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Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Blog Roundup

For everyone who was holding us in their hearts this week--thank you. We have emerged out the other side for the time being.

Quote of the Week:

ChickieNob: I'm really scared there's a Von Rothbart in my room.
Josh: Lucky for you, Von Rothbart is usually accompanied by a 60-piece orchestra so if you don't hear violins coming out from under the bed, you're probably safe.

The ChickieNob is starting ballet lessons this year and in researching them, I found a guitar class for myself. I used to play guitar, so I'm looking for something low-key, where I can hang out in the back and review everything and then spend the rest of my life annoying Josh by spending every evening asking him if he wants to join me in working our way through Rise Up Singing, taking perfect care to trill and warble my way through "Circle Time." All the while, referring to him as my lover.

The problem is that the guitar class is listed for youths and adults ages 9 and up. "Do you think this is going to awkward?" I asked him.

"No, why would it be awkward if you showed up to a class packed with 16-year-olds who want to learn how to play 'Aqualung?' All the class needs is a tweak in the title: Guitar Level I and Cougar Hunting."

So I'm back to the drawing board, trying to find a guitar class that is dirt cheap and will allow me to mostly phone it in because just as Barbie thought that math was hard, I think that developing callouses is harder.

Weekly What If: What if you had to take a guitar class with a bunch of teenagers and you could reasonably pass for younger than you are. Would you lie about your age in order to fit in better or would you proudly state your age on the first day? I'm not talking about creating a deceptive situation where you are concealing marital status et al--simply fudging the number in order to not look like the loser you are when you're sitting in the back of the room clutching your Rise Up Singing (not that this what if is in any way tied to a real life situation).

In other words, would you ever lie about your age?

In regards to the recent Show and Tell, I wish I still had the Andy Gibb doll. He was left at my grandmother's house and mysteriously disappeared when his real life counterpart's drug use got out of control. Something about how playing with a doll who was one-part teen idol and one-part coke fiend made my parents uncomfortable.

Flutter of Hope has a goodbye post to her current blog and a link to her new home. It is a beautiful shedding of words: "I won't delete the old blog. I firmly believe that it has a place in the blogosphere. From my own experience, I know that a voice that relates is so valuable during a difficult time and if I give anyone that comfort, well it was worth the pain. That dark time is over for me." It is a wonderful bridge between ending one journal and starting a new one and I love that she is not getting rid of the past in order to move towards the future.

Maybe Baby? has a post about the paradox of hope and fear. Newly pregnant and terrified, her friend doesn't understand the way she is viewing and treating her pregnancy. She writes: "I think its hard for someone who has not dealt with loss to understand my emotions. I don’t like talking about it. I try to find other causes for symptoms I might get." And it's the paradox addressed in the final paragraph of why we keep trying that makes this post incredibly moving.

Teddy Lifeslurper has a post that cracked me up. Especially the captions. Look closely at the pictures.

Lastly, Three of a Kind has a post about the memorial service for Senator Kennedy. It is a beautiful post that contains a quotation written by Senator Kennedy and sent to the families of those who lost a family member on the anniversary of 9/11 (he sent a letter each year). And it's the quote that entwines itself so deeply in not only Kathy's situation and following that light right now, but they are beautiful words for anyone who has been through a loss.

The roundup to the Roundup: a bunch of random thoughts, the Weekly What If, and great posts to read.


areyoukiddingme said...

I would go to the guitar class, and if someone asked me specifically about my age, I would tell them. I wouldn't lie about it, but I wouldn't call attention to it either. Besides which, only you can make it feel awkward. What's more important? Fitting in or years of, I mean entertainment...for your family?

Glad you made it through...

battynurse said...

I'm not one to really lie about my age. I think I'd go to the class and just state my age if I was asked.

N said...

I'm glad to hear you're on the other side, and hope that all is well - or will be, at least.

I haven't yet encountered a situation where I've needed to lie about my age, and probably wouldn't in the guitar class, but instead revel in everybody saying how young I looked.

Cassandra said...

Glad you've emerged, but I'll still hold you in my heart. So there.

No point in lying about age; teenagers have no concept of age anyway, and almost everyone is "old" to them. When I was 20 I worked with teenagers. One day a kid brought in a Jock Rock CD that included an Aretha Franklin song. She said to me, "You'll like it, this is from your generation!" Um, no, that's my parents' generation. I listen to exactly the same music as you do.

All of the pottery classes I take are for "adults," but some are listed as 16 and older. Sometimes there's a mix of people, and sometimes it's all people in their 50s/60s and me. Once, there was one high school student. And I thought I felt awkward during the discussions of pension plans and the latest issue of the AARP magazine.

Anonymous said...

