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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Because the myth that all artists are starving should be replaced with the seemingly more accurate "all artists are infertile" (last I checked, Da Vinci wasn't actually starving. But have you seen him reproducing lately? I think not! Take that, art historians!), we'd like to put a plug in for a reader's film about infertility.

Andrei Kirilenko (local filmmaker) made a film called Technostorks that chronicles the journey of three IF couples (all local as well). I watched the trailer this afternoon and it looks amazing. Very emotional. Especially the woman who admits that she fears her infertility is the result of something terrible she once said or did. I think we've all had the "what am I being punished for" thoughts. You can read more about the film, view the trailer, and purchase the DVD on the website

Support a fellow SPJ who is mapping the emotional geography of Infertility Land.

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