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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The BlogHer Diaries: Last Night

BlogHer is the best party ever. It's hard to say this knowing that some of you aren't here, but it is pretty emotional to finally get to hug someone that you've read for so long through the computer. Last night, when I came out of the keynote address, I passed by this balcony and as I looked down, I saw Michell. And I was so excited that I blew her a kiss before running down the stairs. You spend so much time reading someone's life and then BlogHer comes about and you actually get to crash into people's lives.

Having never been to a conference in my life, I didn't really get that fact until after I was here.

Last night, I got to meet a bunch of ALI bloggers. Lori, Pamela Jeanne, and I were joined by Luna, Michell, and Millie. Some husbands came along too (not to make Mr. Luna feel left out. He took the picture below AND he had to hip check a hostess out of the way to claim her spot to take it). We started at an Italian restaurant and ended up at a small French cafe, squeezed around two small circular tables.

And it's amazing. I know I've met a lot of bloggers by this point considering how often TOOTPU gets together, but it still amazes me whenever someone steps out from the screen and I get to hug them. You all mean so much to me and it's hard having so many people so far away.

I want to go home because I miss the twins, but I want to stay here in this eternal party. I am definitely going to the DC Reach tour in the fall (October 13) and I think we should try to drag together as many East Coasters as possible for that. Or the Boston one. I'm not sure which other cities are part of the tour.

So, without further ado, the ALI bloggers from last night:

And now the opening keynote begins the final day of BlogHer. Our panel is at 3 this afternoon.


Lori said...

Such a great night.


Feliz Dianne Flutter said...

I wish I was there - it sounds out of this world! Good luck on the panel, I'm sure you will be great.

Jen said...

You'll have to ship the twins out to San Francisco and then stay forever!

loribeth said...

...which will be around 6 my time. I'll be at my BIL's for a barbecue, but will be thinking about you & sending vibes!

Great picture!