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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The New Blogroll

Big thank you to all of the people who wrote and told me how to create this blogroll. I always have big plans on how I'm going to use the Web, and then I sit down at the computer and realize I have no clue how to do...well...anything other than post to this blog. Thank you also to DH who sat on Bloglines for an hour this afternoon trying to figure it out while I lazed on the sofa. Lazed on the sofa? I mean, did important important important research. With my eyes closed.

Another hope we have for this blog is to make it a clearinghouse for all other blogs in order to connect newbies to those more experienced. I gained so much information on infertility from other people on the Web. I knew the right questions to ask. I knew how to be a better advocate for myself. I knew what was "normal" and what was setting off warning bells.

I have a book on infertility stories that was a fantastic resource. Reading about someone else's experience with IUI BEFORE I had the procedure let me know what to expect. Again, which questions to ask. And a blog is a living, breathing version of that stagnant book. It's a space that will be updated as experience continues. There is an opportunity to ask questions.

So I am slowly creating this blogroll. It will take me a while to add all of the blogs I'm already reading. One way you could make it go a lot faster is to email me with a link to your blog so I can click-and-add. You can email information about this blogroll to other IF bloggers. Also, once you're added, if your category drastically changes (for instance, if you go from the male factor category to the pregnancy/parenting after IF category), please let us know so we can move you. As always, our email address is

Most people will fit into more than one category. We've chosen one for you in order to get you on the list. If you think you fit somewhere better, let me know. Again, it would be best if you emailed me with a link to your blog.

There are lists like this out there, but as we started getting more and more hits, we realized that we could also make this space a clearinghouse for all other blogs. Especially since we're addressing general thoughts on IF and not just our own personal journey. So if you have a great list that you think could help us put more links on this blog, send that along too.



Nikole said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for putting this together. I've often thought about how I could make my weblog more useful for others, but I never seem to find the time to reorganize things. Thank you, thank you!

MAX said...

Di-dad and End of my line probably ought to join me in the male factor section I think.

Sami said...

I'd probably be under pregnancy loss... seems to be my diagnosis du jour... just my two cents of course. Looks good so far.

DI_Dad said...

I am thinking I should no longer be in a TTC category but a category focusing in on "have kids conceived via DI". Meanwhile I need to update my own blog links to get you guys formally on my blog (as opposed to just the specific post I ran). - Eric