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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Other Family

I know this is going to reveal how slow I can be to process things sometimes, but as we were watching the opening episode of Brothers & Sisters for the 11th time (baruch ha'shem for the DVD versions of television shows. What else was there to do during the strike?), I drawled as Tom Skerritt fell into the water, "I bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he pees in it." Which brought me to the realization that Tom Skerritt and Sally Field played a married couple before this in Steel Magnolias.

I know--not as quick as the other kids. I'm the one who always needs the joke explained too.

I love watching Brothers & Sisters. I refer to it as "watching my family." Which in no way is meant to disrespect my actual family especially my own brothers and sisters, Hansel and Gretel, whom I love with an intensity to make the Walkers look like they're in a Eugene O'Neill play.


LJ said...

Ahh the Walkers - they so are your family. I think I am all caught up on it now, but I should check my Tivo. Ps. I'M HOME!!! :)

The Dunn Family said...

The Walkers made me want to have more kids. I love that show.

Rachael said...

You reminded me that the only Hebrew I know is 'Baruch atar (sp?) Adonai elohim'. I can read it!

Smiling said...

I love that show too, and just realized the connection to Steel Magnolia's a fortnight ago!

When I went home for Christma I took over my parents netflix queue to finish watching the entire first season.... ahh, family memories of watchign the Walkers while curled in bed with my mother.