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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Next Food Network Obsession

I have become rabidly consumed with The Next Food Network star, rabidly. As in, I just spent the entirety of dinner arguing out my case for my favourite contestants as if my husband were Bob Tuschman (who we affectionate refer to as the Tusch at our house). As if we'll ever see the winner again after this season, because really, with the exception of Guy Fieri, have we ever seen the other ones again?

I may be totally off with that last comment. We only watch the Food Network at night. There is possibly this entire daytime Food Network underworld that is happening without our knowledge. Perhaps The Hearty Boys are still cooking up a storm for the cameras.

I'm talking as if I know who the Hearty Boys are. I don't. This is our first foray into a commitment to a reality tv show. We've tried to do it in the past and haven't gotten far in the process. But we are fully commited, have blocked off Sunday nights on the calendar, and have set our alliances with our favourite contestants.

I currently have two favourites: Jamika and Michael. I think either one could win it and I'd watch both if they had their own show. I think Jamika has a good chance of winning because she's sort of that quiet one who holds back and doesn't play it too loudly and will keep getting through each episode until she turns it on at the end. Michael has my heart and I think his recipes are interesting. I wish he'd tone them down a bit, make the food a bit more accessible (oh my G-d, I so want a job discussing the Food Network shows). But I think he's creative and fun and watchable.

Since we're still early in the show, I'd like to place my bets on the order of elimination. We all know that Jen and Brett are gone, which leaves us with 8 left. I think it will go in this order and for these general reasons:
  1. Jen (her food was the least interesting in that challenge--it sort of sucks to be judged by one recipe)
  2. Brett (he was inconsistent AND he'd shit on a fellow contestant. If he didn't want to help her, he shouldn't have helped. But once he did, he needed to close his mouth about it and not point out her foibles)
  3. Eddie (he talks a lot and says nothing and they haven't been impressed with his cooking thus far)
  4. Teddy (he doesn't seem to bring anything new to Food Network and he's so focused on his catchphrase that he's sort of missing the larger picture)
  5. Katie (she will last this long because they really want her dietican angle, but she isn't growing enough as a television personality nor as a chef so they'll let her go)
  6. Melissa (her food is good, but she'll mess up big time with one of the challenges and leave with a big, teary goodbye. I don't know why the pot is mocking the kettle because we're both big weepy messes)
  7. Debbie (she is never going to last until the end, even though I think she has a great angle in terms of her food preparation. I think she has a tendency to either grate or embrace and the Food Network can't afford to go with someone who pouts so openly on camera)
  8. Jeff (I think he'll get close to the end, and I'm sure his food is probably the best out of the group, but I think he's missing a spark necessary to catapult him from the camera into the viewer's home)
  9. Jamika (I hate to eliminate her at all, but I think she'll lose out to Michael's big personality)
  10. Michael will win, become best friends with Alton Brown, and get an invite to the Food Network's coveted Christmas special.
Are you watching? What do you predict to be the order of elimination and who will win?


kris said...

i think i love jeff (is he the tall gangly one?) but i am so bad with names i have to watch another show or 2 to keep them all straight. i just love these types of shows. i am a reality junkie i think.

Wishing 4 One said...

I so need to see if i can watch this online....i miss the Food Network and this show sounds awesome!

Beautiful Mess said...

I haven't watched it! You make it sound so interesting though, that I may start!

WiseGuy said...

Nopes...I do not watch the show / network you are talking about...and we do not receive it here./ about four years from now, there is a chance I would know what you are saying.... :)


Wishing 4 One said...

Still nothing...I will suceed though.

Jen said...

I don't watch this one yet. But I do daydream about one day getting a phone call to be a judge on Iron Chef.

Queenie. . . said...

I'm just not good with commitment, and have never been able to stick with a reality show. I wish I could, as I do enjoy the cooking reality shows.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched this show yet - Hubby and I are addicted to Top Chef on Bravo. Maybe I'll have to check this one out since a new TC season doesn't start 'til October!

Hope Endures said...

We are also more thing to DVR! I think you're right on with your final two picks - I will be very surprised if it doesn't come down to Jamika and Michael in the end.

Although, I do have to admit that I want Jeffrey to dig deep and find that extra-special something that will set him apart, personality-wise. His food is my favorite so far.

Katie is my pick to go annoys me that she can't find the connection between healthy and tasty. Our house is gluten, sugar and (mostly) dairy-free, but that doesn't mean we're flavor-free!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny, I just finished watching the episode from last week.

You really think Katie will last? I think they are annoyed with her already. I like Debby, though I don't know how long she will make it. My money is on Melissa...can't wait for tonight's episode! :)

christina said...

I don't know...I think Michael will be a little too over the top. I think you're pretty right on with most of it, but I'd switch Jeffrey for Michael.

I'm not really too thrilled with any of them which kind of sucks.

Shelby said...

We love this too!! Such a great show. Missed last night's episode though, but it's on the DVR for tonight.

And fyi- the guy who won last time-Arron MacCargo Jr?- has a current show, Big Daddy's house and was on a special or two this fall/winter for the holidays. And Adam Gertler also has a show- he was one of the bottom 3 last time.

I really think Michael should win too- he's just fantastic.

calliope said...

finally caught up with episodes...I could not stand the guy that got eliminated the first week. All of his "sweetie" comments made me ill. Also hated Teddy & the way he behaved at panal (& then he did a repeat this week! He SO should have gone.)
I adore the harvey fierstein jr guy. But I am team Debbie.

Sunny said...

I have not seen this show. My husband and I are beyond obsessed and totally addicted to Top Chef, and we don't want to cheat on that amazing show with any other cooking reality series. It's fun, isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

OMG i love this show! i'm so happy happy that i'm not apparently the only one watching it! everyone looks at me weird when i mention that i hope my tivo caught the last episode!

Eve said...

Catching up on your blog! I'm LOLing because my hubby and I were just chewing that fat on this little show tonight. I'm a Jeff fan (I think that's his name)...he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously and seems quite natural in front of the camera.

Dietician girl has got to go...Bob already has her number.

Unfortuntalely, we don't get Bravo 'Next Food Network Star' has to do for me (along with my new fav, Chopped). It's like the poor man's Top Chef.

Lorza said...

I have never watched it, but I will have to now! YEAH! Summer television leaves a lot to be desired so I love having a new show to watch! YUMMY!

Starfish said...

I'm thinking that Jeff is going to win. Mostly because that Susie chick makes love to him with her eyes every time she seems him. Seriously - watch for it next time, it's hilarious - she wants to jump his bones!