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Monday, May 04, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

I told Lori that I was going to take a photo of the spaetzle bowl from the 18-hour tantrum and write an anti-Perfect Moment Monday, stating that after this incident, every other moment this week was perfect in comparison. But why focus on the negative?

My perfect moment came after the row was over and I asked the ChickieNob to come upstairs with me so we could sit in her rocking chair for a moment and both have a good cry. I told her that we needed to just let everything out and she sighed and said, "well, you can have a good cry. I've been letting everything out for the last three hours."


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Rebecca said...

Oh that is just precious. Sorry about the circumstances though.

Tash said...

I'm afraid to do this. My answer would probably be "the last three months."

loribeth said...

ROFL!! She's priceless!

Lori said...

Ever practical, that one. How much is she like you when you were 4?

I'm adding you to Mr Linky. And would you please link to PMM?

I'm so glad you didn't tell the other thing :-)

Sheri said...

What a great perspective! Very cute!

I am visiting from Lori's Perfect Moment Monday post...and I did a Perfect Moment Monday of my own this morning.

It's great to stop and acknowledge that all is right in the world.

Jen said...

Oh she's so darling! I love her.

Martha said...

ChickieNob is so brillant. I hope you had a good cry, those tantrums are exhausting.

Mary said...

I think I did this as a child too. My poor mother. :)

Artblog said...

ha ha ha, too funny, toooooo funny :)

Shouldn't laugh really, I mean, I don't when mine do it!

Kami said...

Oh, that is too cute!

Cara said...

HA! ChickieNob is a classic girl of wit and perserverence. I mean, it takes some stamina to make it 18 hours!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Your daughter is really wise beyond her years!