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Monday, June 26, 2006

Two Hundred Hits

Not that this is necessarily NEW news, but wow...infertility is certainly wide-spread. Wellesley, Massachusetts; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Bensenville, Illinois; Crown Point, Indiana. Ireland, Canada, France. The list is pretty amazing to view. On our first day, we have had over two hundred site visits. A pretty powerful, active community.

Which is a conversation for the future (perhaps question #2). Is there an infertility community? And what does it mean to align and define yourself by your fertility? I certainly refer to myself as "infertile" (not on resumes, perhaps, but it's a word I've used with friends). I belong to RESOLVE. But it's an interesting idea. Based on some of the postings thus far, there is a certainly a divide amongst women--the non-infertiles and the Stirrup Queens as we like to call them. Is there the same divide amongst men? I was very struck by the comment one person made about how a friend didn't include them in the "club" until she called to tell her that she was three months along. It's an interesting phenomenon. We have a neighbour who literally didn't say hello to me until I had my children and became part of the "club." It's difficult to forget that now, even though we have children a few weeks apart in age who like to play with one another.

Please keep checking back often. Bookmark us and find questions to answer. We've had such a strong beginning that it's exciting to think about all of the places we can go from here. Please remember that we can only include quotations (and there were some fantastic quotations that we want to use already) if we have a way to contact you and verify that they are from a real person/ask follow up questions. Even if you want to remain anonymous, create a new yahoo account and send us a note. We will not be using real names within the book--our ability to contact you is for research purposes only.

Lastly, I'm just getting the hang of this whole blog thing. If you don't see your comment up within a few hours, there is a chance that I have done something to mess up the process. Feel free to write us and tell us that we're computer idiots.

New question posted tomorrow morning...

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