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Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Blog Roundup

After writing that I "got" Twitter last week, I feel like the girl who got her period first and everyone is gathered around in the girls' bathroom whispering their questions: does it hurt? Is it so gross? Do you just want to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie? Because isn't Twitter just like your period?

Twitter only clicked with me once I started following people. If you keep your screen open to "home," you will read a stream of thoughts. It's microblogging and there are certainly responses (aka comments) both formally in hitting reply and informally in jumping off another person's topic with your own thoughts. But it's also like IM. A quick way to keep in touch and update through the day and place all of those ideas that float through your head but don't warrant a blog post. It's like dadaist blogging.

To be frank, when things are slow and I'm on top of things, Twitter is great. But when things are busy, Twitter is just one more distraction that I can't keep up with and makes me feel anxious. So it is going to be my thing that falls by the wayside when I'm busy. I would rather give up Twitter than Google Reader, nu? I've listed my twitter link under my picture on the right sidebar.

A bunch of small business-y update:

(when I write the term "business-y" it reminds me of the Lorax and gluppity glup. Also shloppity shlop)

We had money come into U.T.E.R.U.S. this week. Conceive magazine made a donation and we thanked them by placing little ads on a few blogs. So if you glance over to the right (go ahead...glance) you'll see an ad that links to Conceive's book. And if you click on it (go ahead, click, look and come back), you'll see Conceive stuff. And that will make them happy to feel supported and since they supported would be like a giant hug.

Which means that stuff is kicking up on the list. We're going to do the next big clean-out-your-closet-giant-online-garage-sale in September when summer/winter (depending on where you live with the equator) ends. But, before that, we have a fellow UTERUSer who has (oooooh, wait, my eye just saw that: UTER"USer") set up a cool business where essentially all of the money is going to family building endeavours. Kim from What Wuz I Saying is selling handcrafted, sterling silver jewelry to fund adoption and she is donating part of her profits to UTERUS. If you are interested in seeing the jewelry, email Kim. For every ten or more orders and $500 (before tax and shipping) in sales UTERUS gets 30% cash. So, pretty cool beans.

The Roundup Extravaganza post choice and blurb is due in a week and a half. So I thought I'd just throw this out there...a reminder for your blurb. That Monday, the 21st, is also the first day of the July IComLeavWe. So the list closes and the comments start a'flyin'.

You can still send us off with good thoughts to place on our BlogHer panel table. Or help us come up with a meeting place for all of the IF bloggers. Just saying...

And now, the bloggity blogs.

KatD at They Grow in Your Heart had a beautiful post about her favourite thing about blogging. You will, of course, need to click over if you want to know her favourite thing. But it isn't, "being able to vent, although that's fantastic and it's not even having the incredible support of fellow infertiles." I first heard the term "Internet Aunt" last week from Beagle and that is a sweet term to acknowledge this bizarre role we play in each other's lives.

Portraits in Sepia
had a post about her husband's lost job that begins and ends with a lost wedding band. I loved this sentiment: "What was lost will be found again." I found this post tremendously moving.

Flicka at Vacant Uterus has a gorgeous post about how life has changed since becoming a mother. It begins with a dream about breastfeeding: "I could feel the tingling in my breasts, the feeling of letdown and I smiled with satisfaction. I was doing it, I was making food for my baby. Everyone had said I was too damaged, too full of scar tissue but my ravaged breasts were actually producing milk. I could still feel them tingling when I woke up to Sam's cry, my right arm crooked around a stuffed animal, totally numb." And it truly is that space between dreams and waking.

Lastly, Emilie at Lemmondrops first made me cry with the poem "Otherwise" (I literally couldn't get through the first verse without crying as I read it aloud to Josh) and then this post. There are no good words. I just wanted her to know how much this post touched me and how it's still making me cry as I write about it. Emilie was one of the first bloggers I read and her blog is at the top of my bookmarked list. So. I'm sorry, sweetie. I wish it were easier.

The roundup to the Roundup: Go start twittering, U.T.E.R.U.S stuff, get your Extravaganza blurb in, IComLeavWe starts on the 21st, leave a quote that we can place on our BlogHer table (or help make plans in the same post for everyone to meet up), and have a wonderful Friday night. Catch you for Show & Tell.


Jen said...

I've got a stack of stuff saved for the next UTERUS auction!

luna said...

there are a ton of places near union square for a meeting spot. if you let me know what you're thinking (e.g., day, night, coffee, drinks, dinner, etc.), I could try to make some suggestions... did any of the times you suggested work for others?

Io said...

I am ready for the next auction too!
I love the period analogy for twitter :)

Michell said...

Ok so I don't want to miss out on all of the meeting stuff if I can avoid it. I am available Thursday and part of Friday. I will likely need to get back to Sacramento in time for work at 7pm.

katd said...

I have been out of town and missed this!! Thank you so much for the shout out:) It really is my favorite thing; I love being an Internet Aunt and I love Bea for using the phrase:) Thanks, Auntie Mel! :)