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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things

Fuck raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens--cancelled IVF cycles take more comfort than can be doled out by Maria and the Von Trapp family. I'd like to keep a monthly roundup of new things or ideas that people have found that have helped them--even if it's just five minutes of forgetting about infertility--before, during, or after a cycle. Places, products, recipes, books, music, movies--truly anything can go on this list. And people can use it to jog their mind (washing the bed linens and then taking a nap midday on warm, clean sheets? See--simple ideas) or prepare themselves with nice things they could do for themselves during an upcoming cycle (DVDs or books to collect to distract during a two-week-wait). Don't worry if you're talking about a local business because chances are that there is another reader who lives close by or will pass through your town at one point. Don't worry if the product can only be obtained at a local store or if it sounds bizarre once you put your idea into words. If it works for you, it may work for someone else. We'll hold this roundup once a month. Once a month passes, I'll move that list into the archives below and set up a new list for the current month. That way people can also do seasonal things or time-sensitive products (for instance, an ice cream flavour that is only on the market for a short period of time). So...list away--add your own favourite things in the comment section of the current list by clicking on the hyperlinked text below:

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TeamWinks said...

OPI nail polish in I Don't Do Dishes Red...on my toes. Helps me forget what's going on, and feel just a bit more sexy.

Nica said...

Hmm. Now I'm inspired to try to think of something comforting...

Furrow said...

It's certainly not healthy, but I would have a FULL glass of wine (okay, that's not bad) AND sometimes a cigarette from my husband's seldom used stash. Between us, a pack would last months, so I don't feel too bad, and it was my best, heartfelt F-U to all the work I'd put into the month.

Wen782 said...

Me: (I hope we're not judging these things, because I'm a bad girl...)

Definitely some well placed cursing where your DC couldn't hear. That's a must.

A favorite of mine is driving down the highway at a really good clip, belting out songs from a CD I burned of music I can't help but feel better if I hear it, as loudly as I can sing them. That helps, but I'll go you one better.

I try to find someone driving along who I see do something stupid. This can include but not be limited to: cut someone else off to the point of being dangerous - quite common around here because people are stupid; tailgate another driver; go 50 in the high speed lane that the speed limit is 65 in... I could go on - and then they become my "target".

I'm not dangerous, but I will generally at least flip them off. If they've really pulled off a winner stupid action, though, then I'll harass them during my entire trip to/from work.

Beware you drivers in Greater Cincinnati... that Screaming Yellow Mustang GT may be coming for ya if she's having a really bad day. If she cuts you off and you see brake lights? Go home, she's really not happy with you. LMAO (I'll go return my halo to its position on top of my head, now...)

chicklet said...

celebrating each failed month with a full bottle between the two of us, cuz why the hell not - we deserve some numbing once in awhile

carlynn said...

Taking the day off completely. Cancelling it in fact and crawling under the duvet with a good detective story. Not having to speak to ANYONE for eight hours seems to do my soul the world of good. As does sneaking in a slab of chocolate to eat with the book.

And during the two week wait the only thing that helps me (twee as this might sound) is getting involved in some creative project - painting or making a book or trying out something that sounded interesting or having an assignment to hand in for an online creative writing course. It made my stress levels climb through the roof but at least I didn't think about the two week wait (aside from thinking that all the stress was frying anything trying to grow inside me).

I hope you are doing ok.

MLO said...

Paranormal Romance Novels - especially vampire novels. Since, usually I have no fear of a fertility related storyline. Also, a lot of science fiction.

I was thinking about your booklist and was thinking you might want to check out some of Lois McMasters Bujold's books (Miles Vorkosigan) as she talks in a very science fictiony way about a hopeful future - including reproductive technology.

When I read the Vorkosigan saga, I bought book one, read it in one sitting, and had to go and buy all of the rest that were in publication - I read all of them in a month. (It would have been faster except I had to go to work.)



In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I have so many I'd love to add, but I'll just start with one.

No matter the season (I've done this when it was snowing!), drive down the road with windows and sunroof down(preferrably if you have it). Loudly turn on Mark O'Connor's "The American Seasons" and drive just to feel the wind, sun beating down, crisp smell of dead leaves, or snow falling on your head.... Feel the seasons and spend that time enjoying what it is.

megan said...

definitely a day off alone in the house snuggling with my puppy...moving between being buried under blankets in my bed and the couch for some daytime tv...

Reproductive Jeans said...

Cold Stone's Birthday Cake Remix (but with white chocolate ice cream) mmmmmmmmm.
And of course always a margarita.

es said...

Taking a walk outside on a gorgeous, sunny, warm day.

Karianne said...

I just found something this week! Drying my worn comforter outside by my rose garden! I don't have a drying line, but I draped it between a rocking chair and a lawn chair. It didn't take long either and the scent is amazing!
What a great idea! I'm going to send people over here!

Have I told you lately how amazing you are? Great work!

kirby said...

I should preface this by saying each trip to our RE was a 5-hour drive, round trip.

We spent the money we would have used on this cycle on a weekend out of town for the two of us. I forgot what it was like to plan a trip out of town for something other than IVF. It sucks that our cycle was canceled, but it was nice to get away from everything, even if just for a couple days.