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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Goodnight...

This is the night where I admit defeat; where I need to pack up all the cookies and brownies I made over the last week and set them by the front door for Josh to deliver tomorrow. The STW won in the end. I think I only hit 25 dozen.

This has been such a strange Christmas and it's not even my holiday so it feels a little wrong to be feeling down tonight. It is the first year where I didn't burn out on Christmas by December 14th. I rationed my Christmas music and I never even got to the gingerbread fertility clinic I was planning on making (complete with a sugar art sonogram machine and tiny cookie phlebotomy lab as well as much frosting squirted in the shwanking rooms. Just kidding. I mean, y'all know it has to be a clean specimen...right? I like that Josh is reminded each month just in case he forgets and accidentally scoops his sample off the wall). I feel like Christmas sort of passed me by with this latest balagan*. I wish Christmas season could be extended by a week, but I feeling that now that I've said that, I will receive quite a few smacks from those actually celebrating Christmas.

*A word in Hebrew that means chaos and sort of sums up the STW perfectly.

On the accomplishments front: we now have 121 entries on the Creme de la Creme. The list is by no means closed--it is open through next winter. But tonight marks the deadline I set to give myself enough time to read and create a blurb for all the entries on the list. Anything sent after this point will hopefully still get on before I post it. If not, it will be up soon after. I added many entries to the list after posting it last year. But this also means no changes after this point. Because I am writing a blurb for whatever I have on the list right now. So there.

It seems a little surreal that this is the second annual Creme de la Creme. Doesn't it? Is it just me? Does it feel like time is doing something strange right now?

On the strangeness front: our clinic makes us go for an infectious disease panel once a year. Josh and I decided to knock this errand off the list by going directly from the clinic to the blood lab and have a couple's blood draw (doesn't that sound romantic? Phlebotomy labs should start offering that like couple's massage--have your blood drawn at the same time as your lover).

We were sitting in the waiting room and the door opened. The phlebotomist looked at his clipboard and called out, "who's here for the drug screen? Is someone here for a drug screen?" And a short, slightly embarrassed man slinked back into the lab rooms with him, shutting the door to the waiting room behind them.

Josh turned to me and whispered, "will he come out and say, 'the infertile couple? Is there someone here who can't get knocked up?' or will he say, 'who's here to find out if they have syph?'"

I really wanted him to call out that we were being tested for syph.

We got neither.

We never get anything good.


Jen said...

Oh, make the gingerbread fertility clinic anyway! I want to see pictures of it.

Jess said...

LMAO. I loooove the waitingroom story. But WTF?? I guess I'll admit that I don't ever go to outpatient for my draws because hubby's mom runs the lab, but... Why weren't they calling out last names? Is that normal??

Julia said...

I am sorry for your STW, and for missing it (due to my own STW) and not offering you support then.
25 dozen is nothing to sneeze at.
But that fertility clinic would be hi-larious.

I am going to send you the Crem thingie. Hopefully it still counts as the 23rd... It's 23rd still in many parts of the country, right?

Michell said...

Oooh, phlebotomist so totally violated HIPPA there. I think if I had been the patient I would have complained.
I love the idea of the gingerbread fertility clinic. That is very cool. And hey 25 dozen cookies is a whole lot of cookies. Wow.

christina(apronstrings) said...

oh i am so tired of christmas. it's my fault i started the festivites in October.

what up with the stupid staff? they are awful. there is a special part of being IF...the humilation.

i'm sorry you're blue. it sucks.

love to you. hope you feel at least better.

Kathy V said...

When you make the clinic, don't forget to put the gingerbread ladies in the stirrups! So sorry that the stw took over but sometimes that happens when stw enters in. Hope your spirits pick up.

Kathy V said...

An addition to my comment. I wouldn't worry about only getting 25 dozen cookies done. Afterall I don't know how you do all the things you do anyway. You make our day each and everyday by adding new posts. (most of them give us a tad bit of humor. I am still laughing about Dr Fantastic Speculum.) Also you have children to raise and appointments, and taking care of things at home. At some point you hit a barrier but knowing that you have done the best you could do and it is sooo much more than what other people do. Keep up the good work and don't let (only) 25 dozen get you down.

Fertilize Me said...

TACT!! Love it Nurse Phlebotomist!Wow

As for that fertility clinic gingerbread house - classic idea.

i am sorry the christmas time is passing you by.

Anonymous said...

I know that Christmas isn't "your" holiday exactly, but I still wish you a Happy Christmas time and hope that you get to enjoy it nonetheless. :o)

loribeth said...

LOL on the gingerbread clinic!!

Whether or not you are a Christian, I believe that Christmas belongs to everyone who appreciates it. So Merry Christmas to you!! & thanks for all you do for us.

deanna said...

"Who's here for syph??""

That's just so awesome....... =)

May the STW stay firmly implanted in the foggy-boggy memories of 2007.

May 2008 be all things bright and beautiful!!

Alyson & Ford said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Bea said...

That's still a lot of cookies. Don't forget you can also enter gingerbread eco-design competitions (too lazy to link). Maybe you could start planning an eco-designed fertility clinic for next year?

Also, what is up with that phlebotomist?


LJ said...

I am sitting here imagining all of the creepy/hilarious/inappropriate things one could be called for in a waiting room. "Erectile Dysfunction? Is there a Joe Smith here for Erectile Dysfunction??"

Chris said...

Awwwww, I wanted you to get the shout out for being tested for syph too! I guess you can always wait until next time. Wait, I take that back. I don't want there to be a next time for you. Maybe you could just announce it the next time you go for any type of bloodwork?

PCOSMama said...

If it makes you feel better, I only managed 1 dozen cookies for the holidays. Actually, I didn't even make those, come to think of it, my husband helped our daughter make them for Santa. So I would definitely be proud of your 25 dozen! Especially with the STW going on!

I too would LOVE to see that gingerbread fertility clinic! You are so creative and talented that I believe you could actually do it!