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Monday, September 15, 2008

Perfect Moment Monday

Weebles Wobblog runs Perfect Moment Mondays. Post about your own perfect moment from your week and add it to the list.

When we got to the NICU reunion, there were Good Humour carts scattered around the pavilion. There is nothing greater than free, unlimited ice cream when it is 98% outside with high humidity. The perfect moment came watching the ChickieNob tackle a chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream popsicle (with fierce concentration) and thinking about how there was a whole world of ice cream treats to introduce her to over time. We would hunt down the Big Chief Crunchy (which, folklore tells, is still sold at the Air and Space museum. Could it be true?). We'd go to Israel and I would get her a Shoko Bo (do they still make this? I googled it for an image and I can't find it. It was a chocolate bar on a stick, coated in vanilla ice cream, and then covered with a chocolate shell). I'm just thankful that ice cream exists and for moments when you can have an unlimited amount if you're willing to cop to your own gluttony.


Lori said...

May you and ChickieNob track down all the world's ice cream delights.

DrSpouse said...

I knew this sounded familiar - there is an ice-cream in the UK called Feast:

which is very similar - but chocolate ice cream, and a nutty coating. Mmmmm...

Bea said...

Ok, I'm catching up from, like, a month ago it seems, but these Monday Moments are really sweet to read. A great idea.