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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Blog Roundup

The air cools, the leaves start's slowly creeping closer...

It's almost time for the Creme de la Creme.

Can you believe it?

I know it seems strange to think about New Years Day in October, but the list takes a long time to prepare. I made the new icon this week and started working on the opening day post. This year, I made it so people will be entered on the list in the order with which the entry is received. I'm just giving this heads up in case you want to be towards the top of the list: you may want to start perusing your archives now for your choice or just keep the list in mind as you currently write posts. The list will open in November this year to ensure that I'm not spending part of New Year's Eve cutting-and-pasting the blurbs into a post. Because really, New Year's Eve is for screwing. I mean drinking. I mean screwing...and drinking.

Next Friday is Halloween therefore, it's time to ask these burning questions: (1) have you opened the bag of Halloween candy? (2) If yes, what percentage has already been consumed? (3) If yes, are you an equal candy eater or do you pick out certain things from the mixed candy bags? (4) If yes, will you be cleverly replacing the candy before trick-of-treaters arrive to make it look as if you haven't eaten the candy? (5) If no, what the hell is wrong with you?

And now the blogs...

Leah at Tales from My Dusty Ovaries had a post this week that cracked me up. In the vein of a Dear John form letter, she characterized the subject matter that comes up continually in posts within the ALI blogosphere. I actually think it would make a great meme to bold the ones you have written (and perhaps gather ideas for ones you haven't written). My list was woefully brief, but that is only because I didn't start blogging until I had already had the twins and we haven't had a single positive or many cycles longer than 21 days for that matter in 2 1/2 years. If only I had known about blogs five years ago. Sniff. Does my journal count?

Julia at Here Be Hippogriffs (or just Julia? Or Julia {Here Be Hippogriffs} I like to think of her HipJu which is short for "Hippogriff's Julia" which I use to distinguish her in my mind from I Won't Fear Love Julia who truly is a hip Jew) had a post and question about how different you are from your spouse. She begins with something surface--bowhunter vs pacifist--and continues into fundamental beliefs. Such as where one falls on the political spectrum or religion or a seriously different way of viewing the world. It's an interesting discussion so jump in.

Jamie at Sticky Feet had a post thanking infertility and everything she gained from walking this path instead of another. It is easy to be thankful in retrospect and there is a lot to be thankful for, but Jamie also twists the post by asking a final question: she is so glad she went through anything and everything to get to this point, but will she have the stamina, mindset, ability to do it all over again when she returns to the clinic next month. It's a moving post and I send her many good thoughts.

Lastly, Flotsam had an emotional post about Simone. It begins: "Simone can’t hear. I thought maybe typing that right at the beginning, getting it out of the way, would make this easier to write about, but guess what? No." It won't be clear until her appointment in November whether this state is temporary (fluid deep in the ears that can be drained) or permanent. There are no good words to describe this post or why it touched me so deeply. I have returned though many times to this thought: "You have to laugh. People say that all the time, but I really do believe it. I think it is probably as close to a life’s philosophy as I get. Anyway, nothing is really any different than it was yesterday." Please go over and read the post in full.

The roundup to the Roundup: the Creme de la Creme is coming; where are you on your Halloween candy consumption; and some wonderful posts to read. See everyone Saturday night at the head of the class for Show and Tell.


Tash said...

I'm so glad you mentioned Alexa's post -- I must have read it 10 times yesterday. I'm not sure I was hoping it would end differently *this* time, or if I was just basking in her grace and ability to find humor in this situation.

We get a bazillion (no lie, bazillion -- our first year was about 150, last year I lost track) trick or treaters, and with it on a Friday, I'm expecting even more! I *love* it, but I'm v. anal in advance about having enough candy to feed the masses. So no opening in advance. I did buy for me, though (heh) so I'm hoping for a few leftovers.

Antigone said...

Thank you for pointing me over to Flotsam. Compelling post.

I, unlike Tash, ate all of the Halloween candy I bought. Maybe I can hand out protein bars?

N said...

We haven't bought any Halloween candy yet, due to my inability to trust myself not to eat it.

Even with my corn allergy.

Because then I just buy candy that I CAN eat.

Meghan said...

I have been eating halloween candy all week. I'm not going to replace the bag (ok, bags) until next Thursday or so

Tara said...

I have managed to stave off buying any halloween candy thus far. I know that hubby would have 50% of it eaten already and I would just have to go buy more.

Besides, we're in a new neighborhood this year and I have no idea how much candy I will need. And how much I need will depend on what kind (how expensive) I buy.

Jen said...

I already picked out my Creme de la Creme post when I cried when I wrote it. Want it now? You can start early.

