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Monday, February 05, 2007

Interview Request #2

I'm just gearing up to start the chapter on third-party reproduction (donor insemination, donor egg or surrogacy) therefore, I'm asking again for people to write me ( who are open to being interviewed about their experience. I'm looking for either people who are currently utilizing donor insemination, donor egg, or surrogacy or who have built their family using these areas of third-party assisted conception. It's a simple email questionnaire that you can fill out and email back. Quotations can be kept anonymous within the book.

I'm extremely interested in also speaking with people who entered into assisted conception either because they are in a same-sex relationship, currently family building while single, or due to a medical condition--those who knew about the need for assisted conception prior to trying to conceive.

So...if you are open to discussing your experience, please email me at and I'll send you the questionnaire. If you're on any listservs or frequent any bulletin boards where you know others who may be interested in participating, please pass on word.

On a side note, someone recently passed on word about a conference on reproductive technologies coming up in British Columbia this spring. She writes, "I would also like to let you know about an International conference about New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies, we are having here in Nanaimo, British Columbia on May 24-26 2007 called “Nobody’s Child, Everybody’s Children”" It looks interesting. They have a wide-range of speakers and don't seem to be taking a strong stance on any side. Instead, they are presenting the vast reality surrounding the "legal, legislative, and medical issues related to the development and implementation of new reproductive and genetic technologies." Topics include NRGTs and the Rights of Children and Families, Global Issues in NRGTs, NRGTs and the Arts, Feminist Perspectives on NRGTs, Current Medical Perspectives on NRGTs, NRGTs and the Practical Philosopher, and NRGT's and the Law.

Should be interesting if you're up in British Columbia...


Aurelia said...
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TeamWinks said...

Completely off topic, but I'd like to pull up a barstool at the infertile bar and order a shot of tequila please. Straight up and keep them coming!

Adrienne said...

I'm drinking a glass of wine as we speak (or as I type, rather). Mind if I join you?

Karaoke Diva said...

Make that 2 shots of tequila, but I need the hndicap. Damn, this has been a rough week.