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Friday, January 18, 2008


I updated the Creme de la Creme tonight at the exact same minute as last night. I don't know why that seems so profound, but there are 1440 minutes in a day and it seems somehow momentous when you hit the final update (for now) on the exact same minute as the penultimate final update (for now).

155 entries currently on the Creme de la Creme. That's all I have in my inbox, so until others come in, the list is complete. Please, if you haven't sent one in, do. The list won't close until next December when we start working on the best of 2008.

I am in this place where I feel like cleaning and organizing. Where I need to bring order to things.

Everyone else is in the other room watching Superbad and I couldn't bring myself to sit through a movie that announces itself as super bad. I can hear everyone laughing hysterically and I wonder if I made the wrong choice in skipping it. Maybe watching a stupid movie is what I needed. Instead, I am going through my draft folder, deleting old entries or reworked entries or resaving posts that feel like they still need to live if not be read.

What were you doing at 9:53 p.m. tonight? And is it what you wanted to be doing or do you wish you had done something else? What was the activity not taken?


Sunny said...

You missed nothing by not watching the movie. There were a couple of funny parts but for the most part it was just vulgar. My husband even said it was a little much.

I am trying to stay awake. I have been dozing since 7. I did the same last night. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?! It took me like 3 hours to watch one tv show. I had to keep rewinding it. I finally finished it but now I don't remember what I watched since I guess I really was asleep.

Duchess said...

I am drinking a Pomtini at a winter resort in Central Oregon with a fire roaring, the activity not taken would be "trying" as our cycle was canceled. All in all kind of nice to have a guilt free drink and a pleasant two week wait.

Superbad was super-funny if you don't mind habitual line crossing.

Jen said...

So, we've got one for Superbad and one against. I will break the tie by saying it was: okay. Whoops, that didn't break the tie at all. I didn't mind seeing it, but I have no desire to see it again. And it was pretty funny.

It isn't 9:53 here yet, but right this second it is 8:53. I am totally tired and getting ready to go to sleep. We went to the mall in the next town over tonight. My husband called it a "mall" and did the air quotes. He also called it the mall that time forgot. I don't think we will ever go back there.

I think I will be in bed by 9:53. But, I am reading Anne of Green Gables (for the one billionth time, I read good books over and over) so I might forget to go to bed. I don't think I have another hour's worth left though.

Jess said...

Hm. 9:53? I was getting stuff around for tomorrow. We're doing pictures and then heading to a friends' house for the eveing, so I was getting outfits ready, packing diaper bags, getting around changes of clothes, etc.

What I really wanted to be doing is taking a long hot bath. Or just chilling on the couch with the babies.

Tammy said...

It's just 9:23pm here and I'm sitting at the kitchen table surfing for possible new homes while my niece, who is spending the evening, is coloring and talking to me all about dinosaurs and how much fun the W!! is and that laughing really is good for you. She's pretty right on about all three things. Pretty cool moment since I don't get to spend much one on one with her. Don't know what I'll be doing in a half hour but right now, pretty cool evening.

Anonymous said...

I agree with sunny - you didn't miss much by not watchng the movie. We got it for Christmas because my husband had heard it was the best movie ever. Wrongo, wrongo. It was ok-funny (and I'm normally a fan of stupid-funny movies) but I wish we didn't own it.

But at 9:53 tonight I was watching the movie Fracture - much better than Superbad. Before that I did some housekeeping of my own - which is rare for a Friday night. But yes, it was right where I wanted to be. :o)

Elizabeth said...

At 9:53 I was ordering a dozen chicken wings after attending a hockey game :-). Plan B, if a ticket to the game had not been available, would have been to stay home, watch CSI online, and knit.

Ellen K. said...

I loved Superbad. I adore bawdy adolescent humor, though, as well as Michael Cera.

xavier2001 said...

Lets see 9:53 I was talking on the phone to my mom, as I was lonely and needed someone to help me pass the time. DH has resumed his Friday night poker, leaving me a single gal on Friday nights.

Rachel said...

I was cuddling on the couch with my husband watching a stupid made for TV movie, debating if I should go to bed or watch the end of the movie.

Anonymous said...

the movie was silly but fun if you're into adolescent boy-awkward-high-school humor, and/or if you like michael cera from arrested development, who is hilarious. maybe good for a laugh if you're in the right mood. but sounds like you used your time wisely.

last night at 9:53 I was drinking good red wine with friends who made us dinner and eating warm chocolate smothered poached pears (fancy!). but your 9:53 was actually 6:53 here, which is when we were still trying to find parking in SF...

this rare sociable event was instead of staying home on the couch and watching a movie and not answering the phone (a normal fri. night activity).

Lori said...

Translating to the mountainous 7:53, I was on a Date Night with my husband, waiting for the 8:00 rolling of another Michael Cera film. I adore him, and may have to rent Superbad.

We saw Juno. I thought it was pleasant and amusing. Not very deep or multi-dimensional, but so what.

I was missing out on the Stock Show. That's where my other generations were (my parents took my kids).

Doesn't that make us sound hokey? Or cow-pokey?

Julia said...

We were on our way home from Shabbat at a friend's house. It was great, and Monkey was very displeased with us having to go.
Tonight at this time I hope she will be asleep and I will get to talk to my husband whom I haven't seen in over a week. We will probably stare at our yahrzeit candle a bit, and maybe we will also watch some silly TiVoed stuff. The two go together, I think.

Barb said...

Superbad is ok. Parts of it are really funny, but I didn't love it like I loved 40 yr old virgin.

You need some rest woman!