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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Project and Free Therapy

Updated at the bottom

I am claiming the second Thursday of every month for blogging questions
. I'm not just talking about the "do you return every comment?" type questions but the technical side of blogging: how do you create links within a post, how do you embed a poll within a post, what is the best hosting site if you want to self-host your blog? The questions that arise when you first start blogging, but also the questions that come up about new programs or glitches with old programs. There are people out there who can probably explain quite easily how they did something on their own blog. Let's just collectively pool our knowledge.

The posts will be called A Side Order of Help With That. They will be labeled as such and old posts will be accessible via the label list on my left sidebar. My only request is that as we do a few of these, that you check the old posts to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

This is how it works:
  • You can send a question at any time and I'll post a reminder usually the Friday Blog Roundup the week before. I'll hold on to the questions until the next installment.
  • Email me (comments are closed for this post) your question. Please place ASOHWT in the subject line. Try to keep it brief, but include as much detail as possible. Make sure you include your blogging program (Typepad, Wordpress, Blogger, etc). In addition to technical questions, you can ask for a general opinion (eg. "why do you think it's worth it to switch to self-hosting instead of staying with a free program"). Unless you wish to remain anonymous, please include your blog name and url so people can click over to see your blog if they have questions.
  • I will compile the list and post it on the second Thursday of the month (this month, it will be the 12th and if I can't get to it in time, it will go up next Monday. After that, it will always be on the second Thursday of the month).
  • When the list goes up, please answer the questions in the comment box so you can (1) see if someone else has already answered it and not waste your time and (2) others who realize they have the same question can see the answer. Oh, and (3) the answers will all be in one place so others can access them in the future.
That's it. I am doing this selfishly: (1) I have a technical blogging question and (2) I receive a lot of technical blogging questions that I absolutely cannot answer because I turn to Bea and Calliope for all of my blogging questions.

The turn around this month is quick--I'm putting up the post on Thursday. In the future, you'll have a few days to turn in questions. But I ask that you always email the questions so we can streamline this and not have the same questions answered again and again. Seriously, nothing is too simple: if you don't know how to do it or what something is, ask.

The other thing that came up this week is an opportunity. Fertile Possibilities is a fertility coaching site and the owner offered me one month of life coaching (three 30-45 minute sessions via telephone or skype) for one month of advertising on my blog. Since I see my space as a community space, I wanted to open up this opportunity to the community (plus my baggage is a little too sloppy for three sessions). Connie is a life coach who specializes in fertility and life transformations. Her focus is on mind/body/spirit support for those TTCing.

Who would be the perfect recipient? Someone who is at a crossroads, someone who is looking for coping mechanisms, someone who has a decision to make. It's not that you can't extend the period of time, but only the first three sessions would be free. You can also do this in addition to therapy you are already doing at home. Sometimes it helps to hear a new perspective.

Like therapy, this is private and confidential. Therefore, I am only accepting requests for the space via email. And while I will announce on Friday that someone has been chosen and contacted, I will not announce who that person is. My only role in this is to essentially pay for it and to match you with the counselor. After that, I am stepping back into the shadows and no longer involved.

If you would like to take these three sessions, send me an email that says, "I would like these three sessions." You don't have to explain why or how you'd use them. Because I need to choose a person before the weekend, I will take emails until 11 pm on Thursday (EST). Please put the word "session" in the subject line.


Definitely posting on Monday because some work stuff just cropped up tonight. So keep sending those questions and this first one will be held next Monday and after that, it will be the second Thursday of the month.