No, I am not foolish enough to label it Halloween candy. I don't even pretend those early October bags are for Trick or Treaters. I buy them specifically for me and eat them all without guilt. I think I am through six bags so far... but Matt helped. I did buy the actual Halloween candy yesterday and I hid it from Matt. Oh, and I didn't buy any mixed bags, I just bought things I liked, so I can't really answer that question.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I always wait until the last minute to buy the candy because if not I'll eat it!

MrsSpock said...

I bought no Halloween candy, and I haven't eaten any. Really. I'm fat enough. We are giving out individual bags of Pringles, Doritos, and chips for Halloween.

Kristin said...

You mean we are suppose to save the Halloween candy? Ours is all gone...will have to get some more.

KandiB said...

Since we only get a few treaters, we buy a box of the full-size ones to reward those kids who make it. Last year, two made it. That left 14 full-size snicker bars for US. SUCH good logic. I think.

battynurse said...

I haven't even bought the halloween candy yet as if I had it would all be gone already. Also I don't know if I'm working or not yet. So I'll hold off on buying until at least next wed or thur.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for featuring my post. Wow. I made the roundup. I feel like a million dollars. :)

I love the "Dear John" post. :) I guess I'm a stereotypical infertile blogger! :)

Jess said...

(1) have you opened the bag of Halloween candy? Yes, it's in two pumpkins

(2) If yes, what percentage has already been consumed? Uhm, I'd say close to half. One pumpkin is for us, the other for trick or treaters.

(3) If yes, are you an equal candy eater or do you pick out certain things from the mixed candy bags? We don't get mixed bags, we get full candybars. And yeah, I only eat certain kinds and he only eats certain kinds but it works out. We only get a few trick or treaters (less than 10) so it works.

(4) If yes, will you be cleverly replacing the candy before trick-of-treaters arrive to make it look as if you haven't eaten the candy? n/a

(5) If no, what the hell is wrong with you?

Io said...

You wild woman with your New Years Eve activities!

I have not bought any candy yet, though i have been eying it. I know if I buy it now I will just have to buy more before it is time to hand it out. We don't get a ton of tricker treaters here, but we get a decent amount and last year I kind of ran out. Partly because I was giving each kid multiples to make up for my neighbors with their lights off and partly because I was eating them all night. Whoops.

Laura said...

Hi Mel. Stopping by in honor of ICLW. Thanks again for all that you do!

kate said...

1. Have already opened the candy.

2. Have consumed about 1/3

3. Thought I would be a selective eater of the Reese's miniatures that I insisted on buying, but no. The Twix have been getting it lately.

4. Instead of replacing, will pick out all of the Twix so that no indication that Twix ever existed as an option will be seen.

5. Things wrong with me are to numerous to list in comment form on your blog, but I will in fact argue that the old "beggers can't be choosers" idiom applies kindly here, so thus, even if evidence of Twix-existence got past me and some kind child noticed and asked, I would simply inform the child to be here earlier next time (not indicating of course that by "earlier", I mean weeks not earlier on the day of...)

And no, I cannot believe that it is almost time for Creme de la Creme... insanity!

sara said...

Thanks for linking over to some great posts here - they were so good to read! As far as the Halloween candy - well I'll give you what I usually do since this year I dont' think I'll be handing our some - other than if you want to bring your kids to get some jello squares from me, LOL!

Last year and most years I end up buying at least 3 extra bags of candy the week before because my husband and I keep eating our favorites - reese cup, twix, m & Ms. Then I replace those bags with things I don't like and that's what is left to hand out :-)

Karen said...

Creme de la Creme already? Wow, time flies.

Now, tell me, Mel. Why, oh WHY did you change you blog feed settings to the SHORT version for your feed? Even YOU admitted to me that you have a hard time clicking over on google reader on the blogs that don't display the full post! Are you really going to do this to me?? Are you really going to make me do this??? I DO check in on your ACTUAL blog for all the useful information every week or two, but do I have to do it for EVERY post??

Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up said...

I haven't even bought the candy yet. :-) Because I WILL eat it all. Last year I had to make a run to the store the day of, because it was already gone. :-)

*and I wanted to let you know, in case you were able to include it in this weeks blog roundup, I have a giveaway going on my blog with Hope of my Heart, where Melody (the owner/artist) is giving away a gorgeous "My Dream" infertility bracelet. The story behind the owner and her jewelry is a beautiful one and one that I'm sure others who have suffered from infertility, loss, and adoption, can relate too. And I'm not asking for selfish reasons to promote my own blog, I just really would love to promote Melody and her work.