to tell the world anything and everything, my husband is intensely private. So, we've told very few people about what we're going through. It's hard for me to deal with all this and not have the people around me understand what I'm going through. It's not a perfect replacement, but being a part of this community has helped.

On a less maudlin note, I've recently discovered ShiKai Borage skin care products and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!


A.M.S. said...

One of my favorite things...playing in warm sheets just brought in from the clothes line. Love to just wrap up in them.

Sorry you are having a crap day. We can sneak into the virtual bar for you if you like. I'm pretty sure the owner wouldn't mind!

Beagle said...

I so envy all these IRL meetings! Too bad I live in such a boring city no one comes here.

I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the book suggestions! I am always looking for those!

And lucky you meeting Serenity -- ah, the benefits of living near something besides cows and corn. :)

Sunny said...

Man I have so many favorite things. I LOVE my Downy wrinkle releaser. I NEVER iron now! It isn't a new thing. I use it by the bottle all the time!

I hope your day got better. I am enjoying a diet rum and coke. I just needed something to get me to hump day~

Michell said...

I'm sorry you're having a crappy day. Hope it gets better soon. I read that book Good Grief and I loved it. My favorite things? I'm with the ice cream lovers here. Just about any kind. Also I would go nuts without my computer and being able to communicate with all my blog buddies every day.

Samantha said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. One of my favorite things is brewed chai tea made with milk and honey (you can do it decaf too).

Thanks for the book suggestions. I don't mind a book that makes me cry every now and again.

Artblog said...

Sorry your having a crap day :(

Here's a big ol virtual hug from Paris darling :)


TeamWinks said...

Favorite things huh? Sounds like fun! Might have to do that sometime soon as a post. :-)

sharah said...

Newest favorite: sugar-free hersey's dark chocolate. They're keeping me from going insane while I try this South Beach thing. Amazingly, they taste exactly like the real thing!

I'm also big on the quatro razor that I bought (after "borrowing" Manly's for forever) and fake nails.

The things we share on the internet...

dmarie said...

Hope today is a good day for you. My favorite thing at this very moment is a cupcake. Buttercream icing with red velvet cake.

LJ said...

Hey Mel. I'm sorry your day was so crappy. I'm hoping today's a bit better for you. Our bodies know though, they know when we need to just be sad or somber. I'll pour you a virtual drink anytime you need.

Dianne/Flutter said...

Hope your day has gotten better. Next time you are in Boston, call me! Definitely not far from the city :) and would love the author of one of my favorite blogs.

PCOSMama said...

Sorry to hear you're having a bad day! Hmmm, what is one of my favorite things.... fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, still warm. And vacationing in Jamaica, but I guess we can't all just jump the next flight!

Shelby said...

Hopefully your crappy day is behind you by now, and hasn't turned into days.

Let's see- as for favorite things:

Going out for breakfast- for me there's nothing like pancakes and syrup to make me smile.

Steep a pot of tea, and use my china tea cups. It makes me feel special, gives me a few minutes of "me" time.

I'm a knitter- so I have a lot of yarn in my house. I also spin, so I have a bit of roving (un-spun wool) too. Sometimes taking it out and looking at all the pretty colors helps. If not, it always helps to go to my local yarn shop and look through all they have there. Touching all the different textures and looking at all the colors is something that makes me happy. It has since I was 5.

Lastly, a hot bubble bath, with Bath and Body Works Lavendar Vanilla aromatherapy. That always helps make my day better.

Bean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bean said...

Since you asked... here’s my list, not in any particular order.

Eating out! No cooking, no cleanup – need I say more?

Very long and very hot showers.

Comfort food. My favs are (1) Orzo pasta with lots of butter and parmesan, (2) rice pudding, and (3) buttered toast with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Alcohol and Diet Dr. Pepper. These of course don’t help during the cycle or the 2WW, but afterward they are great indulgences. After we found out the last cycle didn’t work I sent my husband home with instructions to buy me a six pack of beer and order a pizza. Then I went to the vending machine and got myself a DDP.

Mocha Frappacino, and of course I want the whipped cream!

Shopping. I know bad, bad, bad. Especially since the cost of financing all these IVF cycles is becoming a huge problem—but really getting something new, even if it’s little or not for me gives me a little high. ;0) My real weakness is Michaels— I’ve spent far too much money on cake and cookie decorating paraphernalia (I have more gel colors than I can count!). Which brings me to the next favorite thing:

Baking/decorating. I’ll jump on any excuse I have to make decorated sugar cookies (with royal icing and painstaking detail) or themed cupcakes or cakes.

Pedicures – I’d get one every week if I could afford it.

Acupuncture – I only did it during my last IVF cycle, and I’ve stopped b/c of the cost, but it actually helped me A LOT.

The TV show 24, in the past 6 months my husband and I watched the first 5 seasons thanks to Netflix. The intensity makes me forget everything else.

I could probably go on, and on, but I’ll spare you all and quit now!


andrea_jennine said...

The BBC production of "Bleak House" kept me entertained during the days of loafing on the couch after embryo transfer. 465 minutes of swell British acting and literary drama...

LJ said...

Love having the favorite things list.

Some of mine:
1. Restorative Yoga at Thrive Yoga in Rockville.
2. Getting unexpected fresh flowers
3. Watching Grey's (not one of the frustrating episodes though). In that case, The Office.
4. A deep tissue massage

Baby Blues said...

Just a few of my favorite things:
1. Chocolate cake
2. Cheetos
3. Sound of the ocean
4. Feel of fine sand on my feet
5. Ice cold beer
6. Five star hotel accomodations
7. Body scrubs and massage
8. Manipedi-cure
9. A new haircut
10. Red wine with cheese
11. Being in a foreign country
12. The scent of my hubby
13. Hubby's hugs and kisses
14. Scent of a baby
15. Hagen.daz Strawberry ice cream
16. Oysters
Oops got carried away.
And I could go on and on...

Rachel Inbar said...

Just a few I can think of...
1) Time with my husband
2) Reading a good book - I finally finished The Time Traveler's Wife over Shavuot
3) Starting and finishing any craft project that someone can use
4) Planning the redesign of just about anything
5) Writing
6) Sleeping (OK, I'm majorly sleep-deprived)