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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Little Tired

Update at bottom:

This was my day: up at 5:30 a.m. for blood work, library visit with a friend I haven't seen in four years, screaming match with an elderly man in a bookstore (story coming soon), made a pot of chili, drew 15 mermaids in various styles of dress...oh...and made a new blog.

The Lost and Found list has officially moved over to a new space. One that has an rss feed. One that has room to breathe. One where the main post--the Lost and Found post--will always be top of the page for easy access. Forgive me if you've written in the last few hours. Since dinner, I've been moving stuff over to the new site and writing some guidelines so the list runs smoothly. I will dive back into email and such tomorrow.

When you go over to the new blog (and by the way, this is still my main blog where I will post all thoughts/stories/questions. Lost and Found is solely for Lost and Found stuff), please take a moment to read through the three links or so on the side bar and understand what I'm looking for with Lost and Found, how to submit, and how you can help. Since no one voiced dissension over the idea of adding announcements if they are posted already on a non-password-protected blog, I am going to begin adding things I know this weekend. Please do not be offended if I miss posting your news--I am human and lots of things fall through the cracks. Also, the best way you can help right now is to let me know whenever you read something (consider yourself all freelance reporters from now on) so I can get it on the list quickly. Especially pregnancy/birth/adoption/loss announcements.

The other way you can help is to spread the word. Write a blog post about it, take the icon and post a link on your side bar, post it on bulletin boards, tell fellow bloggers, write about it in song, help people learn how to subscribe to the rss feed...anything you can do to get word out. This new blog is only helpful and community-building if people read it and post on it.

Consider it the newspaper of the IF/pg loss blogosphere. It is yours (though I maintain veto power so advertisers do not take advantage of the space), so fill it. Anything that is of interest or benefit to the IF/pg loss world belongs on the list. There is a lot of new information outlined in the FAQ and submission page that goes over new things I'm looking to post including artistic endeavours that need coverage (self-published books or documentaries) or support to stirrup queen (or sperm palace jester) owned businesses. want to know the website address so you can just go over there already? Once you've seen it, come back and tell me what you think. I am especially interested in hearing if it is user-friendly and easy-to-read. Okay, okay, here it is...

Now go spread the news, let me know what you think, and change any links if you already posted about Lost and Found on your blog this week (and to those people, thank you thank you and more thank yous).

People also expressed an interest in getting the post emailed directly to their inbox (there is only one post on the front page of the blog and I continuously update that post and move old information over to the archives pages which can be accessed via the sidebar). I've set up a subscription service via feedburner where you will get the page emailed to you whenever I update it. All you need is an email account. I'm still playing around with it, so I'm not entirely certain how it will work, but it appears that it will send a single update between 3--5 p.m. EST. So now there are several ways to read it: clicking on the blog and reading the front post (keeping the blog bookmarked in a favourites folder on your browser), subscribing through google reader or bloglines (there is also a button to subscribe in the side bar), or signing up for the email to be sent directly to you. Enjoy and Support.


Bea said...

Hope your bloodwork results go ok!

Nice work on the Lost and Found page.


Heather said...

Please announce the IIFF winners - um, namely YOU!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Fertilize Me said...

You are working very hard at this!! It is much appreicated. I hopt eh bloodwork results are in your favor

Anonymous said...

I'm having a crappy day. Can I have a bowl of chili with you??? Food always makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

hi! thanks for stopping by my blog! i love 'miss e's musings!' hope everything is going well for you...i love your blog, too!

michelle said...

um, my post showed up as 'anonymous,' i don't know how to post it under my name and link it! ----michelle

Karen said...

You are amazing, Mel, you know that?

megan said...

this is so great, Mel. i really love it.
hope your blood work comes back okay and that you haven't had to scream at any more old men in bookstores. . .