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Monday, August 06, 2007

A Double Header: Absolutely Nuts (children mentioned) and Extra, Extra, Read All About It (no children mentioned)

Update at the bottom...

Toss out the soynut butter, we are officially peanut butter eaters. I have been living in mortal fear of giving the twins peanut butter because they have other food allergies. The doctor cautioned that we should wait until three for the high-allergens like chocolate, peanut butter, and tree nuts. A few weeks ago, we tried chocolate (which was highly anticipated and yet decidedly poopie--a case where the dream chocolate was much better than the reality). And last night, we tried peanut butter. At a Starbucks. By a hospital.

A woman on a listserv I'm on had posted a message about how she had introduced peanut butter by having a picnic on the grounds of the hospital. Other parents laughed at her, but the neurotic side of me thought it was brilliant. D.C. doesn't exactly have picnic weather at the moment so we aimed for a Starbucks in close proximity to the local hospital. They immediately noticed the difference between their usual soynut butter and the real deal, which they promptly renamed "Daddy Peanut Butter" in order to ask for it specifically.

Why did we choose last night? It wasn't just because we're anxious to get over the peanut hump because we're heading to the beach and selfishly want Thrashers fries. We chose last night because the second exposure is usually the more dangerous response exposure for peanuts (though a person can develop any allergy at any point in life). Better than a picnic on the hospital grounds? We gave them their second exposure in the form of peanut butter crackers in the waiting room at the doctor's office while we waited for our three-year check-up.

I am happy to report--no reaction.

Let the peanut festivities begin. And I can now let out a huge sigh of relief.

I hope the Lost and Found list helps connect people again. If you see a blog or person in the "Lost" section that you know/read, let them know that someone is looking for them. If I get information to post for someone in the "Lost" section, I'll place it in the "Found" section (isn't that clever) so everyone can read it. And please try to help out those who post a message in the "Connections" section. I've added four new categories towards the bottom: miscellaneous news (for face-to-face blogger get togethers, calls for help that are not IF/pg loss related, or any random news--like when Tertia published her book or that sort of thing), pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, and loss announcements (decide how you want to use this category--either it can be everything from failed cycles where you need some support or pregnancy loss. Or solely pregnancy loss. It's your choice). I made the last two categories baby related so people didn't have to scroll down if they wanted to hold off on reading the information based on where they were emotionally.

I think the only advantage bulletin boards have over blogs is that it is one centralized space in which to draw news. On a busy day, you may miss big announcements if you don't get through all of the blogs you normally read. I know I miss things all the time or walk into them late in the day. This would be a quick place that people could post news in order to get word out there. I will update the post a few times a day. If you do not email me or leave it in the comments section, I will most likely (except in random cases) not add it to this post--it needs to come from you.

I hope people will use it to spread news. Especially if you go password protected to either let people know how to get an invite or why you are closing down your blog. I hope it will be a combination of front-page-news and alumni announcements.

This list only works if everyone knows about it and uses it as a central place to post blog news or updates. Therefore, please copy the icon from the sidebar or the Lost and Found post and post it with a link to the Lost and Found post. I will never create a new Lost and Found post, I will always have that url work and just move information to archives every week or so.

Any suggestions, additions, deletions appreciated. I would just love a centralized meeting space so no one--from the larger bloggers to the smaller, newer bloggers--falls through the cracks and doesn't get the support they need.

Someone lost has already been found! Baby Blues reported in.


ms. c said...

I love your peanut story. You really are one smart mama! Happy Birthday to the twins.
And thanks for the Lost and Found- it's a great idea.

Rachel Inbar said...

Did you do skin tests? My daughter has never had peanuts, but her skin test was positive. I just took her for RAST tests & we'll see what happens...

We are still off milk, eggs, all nuts & peanuts, sesame seeds and bananas.

Carole said...

This is beyond brilliant! I wish I'd thought of something like that when testing out peanut butter. You rock!

LJ said...

That is brilliant!

I really wonder what kinds of allergies our future kids will have.

And, I suppose you could start a board linked off here, but that means moderators and stuff...

amy said...

So glad the twins aren't allergic to peanut butter or chocolate...I'm sure they'd love them in combination because a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is a little piece of heaven!!


Bea said...

Congrats on peanut butter! Whole new avenues of sensation to explore.

P.S. Love the lost and found idea.


May said...

Oh, how I envy your twins. Eating lovely lovely peanut-butter. I was practically raised on the stuff, and suddenly, on turning 32, I discover I can't eat it because it makes my mouth and then my stomach SO DARN SORE. I'm 32. Talk about any age. Gah.

Anonymous said...

They have the best peanut butter at Whole Foods. If you go to the section that has the nuts and stuff on it you can actually make your own! I got some Sunday that was made from Honey Roasted Peanuts and it was so freakin' good that I had to seal it up and put my name on it to keep DH away from it, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article you left for me. I don't know what to think, the problem is that my RE did give up this cycle, I guess I was just looking for a little hope that it might still work... (hope can be an evil thing)