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Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Blog Roundup

Explain Twitter to me. I signed up for it back when I didn't realize that all those widgets were making my blog unable to be opened and created one Twitter post. Since then, I keep receiving notices saying "so-and-so is following you on Twitter." Which doesn't make sense to me based on my small understanding of Twitter which makes me think that there's a much larger purpose to this site.

My understanding of Twitter is that it's a way to put one sentence (or so) blog posts on your sidebar rather than constantly publishing new post. So you could post four or so a day letting people know that you're about to peek into your refrigerator or listening to something good on NPR or considering getting a pet tiger, and others can read along without having post after post clogging their blogreader program.

But then I don't truly understand how the person is following me. Is there a way to get updates when someone posts something through Twitter? Is that "following?" Is it sent to your inbox, or do you need to leave Twitter open all day? I went on it last night and the page I was on looked like a cross between one-sentence blog posts and an IM conversation. Please explain Twitter to me.

Since I need to let everyone know when I'm considering heading to the loo.

I am so freakin' behind with email. I am saying this as a form of apology and also, if I owe you an email, it's not that I don't love you. I have big plans to catch up this weekend.

Is anyone else feeling like they're watching a horse race with eBay? It's like we all placed a bet on our items and then each bid is like the item moving forward. I find myself yelling encouragement to my item on the screen. I hope my item fetches 1 million pounds. Not that I'm aiming unrealistically high or anything...

And now some things I read in blogs this week:

I loved this post by Sharah on Outlandish Notions, not just for the excellent questions but for the discussion that is going on in the comments section below. I am really interested in how people answer 3 and 4 and I am nudging you, just as a scream at my item on the screen to goad it on, to head over there and jump into the conversation. Because it's heady stuff reminiscent of smokey college nights with the half-eaten pizza getting cold in the center of the floor except you knew nothing back then compared to what you know now and when you revisit these questions down the road, you will create new answers again and again.

Matt at Maybe Baby had a post this week about wishing he could put his shoe through the ultrasound screen. Her wrote: "Despite Dr. Reya’s upbeat attitude the levee broke inside of my gut when I found out my count remained low because I have put so much effort and concentration into getting this right. I’m tired of having frigid genitalia, and it was hard not to take out all of my animosity and exhaustion on the ultrasound machine." I don't know why this post touched me so much, but it did.

Spicy Sister had a post commemorating her first lupron injection. She wrote: "My counselor today asked how I would commemorate my first day of injectable hormones - really the 'start' of it all. It was hard to answer that because I feel like I have been in the beginning of the beginning since I had my period and 2 days later started BCPs. For me, that was really the start of it all. And I have been doing small things to commemorate that and acknowledge that ever since. But, this is the start of the next big step. And it is important." I liked this idea of giving a nod to each step. Not something huge, but something that recognizes its significance as someone does when she chooses her clothes carefully for the first day of school or says a small prayer before a job interview. You will need to go over and read the post to see how Spicy Sister commemorated her first lupron injection.

Lastly, Nutmeg96 had a cute post on Two Shorten the Road about a car she saw on the road. It is such a brief post--almost Twitteresque--that to describe it ruins the punchline. So click over to read the paragraph in full.

So, the roundup of the Roundup: I apologize for sucking with email this week, I encourage you to goad on your item on the U.T.E.R.U.S. auction by taking some time to yell cheers at the screen, and let me know the deal with Twitter. Explain it to me as you would a five-year-old, I am literally that unable to grasp new technology.


Jen said...

Ah, Twitter. I have no idea how it works and I have been avoiding finding out. I mean, do I really need another activity to spend hours on the computer doing? I already don't go outside or anything.

But I am tempted to sign up. You know, for those one liner posts that I always want to post, like my dog caught a lizard in her mouth yesterday and was so surprised that she dropped it right away and it ran away. Then she was sad.

A.M.S. said...

I can't help you with Twitter, but I was curious to know why the U.T.E.R.U.S. auction is on the UK ebay site? I didn't have anything to offer for sale, so I thought I might see about being on the buying end, but I don't have any pounds and the exchange rate sucks.

Io said...

I don't know aaaaanything about twitter, but I love the analogy with a horse race. I bid on your space, but don't have a million pounds. (Or anything to go in the space really, but whatever. I hope it goes to a million pounds too!)

Jess said...

I wondered about the UK thing, too. Inquiring minds, Mel. We want to know.

Never heard of Twitter. Who's the 5 year old now Oy.

Michell said...

I've never even heard of twitter so I suppose I'm no help at all. Of course I'm still resisting myspace.

Anonymous said...

Love Twitter. Like SMS'ing to your blog or to "followers." You don't have to link to your blog (I do), and you can reply to something which is written by someone in the general community if you watch that feed, or to people you elect to "follow."

I actually do two things - I keep twitter open in my brower when I'm at home, and follow along there, and I subscribe via RSS to my more favorite twitterers. (And can then read them as I feel like it.)

You can send twitter messages by IM or by SMS on your phone. You can also incorporate it in Facebook. It is very simple to set your parameters and select which options you want to use.

It is fun, you should try it out.

Lori said...

Non-Twitterer here. (Twit, maybe.)

I don't have room for another social networking thingy. Just my Google Reader, my bloggy friends, and a couple of bulletin boards.

Oh, yeah. And the BB Book Brigade, coming up soon -- YAY!

Karen said...

Twitter's kind of fun, in a sick sort of way. Sometimes I update a lot - like 5-6 times in a day - and sometimes not at all.

I think - I think - that when someone "follows" you, or you "follow" them, they're on your friends list and you could, if you want, just limit your received/sent updates to your friends list (not get the public page at all). I like that I can update on my phone, and indulge my ADD tendencies for the world to see. (Look! Something shiny! Right there!!!)

Antigone said...

It works similarly to Facebook's.