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Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Blog Roundup

If you're here for the Creme de la Creme, it's the post below this one. I also have a hotlinked icon in the top left corner of the blog with the date and time of the last update. Entries are still coming in and the list will continue to be updated as new ones are added. Check back frequently...

January was named for Janus, the goddess who could see her own belly and ass at the same time. The 2007 Creme de la Creme was certainly looking backwards and I'm still working on that part. New links are being added so I placed a hotlinked icon (click on the picture and it takes you to the post) with the date and time of the last update in the top left corner of the blog. I have about 15 right now that need to go up this weekend and I suspect more will trickle in over the month. So keep glancing up there and checking the list when I add new links. We have almost doubled last year's participation. We had 77 last year and we're in the 140s this year. If we double again next year, I'll have to start in November...

The looking forward is a new thing I'd like to do 4 times a year: January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th. Or thereabouts. The idea is like giving the blogroll a Brazilian--a complete clean up from top to bottom so that people are in their correct category. Of course, a week after we finish, it will start to get messed up again, but just because the hair grows back doesn't mean that you forgo the Brazilian (who am I kidding? I've never gotten a Brazilian. I couldn't even pull it together to shave for the sonohystogram).

It's a Blogroll Lap?

A Blogroll HSG?

Clean out the tubes?

This is how it would work: you would sign up to participate. I would randomly assign you a category (this is easier than people choosing categories--and you only have to click through the category one time). Between January 10--14th, you would click down your category and keep track if someone is pregnant, if they still belong in that category, or if they would fit somewhere better. You would send back an email listing where people should go (and I'd give you guidelines beforehand to determine who should be in each category), I'd make the changes, and I'd upload a new copy of the blogroll by January 15th. Then I would publicly thank you and gush about you and generally love you.

I'm calling these blogroll trimmings a Quarterly Sweeping. So if you would like to help (and gain my eternal gratitude) with the January Quarterly Sweeping, send an email or leave a comment below before January 9th. On January 9th, I'll send you your category from the blogroll so everyone can work at the same time.

And now, if you're not completely blogged out from the Creme de la Creme, some more great posts:

This post by Calliope at Creating Motherhood sent chills down my arms. This post was so honest, aching with the truth. And this post made me want to scream with her at the unfairness of it all. Over the course of a single week, my heart exploded with excitement for her and then closed like a tightening fist. And I can only imagine how Cali is feeling right now. But my thoughts go out to her.

Melanie at How to Get From 0 to Pregnant in 365 Easy Steps had a post this week about a phone call from Planned Parenthood. Nowhere else in my life have I experienced such a scorching case of double think than with reproductive rights and infertility. And I just thought that Melanie touched upon something that I had been unable to verbalize too--how those conflicting beliefs and wishes can exist in one body at the same time.

Rather than point out a single entry, I wanted to highlight the fact that Drama 2B Mama has started up again with new posts. I think this blog is amazing because you know the end of Lori's story and you get to watch how she got there unfold. I think it's a valuable resource for anyone else on the path to adoption.

Aurelia at No Matter How Small had a post this week about the daily injections she takes due to her clotting disorder. This post touched me because it was so honest and real. This little slice of what pregnancy is like at the end of the needle.

Lastly, Samantha at Southern Infertility has chosen a resolution for this year. She writes: "I have decided that my main resolution for this year is going to be psychological." Her resolution for the year is "Handle life's challenges with grace and poise." It's a perfect resolution because it can be applied to so many facets of life. As she points out, she can't control what happens, but she can control how she reacts to it. And that is all any of us can do. A sound post.

Have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget--big chat with Darci Klein from To Full Term in the Living Room on the 8th (Tuesday). Even if you haven't read the book, come join in and hear what she has to say. I just read the book and it was great. If you haven't let me know that you're joining us, leave a comment so I have a heads up as to how many people to expect at the chat (8 p.m. EST on the 8th).

Oh, and if you can commit to helping out in the sweeping of the blogroll--a small amount of time for you; a huge amount of love back from me--let me know soon. The more volunteers, the faster and easier it will go.


Ann said...

One small step in the blogroll sweep--I think I would probably fit better in the Pregnancy Loss category now.

Jen said...

I'll help with your blogroll sweep. Glad to help.

Ms. Infertile said...

I'd be glad to help with the blogroll sweep.
And if the chat on To Full Term is on Tuesday then please count me in.
Oh and glad that your sono-hsg went well and is over.

sltbee69 said...

Raising my hand to help in any category you need.

Tammy said...

I'll help with the sweep if needed...

Io said...

I'm in. I'm reading them all anyways while I should be working...I still won't be working, but it'll be productive in other ways, right?

Aurelia said...

Thank you Mel,

Knowing there are some people out there to help me brave my way through these shots really does help.


xavier2001 said...

Mel, I would love to help with the blogroll sweep, just assign me a job, and I'm there!

The Dunn Family said...

I'll help. Just let me know what to do!

tinyginy said...

i'll help
i'm new, just made a blog inspired by all of you

nancy said...

Well darlin', you know I'll help since we've talked about this via email already! Just give me a category and I'll get it all plucked!

BTW - were you reading me when I had my old blog and gave a point by point blow of my very first brazilian appointment? Oh man, I wish I didn't just delete my blog in a fit of rage one day. It was one of my very funniest blogs ever. Did you happen to catch it?

Pamela Jeanne said...

Sign me up, Mel. Your blogroll was instrumental in saving my sanity so
I feel a particular responsibility to keep it updated.

BTW: I'd also like to ask if my blog could be added to "General Infertility" category as that's a lot of what I wrote about these days. thanks!

Samantha said...

A blogroll sweep is a great idea! I'm going to be out of town at a conference during those dates, so I can't participate this time, but keep me in mind for the future quarterly sweeps... you're practically running your own company with all you do for the blogging community! I guess there's not a lot of compensation in it!

Thanks for highlighting my resolution!

Jen said...

I'm happy to help!

katd said...

"giving the blogroll a Brazilian" has to be one of my favorite lines of all time. A little painful, maybe, but worth the clean up. :)

Let me know if you need more help; I'd be glad to do whatever you need.