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Monday, September 03, 2007

Housekeeping and Contests

Rather than clean my front hallway, which desperately needs a good organization, I instead cleaned the sidebar and read A.M. Homes The Mistress's Daughter (we may want to read this for a future book club--it's fantastic so far). How did I clean the sidebar? Well, I combined many categories under a single icon--a party hat labeled Happy Lists and Community Projects. So if you are looking for the Creme de la Creme or the Blilt projects or any of the 1000 lists we seem to be continually compiling, click on the icon and it will take you to a linked menu page. Be forewarned if you haven't read things like the Creme de la Creme or Friday Blog Roundup Extravaganza yet, you will be reading for hours...

Two, due to interest expressed in the last post, I have set up a candy exchange. This will be ongoing, forever and ever, with a stream of candy running through your whole lifetime if you so choose. The idea works in much the same way as JJ's Braces Bunch (join that too!), except you will be sending/sent candy instead of snail mail. You can drop in and out as your liking. Once you fill out the form, you never need to fill it out again (unless information changes). To get your first match, see the candy exchange post for directions. Let the candy eating begin (can you imagine how much nicer a BFN binge will be with chocolates from another country?).

Three, thanks to Celeste's suggestion, I have set up a cafepress store that I am still playing with in terms of products and images offered. There is a link to it in the sidebar or you can click over and see it here: Stirrup Queen's Store. I don't know what I'm going to do with the money gained from the store except place it back in the community. Once there is actually money to use, I may open it up to the community or I may go with an idea that has been percolating all summer. There will probably be products added from time to time including a Lost and Found t-shirt and music from the movies. So I welcome your ideas and comments and, of course, sales.

Lastly, this is my paltry limerick for Lori's Limerick Contest. It is not too late to join (entries are due on the 5th). I'm afraid I'm just not much of a poet...

This woman draws bloggers together
In the sea of infertility she's our tether
Planning D.C. dinners and drinks
As well as writing posts that make you think
That Lindsay is certainly clever


Lori said...

It's a great entry!

Thanks for being part of the contest, in many ways.

Schatzi said...

LOVE the idea of the store!

dmarie said...

Great idea to have a store!

chicklet said...

I've been building a list of things I should have written on t-shirts, we should all come up with some and sell them through your store! Sarcastic and horrible things about IF. And funny things for IF preggos to wear, like "$20,000 in treatments and all I got was this lousy fat ass".

If you don't post this idea on your site, I'll post it on mine. I'd drafted it a long time ago but never did anything with it as apparently I'm not as funny as I like to think I am.