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Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Blog Roundup

Of course, this is the way things go: I finally have a solid chunk of time to get work accomplished and a huge storm comes through the area, blows out the power, and I am now left without an Internet connection and therefore, without a means to work efficiently. I am currently writing this on my laptop in a word document and I plan on pasting it into a blogger post as soon as the power comes back on. Whenever that may be.

Obviously, since you are reading this, that time is now (by the way, I added in this line after the power came back up). The power has been turning on and off all night. Each time we get the Internet running, electricity goes out again, losing everything I have open. And, of course, the best is that it takes over four minutes to load each page when the Internet is working. Hence why this Roundup will be shorter than usual because it is taking me so damn long to reopen all of the links I've saved through the week. I'd love to update this post during the weekend when the power is more stable, but I also know how my weekend looks so that's not going to be possible.

This seems to be the theme of my summer. I finally get a chunk of work time and something comes to take it away. I am falling further behind and there's nothing I can do about it. Time is time and it continues on regardless of how hard I pull back on the reins. That's the part about time that really sucks. Its inability to listen and behave cordially.

How long do you think the average wish has between when it is made and when it comes true in terms of holding the two events as related? In other words, if you made a wish today and it came true three years from now, would you say that the event came true due to the wish or due to just the passing of time and random chance? I know, I know, the rational ones amongst us are currently looking at this question and say, "but wish fulfillment is all just magical thinking."

Roll with me on this one.

Is there an expiration date to wishes? What is the longest amount of time you've ever witnessed between making a wish and having it come true?

My longest wait, if you are interested, is seven month. Well, seven months for one that came true. Probably 30+ years for ones that haven't come true. But if my four-year-old wishes happened to come true now (will I get that pony?), in the most random, bizarre way (a pony on my doorstep?), would I chalk it up to that old wish? Or was it just a strange coincidence that a pony showed up in my neighbourhood?

Tell me your best story or, better still, write about it on your own blog and then leave the permalink to the post in the comment section below. Um…please? It's (kicks ground and avoids eye contact shyly) for a future post. So…nu. Don't make me explain more.

If you haven't already done so (or even if you have because you can respond to other comments by using the +username system), jump into the open thread on Bridges and give us a glimpse into your world. Connect with another blogger by stepping for a moment into their world and finding those similarities or ask deeper questions. The True View open thread will run every Friday so jot down thoughts throughout the week as things strike you as glimpse-worthy.

This is how I see the thread: it's like those Christmas advent calenders with the two-dimensional house with 25 windows (though don't be limited by the number of windows). You peel back the window and get a glimpse inside the house. You know you're seeing just a tiny portion of the big picture, but it's amazing just to peek inside and see something you weren't expecting. That's how I approach the Friday True View thread.

And now, the blogs…

I know...only two...a weak start to the first Roundup of the third year of Roundups. But that's what happens when it takes this long for the Internet to drag up each page. Seriously, I sound like a spoiled brat considering this would have been fast back in 1996. But I am a spoiled brat and I'm not sure if I would have ever blogged if it took this long to bring up each web page.

Enough bitching about my connection.

Good Woman-Bad Eggs had a post called "Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About," a response to the insensitive comments she receives about her family. She is currently pregnant with her third child via donor egg and her first two children came into her family through adoption. She writes: "We named our first son a name that means 'descendant.' It was one of our ways of saying, kid, you are our descendant-our firstborn- the carrier of our name and the recipient of our very true and blue parental love. I wish I could make others understand this, in the same way I wish I could impress upon their brains the vast, deep, lasting pain that infertility marks upon a person." This is one of the most ferocious posts I've ever read--a deep intense love drives it and it will kick you in the ass, make you sit up straight, and cheer her on.

Life From Here had a post yesterday about her homestudy (that is taking place today) and the invasive nature of the adoption process and the lack of boundaries it holds in comparison to other paths to parenthood. She explains: "We would expect to be asked about how we came to our decision to adopt, our views on discipline, etc. We would even expect to be asked for proof of finances or income. Yet here are just some of the questions I’ve heard asked, with detailed answers expected: Tell me about your parents; Tell me about your infertility; Tell me about your grief; How do you feel about not being able to have biological children?; What are your fears about open adoption?; Tell me about your sex life. Excuse me?" I think, for me, seeing the process laid bare in her post made me understand the different processes towards parenthood in an entirely new light.

Unfortunately, that's it for today because I have to get back to work.

The roundup to the very small Roundup: swing by Bridges and give us a glimpse into your world; tell me about the longest wait you've ever had for a wish to come true; and bitch with me about power outages.


Julia said...

I loved that post at Luna's.

And now I am off to check on the Bridges.

luna said...

thanks for including me here, lollipop! I'm honored, of course. I especially love the comments in that post.

hope you find some time to do what you need to do and that you are weathering the storm...

luna said...

oh, and my wish still hasn't come true. been wishing it for a really long time. and if it ever does come true, it will NOT be because I wished it, but because I willed to happen and because other forces have finally intertwined with our fate.

Cassandra said...

Mel, I have posted some questions to your answers about wishes. I hope it's helpful for your future post. "Better late than never."