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Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Blog Roundup

I read a lot of infertility blogs.

A lot.

Of Blogs.

There's a lot of infertility out there. I've heard anywhere between 1 in 5 to 1 in 7 Americans. And what is the best way to vent and destress than to start a blog. So there are a lot of infertility blogs out there. I read other blogs too--Amalah, Dooce, Postsecret, Miss Snark...(ahem...)...Celebrity Baby Blog (mutter, mutter). Yes, I have many degrees and I've read every Shakespeare play. And I am a lover of People Magazine and Celebrity Baby Blog. And I can admit that. With only a bit of a blush.

Every time I read something I love, I want to send it out to everyone I know. Which is how I came to the idea to do the Friday Blog Roundup and comment publically on a few things I read this week. There is plenty that I read that also moved me, but since space is limited, I must pick-and-choose.

On a side note, I am still trying to figure out how one posts links to other blogs on the side column. Once I get that figured out, I'd love to start a list--a clearinghouse of IF blogs--so if you'd like to be included, let me know.

First off, Dead Bug ( had a great post on Monday about Beginning Day, the transfer day for her daughter who she conceived on her second IVF. It's the thin silver lining of IF--the ability to know the conception date of your child. Would I rather not know the date AND not have had to jab myself in my stomach with sub-cue needles? Sure. But I do love having the family holiday of Conception Day (which will, from now on, be known as Beginning Day--I love that).

Next off, Richard ( has a fantastic blog overall that discusses donor insemination. We've been emailing back and forth. Knew literally NOTHING about the UK's open-donor policy and it's after effects until I started reading his blog. There is a huge shortage of sperm donors in the UK due to a new policy that does not allow donors to remain anonymous. Head over there to have your eyes opened about medicine on the other side of the Atlantic.

Carrie ( has tons of information about egg retrieval/transfer from her procedure this week. She has an amazing story about a friendship which goes above and beyond anything between Oprah and Gayle (has Gayle ever donated an egg! Experienced shots for Oprah!). She is in the two-week-wait, so please send tons of good thoughts her way. May she only hear good news this week.

Lastly, Serenity ( is going in for a transfer next week (so channel a bit of the good energy you're sending to Carrie her way as well). Third time IS a charm. I've loved reading about the Ali Domar dance this week--the deep breathing, the mindfulness, the peace. It is so hard. Lying down and NOT thinking about IF is so hard. I tried Domar's book and it did bring me moments of peace. And moments of peace is better than nothing. If you are extremely stressed, head over to her blog and learn more about Domar's book. And then go pick up a copy for yourself.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm off to harvest tomatoes from the garden. Make a salsa that will knock you out...


Sami said...

You can post my blog somewhere and I too unfortunately read a LOT of blogs. All infertility... and yeah that celebrity baby blog... can't stop for some odd reason. I hope the garden salsa turns out marvelous!

LabiaLady said...

This should help explain how to edit your link list.

And I'd be pleased if you would add me.. thanks

art-sweet said...

If you use bloglines to keep up with your blogs, you can also use it to publish your blogroll on your blog. That's what I do. You can mark some blogs private, so the celebrity baby blog doesn't appear on your blogroll if you don't want it to!

Emilie said...

What a great idea! I'm honored you included mine, since it's so all over the map. And I agree that Carrie's blog (Life in the Soupbowl) is truly an inspiration to read!