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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Greatest Gift of All

I have a brilliant idea. You know how there is this huge 12 month lag between gift giving holidays? One comes and then it's gone and you need to wait another 12 months to get presents again.

This holiday season, give the gift of knowledge and information: preorder Navigating the Land of If: Understanding Infertility and Exploring Your Options and send the person a card letting them know you sent the gift. They get the joy of knowing a gift has been purchased for them AND the additional joy of having it arrive at the beginning of summer. It's really two gifts in one.

Plus, it would be rockin' if I sold out of the first print run before the book even when on shelves. Makes a strong argument for the fact that there are over 7.3 million of us--biologically or situationally infertile.

It's just a holiday thought.

Subtle? No?

But have you checked out the book's site?


JJ said...

Target just got my order. Can't wait to get it--now I just need to know how to get it autographed=)

Kim said...

I am so totally giggling at your lack of shame right now ;) That said, you know I am buying at least two copies. One for me and one for a friend.

Cara said...

I learn from you continuously Ms. Goldstein. Today, my lesson is "how to be gracious even while in the throws of self-promotion".

I'm tucking that little tidbit away for the future when my book is published!

(Oh- yeah. Definately ordering a copy, mostly just to have one.)

Tash said...

Your website rocks. Ok if I buy for me? That's the way xmas tends to work in our house, anyway.

areyoukiddingme said...

Gee, I hope my library system will carry the book! :)

Suzanna Catherine said...

Just ordered my copy. Sure wish it would be ready before June... June seems 10 months away in December! Do you get that I have no patience?

luna said...

definitely planning to pre-order but MUST have an autographed copy....

so where's the author's pic on "about the author"???

Kristin said...

I will definitely be ordering one for someone else...but it has to wait until after Christmas. I was the recipient of a preorder for your book from the wonderful Dora and I will be passing that present on as soon as I can.

Jen said...

Hey! I can get it for my birthday!

ipv6 said...

bring 'em in.

tj said...

I just wanted to say, thank you, and I'm glad that I found you. I've been trolling your site for around a year now just because it seemed interesting.

Lo and behold, I just found out that I am infertile. There were many terms spewed and all I could do was jot them down so I could google them later. I got home, sick to my stomach and weary, went to my computer, came directly here, and started reading everything I could get my hands on.

Again, thank you. Merry Christmas

Pamela Jeanne said...

Off to pre-order now, but it comes with the caveat that I require the author's autograph when she's on her west coast book tour...!

beagle said...

I love you for your directness!

Now, going to check it out!

Bea said...

Check! You! Out!

We still have to wait til June, though?