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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Take Action

Happy National Infertility Awareness Week!'s not exactly "happy" like your birthday or your anniversary, but since you're living in the Land of If, and since you're going through this crappy experience anyway, you might as well embrace community, reach out to others, and educate.

So what can you do to create awareness?

Start within the community before even moving out towards educating the fertile masses. There are plenty of newly-annointed (or not so newly-annointed) stirrup queens and sperm palace jesters feeling lonely and confused and needing a bit of reassurance and information. Help them to start a blog or point them towards other blogs on a blogroll--reading can make someone feel empowered.

If they have questions, pass along the link to the Peer Infertility Counselor List. In fact, put the link on your blog so others can find it easily and use it. Post it on bulletin boards and spread the word through your fertility clinic or adoption agency.

Wear your pomegranate bracelet and connect with others. Look at other wrists this week. And spread the word! Blog about it, post it everywhere, make a t-shirt and wear it, write it in soap on your car, make bumper stickers, bring threads to other women in the clinic waiting room during your next day-3 bloodwork, make flyers, leave threads tucked into fertility books at the library with a note, tape threads to boxes of ovulation predictor kits at the local food store, write in to your local newspaper--anything you can do to get the word out to as many people as possible this week. Even if you have it as a link on your side bar, post about it this week so other people can find the story when they start googling: what is up with all of these pomegranate-coloured bracelets? If you need the link to the compilation, here it is: You can snag the code for the icon from the bottom of that post. Please use the link in order to give credit to those chickies (and man-pies: thank you, Di-Dad!) who came up with the idea including (but not limited to) Paz, Royalyne, Mandolyn, Aah0424, KE, Ms. C, Piccinigirl, Carolyn, and Serenity.

Post about infertility every day this week on your blog. Flood the Internet with information about infertility so that any stirrup queen or sperm palace jester reading your blog doesn't feel quite so alone.

Oh...and if you're inspired to start a blog this week and start venting about your experience, let me know so I can add you to the blogroll.

And that, my friends, is my big public service annoucement to kick of National Infertility Awareness Week. Later posts will be about actually educating those off the island :-)
Updated at 6:12 p.m.

I've been tackling the blogroll in pieces, trying to keep all of the categories current. I never remove a blog unless the person closes down their blog and removes it from the Internet. So if you see a blog missing from a category, it just means that it has been moved to a different section. Use the "find" function under "edit" on your toolbar to do a word search and you'll find its new location on the blogroll. Some of the "parenting after" categories have also been expanded to include people who are pregnant or close to adopting. Just so you know since this week is a fantastic week to start reading blogs similar to your own experience. Or to recommend a new blog to a fellow stirrup queen or sperm palace jester.


TeamWinks said...

Ok, I did my part! I did notice my blog was still registered as the blogspot site, but I have moved to wordpress. Thanks for heading over there!

Cibele said...

I can't believe you are from MD. More and more I feel that I'll end up there. Is it true that MD is a mandate state for If covarege? I'll be doing my post doctoral training at the NIH, doing research, I am a "mad" scientist LOL. I'll probably will need some recomendation of a good RE. Let's keep in touch.
PS: I have been lazy and did not add a new post to my blog...
take care

Anonymous said...

I have never been so proud of My wife Royal on the article Operation Pomegranate. She is truly an inspiration to all the Women,Men, and couples who are suffering thru infertility and all things associated with it. I can only say that i will wear the bracelet with pride knowing that it bears true emotion and stands for a purpose that I am willing to fight for. A cure to infertility, A stand against insurance companies that have no compassion and a statement to those who dont understand that infertility is real it is not something we can just let happen without taking a stand for our bodies, our lives, our marriages, and above all for children the greatest miracle on earth. Me and my wife have struggled for a long time, we have gone thru treatments, and i truly never understood, We lost a child and it devastated me and grieves me to this day. I will wear that bracelet as a reminder everyday that I too suffer from infertility along with my wife and will do what is necessary to have a Child Stand by my wife and to better understand and to try and help others understand and cope.
My wife is my hero and all of you who struggle with infertility remind me everyday now that you are all heroes in all the things you do.