When I was 23 and teaching, my 9-12 grade students all thought I was old. There's no winning :). No point in lying, although if someone guesses I'm younger than I am, I just smile and say, "You're good!".

Glad you made it through the last few days.

Faereyluna said...

Hey Mel,

Did you try Childbloom Guitar Lessons? They are geared for children but many instructors are willing to treat a family as a class. Maybe you can get private in home lessons for your whole family. If not then maybe the Childbloom instructor would be willing to give you private lessons.

I also think that the Childbloom philosophy is right up your ally.

Anyway, My brother started lessons with them when he was 5 and is pretty good today.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

I don't think I would be so much concerned about my age as my utter lack of musical skill if I were in a guitar class... but I wouldn't lie about my age if asked.

Continuing to hold you and your family in my heart and in prayer.

TexasRed said...

I feel like I'm usually lying (er, encouraging people to think differently from reality) about my age in the other direction. My husband is 7 years older than I am & most of his work friends are that age or a decade older. I dread the end of the BBQ parties when people actually realize my age and start playing the "when I started my job, you were in Jr. High..."

Kristin said...

I was rolling at the interchange between Josh and ChickieNob...too cute.

Glad whatever was going on on Thursday is done and I hope and pray the results are good.

Don't think I would lie about my age but I also wouldn't volunteer it without being asked.

luna said...

wait, so you could still pass as a teenager? cool. so long as you don't have to re-live it.

glad to hear all is well for now.

Michelle said...

My initial thought was "Hell Yes I would lie!" but after thinking about it, if asked, I would tell the truth, and like the others said revel in the "wow you look so much younger than thats". I def. would not be making any "when I was your age" or "in 1985 I was..." comments.

Sunny said...

I've been thinking about you -- glad you are okay. (Right?)

I wouldn't lie about my age, no. I am a horrible liar, I'd be far too stressed trying to learn the guitar and keep up the charade. Plus I've never been super cool in any age group. :)

Salma said...

Skills first, for sure...age is a matter of timing (if asked...when asked..etc). But I guess when you have time to think about it then sure it can make a difference in what you plan to say or not say.

Erin said...

Hope all is well, and glad that you're on the other side for now.

I think you should sign up for "Guitar Level I and Cougar Hunting". Or you could look for one at a community college, which might feel more comfortable and is probably pretty cheap.

I don't think I've lied about my age, but J used to lie about his all the time...except he lied to make himself older. When he first opened his practice, he was only 27. He was utterly convinced that no one would hire a 27-year-old lawyer who worked for himself. So he would say he was 30 or 31. Now that he's 32, he's finally admitting his age ;-)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I was once a 21 year old camp counselor with a bunch of 16 year old camp counselors. (I wasn't the only old one, but we were vastly outnumbered.) And sadly, I looked a lot younger than most of them.

I don't think I would lie about my age. I really don't think I'd call attention to it either.

I did refuse to go out drinking with all the sixteen year olds though.

Coffeegrl said...

I just don't care enough to obfuscate or lie about my age. Maybe one day you'll find that you were the inspiration for one of those "young'uns" to go back to class to learn something. You never know!

kathi said...

I'm with Mrs. Gamgee on this one... my lack of musical skill would be the problem, not my age. Well, age could factor into it, I guess, when the younger ones start thinking that if someone has lived as long as 51 years and developed zero musical abilities in that time, it's probably not going to happen now.

I haven't lied about my age since I reached the legal drinking age in my state :)

JamieD said...

I wouldn't lie about my age, but I would still sign up for the class. For me personally, my lack of skill would completely outshine my age!

FET Accompli said...

First, that Aqualung video was quite the mini-time machine! That guy would do really well in my aerobics classes - great lunges.

Yes, I would lie about my age. I have always dreamed about going back to high school (like Drew Barrymore in "Never Been Kissed"). How would teenagers regard this more seasoned "me"? I actually do look young, am very petite, and, in the right clothes, might be able to pass for a high school student. Maybe. With the right lighting. And maybe some liquid courage to make me more giddy.

caitsmom said...

Nope. I don't have the energy to lie about my age. But, I wouldn't be unhappy if they thought I was younger! As for fitting in, I guess at the age I am, it feels like I have found enough places to feel like I fit, so I wouldn't need to feel like I fit in. 'Sides teens would never be fooled by a 40-something. Ha!

Paz said...

I would go to the class, and proudly admit my real age.

But you know how kids don't get age? when young kids ask me how old I am I usually say I am pretty old, I am 19. They'll say wow... Given that I am closer to 45, eh-hem., it tells you a bit about their perception of age. So my dear, claiming a spritely 29 will still make you older than the oldest old ever in their eyes.

Glad "it" is all behind you!