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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Still pouring drinks below so pull up a seat at the bar and tell us what has happened in your life this month. But I also wanted to draw from the collective minds of the Internet and ask for your opinion Apple products. Which I know makes me all over the place, but I blame my inability to focus on a given topic on the shake-up of my schedule and the fact that I crouched in the dark end of a school for two weeks (which makes me sound not just a little like a bleeding psycho).

Let's say hypothetically that I am deciding between an iPod nano and an iTouch. I want music capabilities. I want video (and obviously iTouch has the bigger screen, but I also want to know if the nano one is too annoying for actual use). And I want to know if you can really get on the Internet often with the iTouch. Are there enough wireless hotspots out there to make it worth it? Are you without Internet most of the time? Is it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow to load? Do you lose your connection just as you open your email? Only two options I'm considering are the new iPod nano or iTouch. Give me your opinion and experience.

And now, I'm getting back to pouring drinks. So scoot your bum over to the bar and tell us about your month.


Jen said...

Hmm, I don't even have one of those new fangled portable CD players. Matt will know, I will ask him when he gets home.

Jess said...

I THINK you should just get an iphone.

For real, I have one, and I will NEVER EVER go back. The internet is slowish to load compared to what I'm USED to, but it's LOVELY. And I have the older iphone, too. So the net would be better on the new.

I ASSUME that the ipod touch is a similar internet deal? If so, I definitely get internet almost everywhere. Truly, I live in BFE. I mean REALLY. And I get it AT HOME. Actually, I live SO FAR in the middle of nowhere that AT&T is the ONLY CARRIER with service out here.

But the ipod touch I'm sure is just hotspots. Though I assume in DCish there should be a lot!

But seriously. iphone. You need it. Really. IM on it. Web on it. Email. All our contacts and photos synced. Music! My car has a jack to hook up the phone to the car and we listen to Snacktime (you need it) by the Barenaked Ladies on it for the kids ALL THE TIME. (I have a Navigator, but I believe most newer ones have the same thing, or you can just hold the thing up!) Loveliness!!!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

i absolutely LOOOVE my iTouch. So much that I'm willing to give up my good phone carrier next July (when our contract is up) to get an iPhone.

I've loved Apple products for eeons and truthfully has been the only home computer/laptop I've ever used. But I digress ...

The reason I love the iTouch is that it does have more capabilities than the iPod nano. Yes, it has wifi capabilites and no, it's not always the fastest ... but that also depends on wherever you're getting your wifi signal from.

For instance, local coffee house here in Detroit ... not so good. WiFi at work ... EXCELLENT.

But seriously, the sucker is one h*ll of a PDA. Stores contacts, addresses, calendar events. I'm able to access my mail from wifi spots.

And that doesn't even begin to touch the media aspect of it. Not only does it have the music and video aspect ... but you can also load pictures on them as well, so there's no need to be carrying around a "photo album" all the time.

PLUS ... all the widgets you can add. I've got a facebook app on there as well as a twitter app.

Oh ... there's so much. And that's just the iTouch aspect. Imagine if you had ALL this AND it was also a phone?!

Yup. I love my iTouch, but I'd cheat on it in a second if I was able to get an iPhone right away ...

Okay, done babbling.

luna said...

I sent you an email that was similar to emily's response. except probably a little incomprehensible because I'm tired.

LJ said...

See, I REALLY want an iTouch, except for a loser like me, it's still too small. Get that sucker up to 60gb, and we'll start being in business.

Soupy said...

too funny you are posting this, as i'm going thru the exact SAME debate as you. weird. I'm interested in responses. :) I'm leaning towards the Itouch and the phone. CJ just got the Iphone and is in hog heaven.

Delenn said...

I just went through this quandary, as I lost my I-Pod (poor Poddy...). I decided I wanted the music capacity so I went with an 80 I-Pod.

Frankly, if you want the touch screen and internet, etc. -- get the iPhone (the only reason I did not is cause i HATE AT&T)...but I digress.

Capacity-wise tho--an iPod will do ya.

Anonymous said...

I got a video iPod 2 Christmases ago because I thought I wanted the video and would use it all the time. Truthfully I've never, ever, ever watched anything on it. In fact the only thing I use the screen for is so I know what song is playing. So in that sense, it seems like a waste. j just got a Nano last month for graduation and he loves it. He's not a music buff, but he likes his music while he works out, so this is perfect for that. I think he can put about 50 songs or so on it and that's plenty for him.

My personal opinion: I just got a BlackBerry Pearl and I LOVE IT. It has an mp3 player, and I'm slowly moving my music over. Plus it has always-on internet and email so I have internet access even if I'm in the boonies (Nebraskan term for "not in a city".) My plan is to sell my video iPod and just use my BlackBerry since my BB already has the rest of my life on it. Plus it was only $80, much cheaper than an iPod Touch. :)

-from your resident IT geek :o)

Cara said...

Wow - I know NOTHING about anything techy! (In fact I just started using my computer for anything more than printing, typing, and emailing...well - I can attach documents - that's my one BIG trick!)

Sorry I can't help but I could really use a glass of expensive merlot!

Io said...

I vote for the touch - the nano I love, but it's really just an ipod with video. And we never watch video on it. I might if I commuted by train or something, but I don't.

Barb said...

Saw your note on Jen's (first commenter here) blog. Come see us ANY time! :)