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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Open Note

To my new favourite person in the world who gave me directions to the Starbucks at exit 10 off of I-84 while we were both washing our hands in the bathroom at the Danbury Barnes and Noble after Josh and I missed the exit for the one Starbucks we know in the area off of exit 2 and we had been driving around coffeeless for hours and you understood what I meant when I told you that I had my heart set on a dulce de leche latte and couldn't stop at a different coffee place:

Thank you. The directions worked.


1 comment:

LJ said...

Ahh, up in my home neck of the woods - I grew up in CT.

And the Dulce de Leche? Granted, I'm off coffee for a while, but that's possibly the best drink from the Bucks. Delish.