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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Movie Page

Meet Sharon and Darren Barren

Nice, thirty-something couple who are always told that it "will happen for them...someday." Sharon has high FSH/low progesterone and was recently diagnosed with a clotting disorder. Darren wishes there was something he could do to make this journey easier on his wife; all the while desperately wanting to become a parent himself.

To watch their movies, click on any of the hyperlinked text or movie stills below...

My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE: all of the helpful advice I've gotten from the Aunt Janes of this world

Uterninus's Law: Murphy has nothing on the multitude of ways the perfect cycle gets screwed

Mother Earth's Flower Shop: a movie for explaining to children the many methods for building a family

What The Gardener Knows: a movie about pregnancy loss and failed cycles

Lyrics and Director's Commentary

Lyrics for My Aunt Jane Knows More than My RE
Director's Commentary for My Aunt Jane Knows More than My RE
Original Post for My Aunt Jane Knows More than My RE
Lyrics for Uterninus's Law
Director's Commentary for Uterninus's Law
Original Post for Uterninus's Law
Lyrics for Mother Earth's Flower Shop
Original Post for Mother Earth's Flower Shop

These movies and many more from talented stirrup queens and sperm palace jesters can be found through the International Infertility Film Festival website. Sign-up is currently underway for the next festival which will air on July 28th. Head over to Bea's site in order to watch movies, learn how to make simple movies, and sign-up for the next film festival. All festivals are open to anyone in the infertility and pregnancy loss community--from those still trying to those who are parenting-after-IF-or- loss. As they say in theaters across the world: see you at the movies!

1 comment:

Pamela T. said...

Can't wait to see the next installment of Sharon and Darren. I still watch the first one when I need a laugh! Maybe, just maybe, I can figure out what's involved and start art directing my own!