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Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Blog Roundup



So, like the total immodest bitch that I am, I just asked you to celebrate my blogoversary.

And now I'm going to ask you to participate in marking the one-year anniversary of the Blog Roundup? Do I have no shame?, I don't. I just thought we should get that point out of the way.

In the spirit of community and everyone bonding together in a big fit of love (because I'm also feeling a post blogoversary blues), I have a way I'd like to do the roundup for July 20th (the anniversary of the first roundup is July 21st).
  • Everyone who wants to participate will throw their name into the pot. Leave a comment on this post or send me an email (

  • I will then give you the name and url of another blogger.

  • You will read through their posts and give me the best one of the year (with the "year" being from July 2006 to July 2007).

Not only is it a great excuse to spend some time with a new blog you never read (or maybe you'll get one that you already read and love), but the list will be similar to the Creme de la Creme except that the choice is made by a fellow blogger (or blog reader--you don't need to have a blog to do this) instead of yourself. The big question then is whether or not you should know who read/chose your blog entry. On one hand, the beauty of the Secret Ode is that you can never brush the compliment aside and say, "oh, but they had to say that" for whatever reason. On the other hand, you also can't directly thank the writer (though it's cool how people are posting open thank yous on their blog). borrow from the ultracool Tertia, I've installed a poll below. The three choices would be (1) that you know who reviewed your blog because I send that information to you in a private email, (2) that everyone knows who reviewed your blog because I link to their blog or mention their name in the review, or (3) the whole thing is a secret and you never get to know who said that particular entry was your best one of the year. Majority rules.

Vote now for the Roundup Celebration

And, of course, if you want to participate, throw your name into the ring by leaving a comment below or sending me an email by July 5th. To speed up making the list, please leave the information in this format:

Name (either your real name or your blogging name)
Name of Blog (if you have one)
URL of Blog

Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters

I wanted to get this started today so people could begin reading and have time to review/choose. But once the list is set, it will be difficult to add people because there may not be a match. So spread the word now--it's open to anyone in the IF/pg loss/adoption/etc community. The more the merrier. And take a look at the Creme de la Creme list if you haven't seen it yet because this one will be very similar (except with the post being chosen by someone else) with a brief description. It's sort of nice because this July roundup is pretty much a halfway post to January.

And before we get to actually talking blogs, let's talk Commentathon. I had so much fun doing that. Believe it or not (based on my side bar), I actually found new blogs. Collectively, we left at least 3739 comments or return comments. And I say "at least" because (1) I know that it's virtually impossible to remember to tally every single comment you left, (2) not everyone gave me numbers, (3) I got dizzy adding up the numbers so I may have hit "4" instead of "74" a few times. If someone wants to check the math... So this is a low number and we may have even doubled that. Pretty incredible when you think about it.

67 people formally participated, but many more people jumped into the action and kicked up their commenting for the week. So many people doubled their goal (or even tripled), but there were a few people who left more than 100 comments:
The most points were raised by KarenO at Upon Awakening who left 70 comments--one on every participant's blog on the final day.

Woohoo! Three cheers for us. I'm going to set an even higher goal next time now that I know that we can easily clear 3000. I think another Commentathon in the dead of winter when everyone is feeling the blahs of January is a good goal.

Wait, wait, wait, really, only one more thing before we get to the blogs. You may have noticed a new category in Operation Heads Up. Marisa from IVFC recorded this kick-ass series of videos and posted them on YouTube of all the injections she was doing for her IVF cycle. Jenna at Inconceivable Journey also collected them on a page on her blog which you can see here. There is, of course, the standard warning that comes with any of the information under Operation Heads Up--this information is only from a fellow stirrup queen--not a doctor--therefore, keep that in mind when viewing. But personally, I think it's a great heads up for someone who is about to start injectibles. You can view all these videos by clicking on the links on the side bar under Operation Heads Up.

Okay, and now what I've read in this week's bloggity blogs:

Kir, from Kir's Corner, wrote her own secret ode to her husband. Okay, so it was not so secret, but still, it's a beautiful tribute to her husband and all they have been through together. He sounds like an amazing man and you can feel how much she loves him through her words. So go over and have a good cry. And perhaps write your own secret ode--either to your spouse/partner or another blogger. Oh...and if you write it about another blogger, send it to me because I'm currently compiling the third list! And while you're at Kir's blog, wish her congratulations on her twins.

Bea at Infertile Fantasies is so gifted at telling a story. Currently, she is exploring thoughts on friendships--including what we tell or don't tell--via a series of posts with vignettes. My favourite thus far is "Stillettos and Beer" not just because our dear Bea is showing lots of cleavage in the post but because of this point her friend makes towards the end: "He shrugs. 'When I was depressed people used to ask me if I wanted to talk, and I used to say no. But I was lying. It really pissed me off when they believed me. The bastards'." It's so true. Too many times I answer that everything is fine when what I really wish is that they'd ask me enough times what is wrong so I can open up. Head over and read the whole series since this is actually the 4th post in the series.

Kate at Kicking You From the Inside has an amazing post this week where she sorts out how the emotions from two different situations became tangled together. She writes so eloquently about the two friends (MP and T) and how once MP became pregnant, she transferred her annoyance that she felt over T's unhelpful comments to MP. She writes: "MP has never said anything insensitive. She never told me to relax or given me advice. She just listened. On the other hand, T told me multiple times that relaxing was all I needed to do and even said, 'why do you want to have a kid right now, anyway?' I was so blinded by the pain I felt over MP's pregnancy that I lost sight of the fact that she had always been a good friend to have." I just thought this was such a helpful post to read because I know I am constantly guilty of this--transferring frustrations. And she also made me want to get this yoga book that she mentions. The post is a really good read.

