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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Blog Roundup

Back in college, there was one of those nights where we were up at 4 a.m. eating Pokey sticks, and wondering if my blue was my friends' blue, and "Watching the Wheels" came on. And someone commented that while the song obviously rocked, it had a limited usage. Like Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" could be used by any mooning teenager. Or every Bat Mitzvah can be enhanced with a version of "Shout."

But how many people can use the song "Watching the Wheels" and have it work with their life? I mean, they'd have to not only be hugely and lastingly successful, but do so at a young enough age to have time to drop out and enjoy not being part of the game anymore. I mean, if Zac Efron drops out of life, he will all but be forgotten except for a few die-hards come twenty years from now. He cannot use "Watching the Wheels." And Dustin Hoffman could stop making movies and use it, but honestly, he's a little old for the song. When you're that age, it's called "retiring," not "dropping out."

Seriously, name me someone that it works with. The only one I've come up with is if Prince William stepped out of line for the throne to become a beach bum in St. Lucia. He has lasting fame and is young enough to call it dropping out.

Anyway, they used the song in Funny People and I grabbed Josh's arm and said, "I must call everyone from that night in college because I have found somewhere that it totally works." Wheeeew, sigh of relief. I have been waiting about 16 years to say that.

I was nostalgic for John Lennon after watching the movie so I threw his CD on in the car despite the groans coming from the backseat. "He's actually very important. He was part of the Beatles who were the first really big rock-n-roll band. Girls screamed when they performed. They got so excited they collapsed on the floor and cried."

This, apparently, was not a selling point for the music.

So they're yelling and I'm trying to convince them to listen to one freakin' song. And after that another freakin' song. And then "Beautiful Boy" comes on and how can you turn off the CD on "Beautiful Boy?" "He wrote this song for his little boy, Sean, who is not so little anymore. About how he...loves...watching...him...[sniff]...grow...[long pause while I collect myself]...up."

And I am crying as we drive down Seven Locks Road because of that bridge: "Out on the ocean / sailing away / I can hardly wait / to see you come of age / but I guess we'll both just have to be patient."

I should probably add that I have cried every time I've seen the preview for Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are.

We get through John Lennon. That afternoon, we go out to get the mail and on the back of a magazine is an advertisement for the Princess Diana exhibit in Philadelphia. I tell the ChickieNob that we can go and see Diana's wedding dress because it is the dress of a real-life princess. If you think the girl gets excited over the idea of tricking her father's office mates with a worm cake, you should have seen the total body joy over the thought of seeing tiaras worn by a real princess.

"Where does she live?" the ChickieNob asked.

"Well, she doesn't live anymore."

"Why not? She looks very young."

"She was. She was in a car accident and the doctor could not fix her body."

"What kind of car?" the Wolvog asked.

"I'm not sure," I said.

"It was probably a TVR," he said confidently. "You can't get them in America because they crash up a lot."

We spent the next hour talking about Princess Diana and the work she did and her wedding and how she was the "People's Princess" and at some brilliant point, I turned on YouTube to show them pictures and we found a photo montage set to "Goodbye English Rose" and I am bawling BAWLING as I try to tell them about watching the funeral on television with my British roommates and how people filled up the space in front of the palace with a sea of roses. And they are looking at me like I am completely crazy, after losing it over John Lennon earlier in the day.

And then Ted Kennedy dies.

The Weekly What If: What if you could travel anywhere in the world for a month (completely free and work would give you time off), but you could not bring or purchase a toothbrush. In other words, no oral hygiene for a month. You will need to exit the trip with crusty teeth. Would you do it or would the siren song of toothpaste be too great? No flossing or rinsing either.

The most amusing part of Blogger Bingo is that twice someone has left a comment on a random old post because it fit the category that day. I hope you're having fun with it too. Finding new blogs; revisiting old posts. Long live Blogger Bingo. Though I will need help coming up with the categories for the next round. I was starting to struggle a bit by the end to have enough.

And now, the blogs...

A Little Hope has a post about the division she feels between herself and fertile women. She explains that unlike the invisible wall that she felt during high school, this wall is becoming more concrete, almost tangible. She writes: "And every day the wall gets higher and thicker and I am stuck on the other side. It’s also, finally, becoming visible. The unexplained, unnoticeable gulf that divides me from everyone else is slowly becoming more obvious to others. Friends with kids are slowly drifting away, leaving me more isolated." It is a gorgeous post that looks to the future in the end and I think most will be able to relate to her words; if not with infertility than through a different facet of life.

