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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The BlogHer Diaries: Luna and PJ

I'm now at the kind bloggers (compassionate bloggers?) panel but a few minutes ago, we were sitting in the opening keynote. PJ was taking notes, Luna was listening, Lori was still trying to navigate Twitter, Rachel Inbar was passing out gum. And I was taking pictures.

At 1:45, anyone who wants to meet up pre-panel, we're going to be at the circular sofa in the lobby. Join us.


loribeth said...

Hi PJ! Hi Luna! Hi Mel!(waving)

Oh man, these up-to-the-minute updates are so much fun. ; ) I'm reading one & another pops up. It's hard to drag myself away from the computer...

Jen said...

I am also loving the constant updates!