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Friday, July 18, 2008

The BlogHer Diaries: Bothering Lori While She Tries to Listen

I am currently sitting in a panel on social networking sites. This morning kicked off with a breakfast and opening speech from Lisa, Elisa and Jory. There are about 1100 people here right now. Just to give you a sense of the room...

Then, we went into what they called speed dating for bloggers. Everyone at the table introduced themselves. Then, two people would leave and move to the next table and do introductions again. I started out with Pamela Jeanne and Lori but then moved on to chill with a few of the fantabulous Kimchi Mamas. And I got to hug (and sniff in her amazing perfume) Chookooloonks! That one was pretty emotion for me because I love her photography and her whole kind blog movement.

Then, I shit you not, I met Dramalish. That was actually pretty emotional too because she's...Dramalish. She's an ALI blogger. She's a Clicker. And she is so pretty in person:

I think my grin says it all. I may get to hang out more with Dramalish later tonight when I meet up with all of the ALI bloggers. By the way, if you missed the emails going about, we are meeting at 6 pm in the lobby of the St. Francis Westin near the circular sofa. Join us. Please. Please let me meet you. Who knows when I'll be back on the West Coast again.

After the opening, I went out with my cousin. She is my identical twin except that she's thinner and prettier. And I had kicked off my three inch heels so she was also three inches taller than me. But since I didn't ask her if I could post her picture, a photo of the corner of Haight and Ashbury must suffice.

Now I'm back at the conference and sitting in the social networking...or is it social bookmarking...panel. This information is a little over my head. I think I need someone to sit down one-on-one with me and explain it.

Lori is sitting across from me and we are exchanging emails while she is trying to listen and finally get her ass on Twitter. I cannot even tell you how amazing and beautiful Lori is in person. I have actually met her before and she is a big reason why I'm out here right now. I got to have dinner with Pamela Jeanne and Lori (and Josh--hi honey!) last night at a very cool pan-Asian restaurant. And it's emotional to meet these people who you respect so much through their writing.

I think this evening, meeting all of the ALI bloggers is going to blow my mind.


Lori said...

She's also calling me somewhat dirty names!

The next best thing to sitting next to you at a conference is sitting across the room from you at a conference.

And making you cuss.

Kymberli said...

I love the live-action blogging and I can't wait to hear more that you, Lori, Pamela Jeanne, and the ALI bloggers you meet up with have to say about it.

May I make a humble request? After the ALI bloggers have written their viewpoints about tonight's meeting, can you group them together in a post here so that we can find them all in the same place?

beagle said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know what ALI stands for?

I'm so glad you are sharing this experience so we can live vicariously!! Hi Lori! Hi P.J.!! Hi Dramalish!

Amber said...

DAMN! I can't go. ;( so close yet so far. If something is going on on Sat let me know. I don't have a ticket.

loribeth said...

I had to think about it, but I think ALI = adoption, loss & infertility.

Thanks for all the updates -- if I can't be there :( lots of posts from those of you there is the next best thing!! I keep hitting "refresh" on my reader to see if anyone's posted anything new!

Tash said...

Y'all rock. Drinks on Lolli.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Um, by the way, Lori started the bad words and I only jumped on so she wouldn't feel alone.

ALI: adoption/loss/infertility.

Heather.PNR said...

How jealous am I that you met Karen? The earlier adoption-themed version of Chookooloonks was a huge source of inspiration and comfort to me. I love her online presence.

Bea said...

Making me wish I was there! Can I be there symbolically, at least? And if so, can I borrow your boots? They are fab... and very sexy.


ms. c said...

Keep writing! Can't wait to hear more.

And keep having fun and post pics with great grins!

Michelle said...

Oh I am oh so jealous right now. I am enjoying the play by play though. I know you are busy with that little convention or whatever it is... blah blah blah.. but when you get back take a peek here

Jen said...

I keep wishing I were there! I'm glad everyone is having fun!

Vacant Uterus said...

You got to meet some of the Kimchi Mamas?! I am jealous! I lurk over there all the time (never comment) but I think they rock. I so wish I could have gone to BlogHer!