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Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Blog Roundup


I know I should be grateful that Meredith is alive. And amazed with modern medicine. And if Josh hadn't been sitting next to me on the bed, waiting for me to cry during the scene with her mother, I would have cried except that I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of being right about me (and instead cried during a commercial break and made it about something other than saying goodbye to her mother).

But I didn't think it was a fantastic episode. I know I'm not a doctor or anything (though I like to pretend that I know more than my RE), but really? You're dead for 4 hours and then you have the energy to make spoons with your boyfriend in a hospital bed that night? And what was up with the woman who kept spontaneously bleeding. Did I miss the part where they explained why that continued to happen? The character I ended up loving a little more last night was Christina. Sandra Oh on a normal episode kicks some serious ass. But with the exception of shouting out her wedding news as the first thing she tells Meredith, I thought she went above and beyond her usual greatness.

LJ at Looking for Two Lines hit it right on the head by predicting that Meredith would live and Ellis would kick it. Bleu at Soulbliss came in at a close second, but apparently Bleu was too realistic in her guess when she bet that there would actually be reprecussions for being underwater all that time. DD wins for most creative as does Millie. I created this button for your blogs (simply cut-and-paste ladies) until I can come up with a fantabulous prize. All creativity was sucked out of my ears by watching soap opera-y television.

Oh...what? This isn't a Grey's Anatomy discussion blog? It's about--wait, can you say that a bit louder? It's an infertility and pregnancy loss blog? Are you kidding me? That sounds like a downer.

But look at these little sparkling gems of writing I found this week! (how was that for a transition)

Gil at The Hardest Quest has a post about a family tradition for Shrove Tuesday. Trinkets are cooked into pancakes and each symbolizes an event in the future: you'll marry a fisherman, you'll be wealthy, you'll die (okay, so some people leave out that one...). Gil writes beautifully about how her parents taught her these traditions and how she wants a child of her own so she can pass them along as well. I bawled reading it and we had pancakes for dinner Wednesday night.

Starfish at Hell or High Water has an interesting post this week about being the breadwinner. I love the title: "White or Whole Wheat?" It's also about the way work is divided between a couple and households in general. It's an interesting discussion: click over and jump into the discussion.

~r at Uterine Grail has a post that sent chills down my arms when I read it. 4 cousins and 4 pregnancy losses. She writes: "There are four girls in this generation of my family. All four of us have lost a baby now. Out of nine pregnancies, there are four children. Five if things go well with RiceCake." Click here to head over and give support to her family.

Littleangelkisses at In Search of Biscuit 2.0 has a post this week that will make you crack up. And tear off your clothes. Intrigued? Click here.

Jamie at Sticky Feet has a very moving post called "Everything is Not Fine!" You will nod your head in agreement and you will cry alongside her--for all the times you had to pretend that everything was fine when it really wasn't. When you wanted to scream at everyone in the room: "everything is not fine!" and have them understand a little slice of what you're going through behind the scenes. A must-read for everyone who has ever cried on the way to an appointment.

Lindsey at This Side of Pregnant and Julie at A Little Pregnant each have a post about the infamous Starbucks cups--but not the same one! Lindsey tackles a quote from Corrine Bailey Rae, presenting the infertile point-of-view, while Julie takes the reader through a hypothetical meeting of the minds over in the dark recesses of Corporation Starbucks. Both will leave you laughing, vowing to never purchase from Starbucks, and then craving a white mocha--all at the same time. Click on each name (Lindsey and Julie) to read their original posts.

Lastly, a huge congratulations to Marcia Cross who delivered her donor egg/IVF twins on Tuesday (and thanks for the heads up, Lyrecha). They are fraternal twin girls named Eden and Savannah. On my sliding scale, whenever a stirrup queen leaves the trenches and steps onto mainland, my heart soars to a 10.


katd said...

I was so disappointed in Grey's last night!

But, like you, I am thrilled to hear about Marcia Cross :) Twin girls; she'll have her hands full, but in a totally happy way.

sarah said...

I've been wondering about Marcia Cross for months and never found anything that gave away how she managed to get pregnant with twins the month of her wedding at 43. Would love to know if she came out about it or if it is rumors -- for some reason the difference matters to me. I'm thrilled for her regardless.

As for Grey's I cried and cried. But not for Meredith. Denny is what just devestated me. I lurv him so much and just wanted Meredith to tell Izzie that Denny was missing her. I sobbed and sobbed about him. And also I guess the idea that Derek knew that Meredith might die because she'd given up swimming. What an awful thing to know.

The Town Criers said...

Hey Sarah: she speaks pretty openly about IVF and donor eggs. Here is a link to the blog post I wrote when she first announced her pregnancy and it has a quote from a magazine:

Magpie said...

Aurelia also took on the Starbucks cup issue:

Karaoke Diva said...

OK, I haven't watched Grey's yet (It's on the DVR) and I'm not bothered by the spoilers. I knew that against all incredible odds Meredith would live. Honestly, I really don't like her character and I would have been peachy keen if she'd have kicked the bucket. But I guess since the show is named after her and all, they can't knock that skinny, whiney thing off.

Mad said...

You have to check out this montage. Amazing. Infertility and hyperemesis. This woman deserves a medal. The montage is very moving!

J'Lo said...

I love it when a celeb is honest about using ART, it helps remove some of the stigma. Thanks for all the great links

Jamie said...

I am very honored to be in Friday blog roundup. I wish it was for a better reason (somethhing happy maybe..) but I am glad that you can relate and felt that others would too. Thanks, you made my day!

Starfish said...

I too was thriled to find my post there! This site is awesome.

And as for Gray's...I was hoping they'd keep Meredith and send Denny back out. I could watch a show called Denny's Anatomy. Yeah baby.

Katalystic said...

Here- I'll explain the gal...

She's the lady who came in with a pole through her middle, binding her to an older black man. They were both in shock and chatting and talking and laughing... Tests ran revealed that she would bleed out as soon as the pole was removed, but the older gentleman had a chance. She agreed to allow them to remove the pole, after putting her into sleep, and she died to save the older man's life. Very sad scene.

She had a lot of good in her life to live for- but she sacrificed herself for another. I think she was in there as a juxtaposition to Meredith- who was just dying because she was frustrated with her own life.