Not an infertility post, but a story that will resonate with a lot of people, especially in regards to community and the divisions women bring between each other in regards to the post I referred to yesterday. Citizen of the Month tells his own folktale in the tradition of old Jewish tales complete with wise rabbi, foolish wealthy man, and lots of townfolks. And it's just brilliant.

Again, not infertility focused, but Mrs. Spock has a great post about whether what we do matters in the grand sense of the word. She begins with the question: "Basically, do our personal, everyday actions equate change of any kind in this world? The article specifically is talking about environmental change, but I think it is an interesting question about any kind of personal action." It is about ways she has personally changed her life, but also a call for that critical mass of change that will push the world in a new direction--whether that is environmentally, intellectually, or emotionally.

Lastly, Once has a tiny post about gratitude that blew me away. In 55 words, she sums up the reason why community matters.

The roundup to the Roundup: Who can use "Watching the Wheels?" I'm a weepy mess. The Weekly What If. Bingo rocks. And lots of great posts to read.


eden said...

I cry whenever I see the "Where the Wild Things" preview too ... for the life of me I can't work out why.

Tash said...

I would absolutely take a free trip in return for leaving my oral hygiene at home. I've left oral hygiene at the side of the road for much less.

Not sure I have an answer to the q at hand; will need to go listen to the song. But re: Di: I was able to see her when she came to Evanston somewhere circa '96, and took pictures of her in a v. fetching mint green suit. Bella didn't believe me that princesses wore anything other than long ball gowns, so I pulled out my photos, and then hopped on line and found pictures of her working with the land mine commission wearing jeans. Score!

(You will call me if you come to Philly, yes?)

Kymberli said...

Fresh breath be damned; I'm packing my bags and heading somewhere with clear water, warm (not hot) weather, and white, sandy beaches. Someplace where I can swim with dolphins and have fruity alcoholic beverages with breakfast.

I also really enjoyed Neil's folktale this week.

caitsmom said...

With all my troubles with my teeth, I'd have to stay home and make a paradise here safe with my paste and mouthguard.

The gratitude post was beautiful. Thanks for sending me there.

areyoukiddingme said...

Ha! I can have gum! You didn't close off that avenue! So give me a crate of Trident and an open ended plane ticket and I'm off! (Even without the gum, I'd take the trip).

I think there must be a weird moon phase going on or something, because I was crying at a lame commercial the other day. That is NOT something I do.

loribeth said...

I'm still debating over the toothbrush thing. But I loved your post & it triggered a whole bunch of memories. "Life is what happens while you're making other plans" (from Beautiful Boy) has become my motto/signature line. I've written on my blog before about my love of all things Beatle. I remember my mother taking me to see "Help!" at the movies when I was a preschooler. I was in university when Lennon was murdered & can remember bawling my eyes out over a montage of clips that was set to "In My Life." I have told dh I want that song played at my funeral. I am tempted to buy "Beatles Rock Band" when it comes out in a few weeks, just so that I can bang on those Ringo-like drums & pretend-play a guitar like Paul's, lol. I think I will be humming "Watching the Wheels" for the rest of the day!

As for Diana, she was six months younger than me. Got up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding, and again to watch the funeral. A bunch of us from work went to see The Dress when it was on tour here a few years back, & then I took my mom to see it again when she came to visit a few weeks later. The tickets to the exhibit were exhorbitant, but I thought it was worth it. ; ) The younger girls from my office barely gave the dress a second glance, but I probably stood there for a good 15 minutes, just staring at it & thinking of everything it represented, & how it all turned out.

Anonymous said...

I would totally take the trip. Plus, alcoholic drinks would have some sort of antiseptic quality, right? Sort of like mouthwash. That's it, I'll just drink a dry martini every day and that'll keep the germies away :).

A and T said...

I wanted to comment about what you wrote about not being able to brush or floss for a week.

My sons were recently hospitalized overseas in 3rd world country conditions. I literally had no toothbrush or paste and used this GROSS antiseptic soap every day to wash my mouth out, for 5 days. it was disgusting. i babywiped for 5 days and did not wash my hair for 5 days.

i had to caregive twins who were trying to rip their IVs out of their hands every second... as there were no nurses... it was killer. so you found someone who went a week almost... and it was GROSS. you totally take for granted the little things in life that is for sure.

Cassandra said...

Oral hygiene is a necessity. As a kid I had a period of about 3 weeks when I didn't brush my teeth (and no parents noticed). Before that, I had 0 cavities. Since, multiple fillings and crowns, enamel on many teeth destroyed. I've been paying for those 3 weeks of "freedom" for over 20 years now. No trip is worth that amount of pain.

