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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The First Blilt Is Up

The first blilt and its unraveled counterpart are up below this post. Wheeeeeeew (wipes brow and flexes cramped mouse-clicking hand). Just a few things about this blilt and future blilts:

  • You can now see why it needs to be about 10 words (probably 15 maximum)--the squares would get too big. I'm sorry that I had to edit a few of them down a bit to make them fit. Hopefully I didn't lose the emotion behind the statement. This is also the reason I started the other post: The Blilt Unraveled. People had these gorgeous thoughts that couldn't fit on a square. So for the next blilt, send along a paragraph too if you have more to say because I'm always going to include the accompanying post of the blilt "unraveled." (get it? Unraveled because it's unraveling the emotions of infertility and loss. But it's also a quilt. So it can become unraveled... Um...I thought this title was clever so just pretend along with me).
  • There are two or three squares that aren't linked because the author either submitted them anonymously or when I tried to go onto the blog, it wasn't publicly listed. If you're the owner of one of these squares, I can still link to your blog or an email address--just send me an email ( with the url. Just a note in the future, if your blog isn't publicly listed but you want the square linked, send me the url with your words. This actually speeds things along for everyone if you include the url for your blog under your words. At the same time, if you want to submit thoughts for a square but you don't want it linked to your blog, let me know.
  • These two posts will be linked in the emoblopedia under General Infertility (receiving a diagnosis). All future blilts will also be kept in the emoblopedia, but I've also started a post that you can find via my side bar (How to Make an International Blilt--get it? How to Make an American Quilt/How to Make an International Blilt? Get it? Please, just play along. I'm really punchy after making 58 quilt squares on Microsoft Paint. Ooooh, how I love that Microsoft Paint). I will update it regularly whenever we "finish" a blilt and also have a link to the current blilt that is being constructed.
  • I put "finish" in quotes because the blilts never have to be complete. I can keep adding to them as new people enter the community or as new people find the blilts. Therefore, if you're seeing these posts for the first time today, don't be shy. Leave your thoughts in the comment section on the Diagnosis Blilt and I'll make a square and add it. If the virtual quilt starts getting too big, I'll simply start The Second Diagnosis Blilt.
As I said, this was the first of many blilts. I'll throw out the next question tomorrow. And we'll make a whole new virtual quilt that will stand as a testament to the experience as well as introduce you to a like-minded blog writer who shares the same reaction as you to a given situation. So that's the last part: click away. And add comments to another person's blog. Let them know that you felt the same way and saw their square on the blilt.

Like a big quilt stretching over all of our legs as we zone out on the sofa during the two week wait, these virtual quilts are meant to bring comfort and warmth. No one is alone in this community. There are many other stirrup queens and sperm palace jesters who have your back.


Elizabeth said...

This is so cool! It's also a wonderful entree into the many worlds that make up our IF community here. The quilt blocks are also little windows into other people's blogged lives. I love it - thanks for putting it together!

Jason and Samantha said...

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing that!

Rachel said...

I like the blilt. I am looking forward to the next one.

TeamWinks said...

I just love, love, love this!

decemberbaby said...

Wow, this is really amazing. Mel, you rock.

Changing Expectations said...

Mel, this is so great. Thank you so much for putting it together.

Adrienne said...

Thanks so much for this, Mel.

S said...

Mel, did I mention that YOU ROCK!?

Seriously, this is really awesome. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together-it's great!

Stacie said...

You are amazing. This is such a cool idea.