Lastly, Kami writes about going back to work next week at Are We There Yet? It's not a post-maternity leave sigh-fest. It's a heartbreaking and gorgeous post about how differently she thought life would be and where she should be instead of returning to work to pay for more IVF cycles. Even though it sounds like a good job, it's what the job represents. It's who is missing and what should have happened. You won't leave her blog with dry eyes, but you will nod a lot. And while you are nodding, please leave a comment wishing her good luck and congratulations as she heads into this new job next week.

So--before you click over to other blogs and beyond, if you want to participate in the Roundup Celebration, leave the necessary information either in a comment or email. And vote. And then have a great weekend.


Jess said...

I'd like to participate, but...

I'm invite-only. I can invite whomever get my name, but do you think that's too much hassle? And it would definitley mean that I know (at least the email of) the person reading.

It also bring the issue of how to post the post they choose, but perhaps you could host-post it and they could link your blog?

Let me know.

Rachel said...

I'd like to participate.

Diary of a Miscarriage

M said...

Oh! Oh! me! me!
My Journey

Dianne/Flutter said...

We so should celebrate Friday Blog Roundup. I look forward to it every Friday, it is a guilty pleasure. :).

My info:

Flutter of Hope

Leah said...

Count me in!

Tales from My Dusty Ovaries

Reproductive Jeans said...

Reproductive Jeans

I'll participate please=)

Inconceivable said...

Sounds Fun
Fertilize Me

BestLight said...

I'm in:

Weebles Wobblog

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I would like to participate!! I think it would be better if it was anonymous, but if that is too hard to do I get it.

Erin said...

I like it!

Vicious Cycle of Cycles

A.M.S. said...

I'm in.

Our Own Creation

serenity said...

Pick me! Pick me!!!

Serenity Now!

Karaoke Diva said...

I'd like to join in the fun!

Aubrey @ Karaoke Diva

Kate said...

Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I'm in for the blog round-up.
Kicking You From the Inside

Jenna said...

Count me in...

The Epi-Blog

KarenO said...

My blog hasn't been around for very long, but I'd like to join in too, your projects are always loads of fun! My details are:

Upon Awakening

May said...

Me too! Me too!


Beagle said...

Also invite only and to further complicate things switched blogs mid way through your year.

Don't feel bad about saying now. I'll partipate if it works if not I will read along wiht those who did.

Fortune Cookie Follies
now . . . Cats in the Cradle

Beagle said...

That should be don't feel bad about saying "no" if it's too complicated.

MrsSpock said...

Throwing my hat in the ring....

Mrs S
Mrs Spock

Nearlydawn said...


Nearlydawn... Nearlypregnant... Nearlyoutofsteam

Anonymous said...

I'm in...but first, hope you're feeling better now that it's CD4 (or perhaps I'm behind and it's CD5, 6?) whichever, hope you're more hopeful....

so it's
You're Still Young

wishing you a warm and wonderful shabbat, mel!

Tuesday said...

Uterus Monologues

Amy said...

Me three (or is 15?) Whatever, add me in even though I only have a dozen posts.

Waiting for ...?

Starfish said...

I would like to participate but I have a concern: I'm a mom now (adoption) and I wouldn't want someone who didn't want to read about my kid to be forced to...but if everyone is okay with that, then I'm in.

Hell & High Water

wanttobeamom said...

I would like to participate. I'm new to the infertility blogging world so I only have a couple months of posts. I don't know if I would qualify since I don't have a whole year. However, in case I qualify, here is my info:

Living With the Cards I was Dealt

Journeywoman said...

I'd love to participate!

Journeywoman: Motherhood has been a journey not a destination

Patience said...

Count me in!!

The Impatient Patient


Trish said...

I'm in.

Fertile Hope

ms. c said...

In and In.
Ms. C
It COuld Take 3 Months

Baby Blues said...

I'm in!

I Will Be Mom

Samantha said...

Here's my info:

Southern Infertility

Kim said...

I'm in!

A Someday Mom

Cibele said...

Hi Mel, I would love to be part of the Blog Roundup ...

Changing Expectations said...

Hi Mel,

I would love to participate

Changing Expectations
Changing Expectations

Geohde said...

Count me in.

Mission:Impossible, or adventures in infertility.

InDueTime said...

I would love to be in on this one... :-)

In Due Time

Bean said...

If I'm not too late, count me in.

Where Is My Happiness

mandolyn said...

Count me in, too!

Well, Now That We're Here...

Chili said...

Waiting on Two Pink Lines

I've only been writing since March though, and I've only got 43 posts up at last check. But I'd love to be in if you'll have me!

LJ said...

Looking for 2 Lines

Tina said...

Of course, I am sooo in!

My Many Blessings

Shelby said...

Cool idea! count me in!

A sibling for Celia

Chris said...

Sure, sounds fun, count me in!

Love, Hope and Faith

Kami said...

Sounds like fun. Also someone with only a few posts. Thank you for the wonderful comments about my blog.

Are we there yet?

dg said...

Me please

Drowned Girl
beaten but not bowed