Be true to your teeth or your teeth will be false to you! :)

serenity said...

I couldn't do it - take a trip for a month if it meant not brushing my teeth. Because I get antsy if I forget to brush my teeth in the morning. (I brush them pretty much as soon as I get home at night then.)

I think you're right - Prince William could use "Watching the Wheels" lastingly. I'd also propose that Tiger Woods could do the same thing. He's a household name. He's young enough (two days younger than me). He's pretty lastingly successful.

(Totally unrelated? My word verification is "paper" today. So appropriate that it's YOUR blog!)

cheryllookingforward said...

yum.... Pokey Sticks!! I used to want to throw a dart at the Gumby's box to decide where to move after graduation.
Now I'm starving.

Faereyluna said...

Well what about nail scrapping or making a toothbrush from a tree or just using toothpaste on my finger or baking soda and water on my finger? I think I would do... I mean as long as I can scrape my tounge with a spoon, and chew gum. I figure letting the gums petri-dish it for a month is no big deal... Ewwww I'm gorss!

JuliaS said...

Heck yeah - no toothpaste or toothbrush for a month long vacation anywhere? No brainer.

Besides there are other ways of cleaning your teeth that require neither toothpaste nor toothbrush. (I assume we are still allowed to eat?) :0)

Minta said...

Free trip + no work repercussions? No question I'd go. Screw the toothbrush, I need a month off.

Lin said...

Oh man...the toothpaste vs. trip thing is SO tough for me! I'm a brush my teeth 3 or 4 times a day person. I think there might come a point where I couldn't enjoy the trip because of my crusty teeth and bad breath!

Hmmm...but maybe some good gum would be enough to get me through the month! Yes, it would totally be worth it! How bad could it be, really?

Lorza said...

As far as the trip...hum, I would need lots of apples and gum. Then I could do and booze. :)

Trinity said...

I cry everytime I see the Where the Wild Things Are preview too!

I think it's a combination of the Arcade Fire song and the fact that this was such a fave fave childhood book...

HereWeGoAJen said...

I would take the trip, but I might have to come home early to brush my teeth. I practically had to get up from my chair now to go brush my teeth just from the thought.

kate said...

Pokey sticks!!!! POKEY STICKS!!!!!

and John Lennon! JOHN LENNON!!!!!! Beautiful Boy is one of my favorite JL songs. That, and Woman. And Power To The People. And Instant Karma.

Pokey sticks AND John Lennon!!!!

Ahem. That is all.

Lavender Luz said...

Whenever I hear about John Lennon's commitment to his son, Sean, I feel sad about his son, Julian.

Off to visit the Roundup-ees.

I would totally take the trip and do the finger-brush all month.

calliope said...

I would travel for a month and deal with funky teeth. ABSOLUTELY! And I would blog the entire experience. heh.

I am loving bingo!!!! Some days are hard tho as I find a post that fits but I don't want to leave a comment on a post from a hard time of long ago.

How about next time: a post that mentions a song lyric, a post that has a video, a post with a photo of the blogger as a child or infant, a post that has a wish list, a post with a meme, a post with a link to another blogger that is in bingo

um....sorry if I just got all up in your creativity. On my 3rd cup of cold brew coffee and I might be able to fly right now

Kristin said...

If I can bring a bag of mints to suck on, I'd take the trip.

Bea said...

Sports stars. Sports stars the world over have young fame and then retire early, and not all of them go on to The Next Big Thing, although there must be pressure to do something equally Big.


MoonNStarMommy said...

I cry for everything so don't kick yourself... I'm a hormonal mess most the time ... the preview for MY SISTER'S KEEPER makes me want to bawl. I'm gonna need a whole box of tissues when I watch that.

Don't you love explaining events that were important to you... to young minds? LOL... they are all like "but WHY?"


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MrsSpock said...

I choke up every time I hear a song about a little boy. "Beautiful Boy" does it every time, as does Alison Krauss' "I Give You To His Heart".

How does the Wolvog know about a TVR? Are we watching BBC America a lot?

I had to call my husband over to show him I made the Friday Blog Roundup. I feel just a little bit famous this morning!

Wishing 4 One said...

I would so travel without brushing for a month. Since I could still eat, I would eat tons of apples and other foods that are known to cleanse your mouth, which I will know about as I researched online before I left. A question though, who's monitoring me?

battynurse said...

I would happily give up tooth brushes etc to be able to go on a trip wherever.
The Princess Diana exhibit sounds fabulous.