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Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Blog Roundup

I'm going to try (try being the operative word) to keep the roundup brief this week because I think I've tortured you enough with extremely long posts. But I wanted to send out a public thank you to everyone because I was anxious posting those thoughts on my anger and jealousy. It was what was on my mind. And the beauty of the blogosphere is after you spew bile like that and are stewing in your own inward anger, that other people tell you that they've felt the same thing and some of those emotions evaporate. So either we're all bitches, or we're all human. One or the other. Sometimes I need that reminder.

And what better way to immortalize the angry jealous streak than to participate in Kirby's new meme and write a haiku?

Timing my blood test
Will I ovulate this month?
And go to the lab.

Um...that wasn't particularly good...let me try again.

Reminder to self:
Move the unopened pee sticks
away from tampons.

This is not a wait-to-be-tagged sort of meme. This is a put on a black turtleneck, grab a cup of coffee, and let your angsty flag fly. And look, Josh doesn't even really have a blog anymore (except when I force him to post in the Annex--if that doesn't make me sound like the taskmaster...) has joined in with a few of his own:

Let's get it on, hon
OPK gave you two lines
Swim boys, it's showtime

When you get the cup
To produce a clean sample—
No, not clean. Sterile.

Insurance, you suck.
Your favorite word, "denied."
Anagram: Die Ned!

On the reminder front:
  • I'm going to send out your match for the Roundup Celebration this weekend/early next week. This is the last chance to sign up (send me an email at with your name, blog title, and url for your blog). Keeping your reviewer a secret won by a very narrow margin (as in two votes). But majority rules in this country. So you will not know who is reviewing your blog and choosing what they believe to be your best post from last July until this July.
  • Speaking of secrets, I have a bunch of secret odes in hand and will post another ode day next week. If you want to serenade the greatness of a fellow blogger, send me a paragraph and I'll put it in this next ode day.
  • One Smart Mama is trucking along. I've already posted two questions/answers and I'm working on the third. I'm also posting other entries (like the friendship ladder) from time to time. I've added an update box at the top of this blog and will always post a link to the latest post over at the other blog (currently, it's set for Sing a Song of Six Rents). Weigh in with your own advice through the comments--that's the beauty of an advice blog: you get twenty different points of view with a single question. This is also the perfect place to gather advice on a problem that you don't want posted on your own blog because you'd like to remain anonymous. So keep sending questions to with One Smart Mama in the subject line--I'm having a really good time and I need the distraction this weekend...
Okay, and now the blogs...

Leah at Tales From My Dusty Ovaries not only has the recipe to a damn fine cake on her blog, but she also has TWO wonderful posts this week: "Vegas Anyone?" and "Why I Love the Internet." The latter is a giant love fest and who can resist a giant love fest? But the former is actually the one that really made me pause this week. It's about a meeting with Dr. Chat, her RE, and trying to navigate the financial realities of fertility treatments while weighing the odds of each choice. I wish this post was required reading for the fertile world so they could understand what we go through financially before the child is conceived. Forget the emotional capital spent (read this post alone for her reference to emotional capital) as well as the physical pain. The financial is the salt on a very open wound. When we talk about jealousy, some of it is tied to not only the ease and privacy and lack of pain that I covet. It's the doors that are shut or the doors that you have to wait a long time to open just because it comes down to money. And you have to pay for what everyone else gets for free. Grrrrrrr... So after you read about Vegas, make sure you jump to the post above that one so you get that warm, fuzzy feeling of community too.

The Road Less Traveled at From Here to Maternity has a great post this week about waiting and contemplating other roads. It's a brief post, but one that packs a punch: "I don't want to try any more because the disappointment is excruciating and it gets me to thinking about all the other voids in my life. I also started the process of moving to another job, which will require testing, months away from home and quite possibly a move across the country. If I stay childless I can move around the world and busy myself with things to distract me from what I wanted most. I'm good at settling. I've had to do it lots over the years. Every decision I've made has had a serious down side, and I'm not sure quitting TTC won't be one of them, and I can't be sure continuing to TTC won't be a mistake as well." The words literally ache and I wish RLT lots of peace as she makes her decision on what to do next.

Bean at Where in My Happiness is still reeling from IVF #4 but has blogged about some more news that she received this week. I found the post honest and touching and hitting close to home (and if two of us have had these thoughts, I'm sure more have as well even if it was with a person other than your SIL). First of all, I thought this was one of the most stark and honest lines I've read all week: "The thing with which I'm struggling is that I can't seem to muster even a little bit of sympathy. I'm so wrapped up in my own problems that I truly have nothing left for anyone else." The dilemma comes too from the fact that Bean is hurting so badly, but the family has no idea that she's going through anything whereas her SIL gathers tons of sympathy just because she tells the family everything. But the best part of the post comes from the last line and it is a philosophy I want to borrow from her: "Am I proud of how I feel? No. But, I will not beat myself up over it, because I already have enough reasons to feel lousy." Wishing you an easy time this weekend, Bean.

I'm not the only person making wild Harry Potter predictions. Two NYC Moms at Forever Reaching have a post of their predictions. And they're damn good. I especially like her predictions about Aunt Petunia. Harry Potter is shaping into a wonderful distraction for the summer. But here's the problem--I don't want to blog about it after I'm done reading because I won't know who else is done. So if you are also distracting yourself from thinking about your hoohaahooterus and every unpleasant decision you have to make and you'd like to email with other people reading the books so you can talk about it off-blog (oh my G-d...I sound like a ten-year-old boy...), I'm happy to set up an email list so we can also focus on something other than hormone levels for a few weeks. Send me an email ( or leave a message in the comments if you want to join in and I'll set up a list. First order of business: make your predictions before July 21st. Oh my G-d! Seriously. I need to get a freakin' life. really do want to talk about Harry Potter (says this in a small voice and shrinks into herself in total embarrassment). But first go over and read Two NYC Moms' predictions.

So I wasn't that successful in keeping things brief. Oh well...better luck next time...


Dianne/Flutter said...

I want to play :). Yes, I don't care who knows it - I am complete and total dork when it comes to Harry Potter!

P.S. I don't remember if I posted yesterday. But, you are not alone with jealousy. And there is nothing wrong with feeling that you said "it is being human."

Karaoke Diva said...

I joined in on the haiku fun!

Anonymous said...
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Furrow said...

Nah, don't be embarrassed. I'm into the HP talk, as well. But I have a terrible memory for details and will have to re-read #6. I just pre-ordered #7 today.

And it's definitely better to release the jealousy in a safe place than to let it fester.

Misty said...

Im a lurker and just wanted to comment on how much I love your posts. They always make me laugh and as we all know going through IF, it is nice to have a good laugh. Thanks.

Patience said...

I am so lovin' your haikus!!!