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Monday, July 27, 2009

Seriously, More Photos from Blogher

Many years ago, Josh was one of the nominees at a major award show and we were at this shmancy cocktail party before the award ceremony began. Suddenly, I heard myself scream out, "that's Judd Hirsch" and saw my finger pointing at the actor, Judd Hirsch. I seriously don't know what got into me. Judd looked at me and continued walking. I mean, how does one respond to a person pointing at you with their mouth hanging open while they tell you who you are?

I did the same thing last year at BlogHer. The elevator doors were closing and I screamed out, "you're Her Bad Mother" at Catherine Connors. Who gave me the same look Judd Hirsch gave me.

And apparently, my body wanted to do it one more time.

I was sitting by a door when it opened and it walked Paula Deen with her security detail. She smiled and waved and I shouted out, "you're Paula Deen" and she said, "I am." And she kept walking. But I followed. And I took pictures.

So uncool.

She is really an incredible performer. We haven't made her recipes, so I can't speak to the food. But she is a joy to watch. So funny, so charming. Very warm.

And then there was Tim Gunn. I didn't wait in line to chat with him wardrobe needs more help than one man can give it.

But he signed Deb's shirt.

I met Liza (pronounced Liz-ah, not Lie-zah) FINALLY. She is a superconnector, bringing me together with so many friends. And she is my doppelganger. We literally switched places at two schools--crisscrossed our undergrad and grad spaces. And she is just so funny and cool and sweet and wonderful.

Devra, Sarah, and I like to take this picture at every conference. I look like Sarah's child. The story of Sarah will take too long to place here, but I realize that how we know each other makes for a very good story so hopefully I will have it together by the Friday Roundup this week.

The last night also turned out to be the annual Venetian Night in Chicago on the water complete with fireworks.

While we were outside, I told Josh that I wanted to run back in and take a picture of the sign for the last time. But workmen were taking it down. Unassembling BlogHer. I thanked them for their hard work--the undoing must be just as tremendous as the doing. Josh whispered to me that if I hugged them, I would truly become a caricature of myself. So I refrained.

And then we went upstairs to pack. To sort the swag into bags to give most of it away. To collapse into bed.


Shelli said...

Great pics!

I have a folderful of BlogHer posts I am saving up to read tomorrow after Transfer (when I'm in bed).

I adore Paula Deen. Does she look as airbrushed IRL? lol, I just had to say that because I get her magazine and pictures of her look like they were photoshopped to hell and back.

Kristi Nommensen Dorson said...

Yeah Paula Deen! I'm in your last Paula Deen picture there, lol. (The little things excite me.)

I really enjoyed your keynote speech. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Kristin said...

I want to hear all about BlogHer! I love the pics you have and am already getting excited about next year.

Lorza said...

Great pictures!!! That is so funny about the pointing and telling people who they are. I was in an elevator one time with a Steelers football player in Vegas...the whole way down I was just smiling like an idiot staring. LOL!

sarah said...

I just wanted to thank you so much for the piece you read at the community keynote. As someone going through infertility myself (secondary--our first child was conceived easily and I thought I was oh-so-fertile), I was overwhelmed emotionally listening to you speak. The humor weaving through the intense sadness of it all was just beautiful. Thank you so much.

Tash said...

Thanks so much for the Blogher Roundup with photos. Sounds like an amazing weekend.

calliope said...

so loved your photos!!!

cryitout said...

Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed your hilarious and incredibly touching keynote. It was a treat to meet you and hear your tale. Thank you!


Ellen K. said...

Tim Gunn! LOVE him!

areyoukiddingme said...

Venetian night - what a wonderful way to end your trip! Fireworks on the lakefront are always spectacular, and the boat parade is fun too.

I love all the pictures, and can't wait to read more stories!

Cassandra said...

I once told one of DH's friends (known on my blog as That Guy) that he was acting like a caricature of himself. It didn't go over well.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Very cool... Paula Deen! Your pics are awesome, thanks for taking us along in your back pocket!

Ellen said...

Hi there. I was really touched by your reading at BlogHer. I was a woman who feared infertility until I got pregnant with my first child. And then I was blindsided at birth by a catastrophe nobody could have foreseen.

So, you just never know what cards life will deal you. You can only hope that, like you, you deal with it with humor, strength and lots of love. I certainly try!

I gave you a shout out in my post today.

Kathy said...

You are too funny with your Paula Deen story! Glad that the rest of your weekend was so awesome and that you got to wrap it up with Venitian Night! For all the years I have lived in Chicago, I have actually never been downtown for the big event. Maybe some year... Thanks again for sharing so much about your BlogHer experience! I feel like I was there! Well, at least for more than just lunch on the floor of the lobby on Friday! :)

Flying Monkeys said...

Great pictures!
That's better than making a drunken @ss out of yourself in front of John Lovitz like I did last week. He's human too right? Or does fame make them above that? I don't think so. The lesson was that I need to get out more.
I think it's sweet she answered instead of ran. :) And my wardrobe is scary. I'm a season unto myself.

Chickenpig said...

Thanks for all of these great pictures and updates. It's almost as good as being there...minus all the swag.

I have only seen two celebrities at close range, and they both died shortly after I saw them. I think it may be a good thing for Tim Gunn and Paula Dean that I wasn't at Blogher this year.

Parenthood For Me said...

Looks like so much fun!

Lavender Luz said...

I think it's very important that Josh always travel with you. The yang to your yin.

Last year you looked like my child. Does that mean Sarah and I are related?

I'm sure you slept well...

donna said...

I am kicking myself for not getting my picture taken with you when I accosted you in the hotel Friday night. Sigh. Maybe next year?

Liza said...

I adore you. It was so amazing and fantastic to meet you.

Future Mama said...

Shoot! I wish I could have met you!!!