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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Whole Lot of Blogging--Brought to You Sorted and Filed

Once upon a time, the blogroll was entirely contained in this space. And then it passed 1800 blogs, so I broke down the blogroll into smaller categories. The blogroll is sort of like a house, where this post (the table of contents) is the foyer and all the sections below are separate rooms. The blueprint below is interactive and you can click on any room in the picture to go directly to that space in the future, though please keep reading if this is your first time visiting the blogroll.

Adoption RoomLoss RoomLiving Child-Free RoomDonor Gamete and Surrogacy RoomGeneral Pregnancy or Parenting RoomGeneral Infertility and TreatmentsDiagnostics RoomMiscellaneous RoomSituation RoomTable of Contents
Despite the start date at the top of this post several years ago, this blogroll is still alive and kicking. So, here it is, the table of contents for the fantabulous adoption/loss/infertility (ALI) blogroll, organized by category and anally pruned for dead links or better-fitting labels.

A Blogroll of Current (and Former) Inhabitants of the Land of If and Its Suburbs

Misery loves company. Another person's blog may help you understand your own journey. Click on the red, hyperlinked headings (room titles) to be transported to the room of the blogroll that contains the categories listed below it. If you wish to be added, scroll to the bottom of this current post to read how.

Adoption Room
Adoption (Domestic)
Adoption (General, Undecided, Foster or Non-US)
Adoption (International)
Parenting After Adoption (Domestic or Foster)
Parenting After Adoption (International)
Parenting After Adoption (Non-US)

Donor Gamete and Surrogacy Room
Donor Egg/Insemination/Embryo
Other End of the Telescope--Donors and Surrogates
Parenting after DI, DE, or Surrogacy

Living Child-Free Room
Living Child-Free after Infertility

Loss Room
Pregnancy Loss
Stillbirth, Neonatal Death and Infant Death

General Infertility and Treatments

General Infertility
In the Beginning...

Diagnostics Room
Clotting and Immunology
Female Factor
Male Factor
Translocation and Chromosomal Issues
Unexplained Infertility
Uterine Anomalies

Situation Room
Cancer and Infertility (Trying to Conceive after Cancer)
The Elusive Male Point-of-View!
Family Building When Single
Gay and Lesbian
More on the Plate--IF and Health Issues
Over 35 and TTC
Secondary Infertility
Single Parent by Choice

General Pregnancy or Parenting Room
Parenting After Infertility or Loss
Pregnancy After Infertility or Loss
Pregnant or Parenting Multiples After Infertility
Parenthood (after the double lines)

Miscellaneous Room
Advice and Venting Posts
Helpful Sites and Support
In the News or Other Side of the Stirrups
Infertility and Marriage
No Longer Trying or On a Break
Non-English Infertility Blogs (French, Spanish, etc)
Non-IF but Written By IFers
Password Protected Blogs
Secondary Mourning (Friends and Family)
Virtual Playdate List

How to get on the list or move to another location

Most blogs straddle multiple categories. Therefore, unless you specify a category in your email, I have chosen your category for you and I've done so trying to spread out blogs so that one category does not become too blog-heavy. You may move into any category you wish provided you belong in that category by emailing me. I update the blogroll frequently--usually once a week. Feel free to link to this table of contents from your blog--you can call it the Stirrup Queen's Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer. Or perhaps the Stirrup Queen's List of Blogs if that's too long...

If you are not on the blogroll, please email me at to add yourself. Place the word "blogroll" in the subject line. My blogroll is perhaps even more inclusive than you ever thought infertility could be. If you think you belong here, you probably belong here and I'm always open to starting new categories if I think there would be sufficient interest. This list brings together anyone in the infertility/pregnancy loss/assisted conception/adoption/pregnant or parenting after infertility or loss community. From those who were shocked by their diagnosis to those who are utilizing assisted conception because they are single parents by choice. Gay or straight, male or female, every race and religion--all are welcome here. From the newly diagnosed to the oldest vets to those who finished their family building via ART years ago. Again, all welcome.

Prefer to be able to search the entire blogroll at once? Click here to access all of the blogroll rooms on the screen at one time.

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