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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to BlogHer

Tomorrow I am going on the most expensive quest to obtain See's candy. I mean, I'm going to BlogHer. BlogHer is the important part and the access to See's candy is the bonus. I keep forgetting the order.

Forgive me if I present these last thoughts in list form. I am very much into lists this week:
  1. Thank you for the many well-wishes. They have been printed out as a cheap, ego-boosting tablecloth for the four of us to look at while we speak. I have a photo of my TOOTPU chickies and my laptop and my camera.
  2. Which means that I'm also going to blog as much as possible from BlogHer. I'll be the crazy chick walking down the hotel hallway, typing and walking at the same time. On a laptop. A heavy one at that. And balancing a latte and croissant at the same time. With a bird perched on my head.
  3. I plan on doing short posts, frequently. I plan on blogging from inside panels but also doing breathe-y "I just saw..." posts.
  4. Speaking of which, do you want the truth when I meet bloggers or would you like me to spice it up?
  5. Looking at other people's posts, I realized that I have botched a lot of the prep work for BlogHer. I did not make a t-shirt or temporary tattoos with my blog name on it. I did not get my nails or hair done. I have not actually taken care of the laundry yet, though I do plan on running a load today. I had a fleeting thought that I would express myself by doing a full face of KISS make-up. But I've already rethought that idea.
  6. I do feel badly and worried about #5.
  7. The not-preparing part; not the KISS make-up.
  8. I have spent the majority of the time I should have been prepping trying to convince Josh that he should start using the new word I coined when holding meetings with Jewish layleaders in the community. Juggles. Non-Kabbalah practicing Jews. What do you think? It clearly separates the Madonnas from the Malkes. How do you use it? "We should be doing more programming for juggles" or "Though magic is really cool, we also need to consider the juggles in the community when planning events." Are Jewish layleaders actually getting confused by the Kabbalist movement? Not at all. But I just liked the way juggles sounds.
  9. Juggles.
  10. I am having enormous anxiety about being apart from the ChickieNob and Wolvog. I cannot even write one sentence about this without crying. So I'm going to stop there.
  11. I found out today that the guinea pig Wonder Pet is named "Linny" and not "Lenny." This surprised me.
  12. I seem to be having trouble with my emails going into people's spam filters. Could you check your spam filter from time to time for emails from me?
  13. It is getting really hard to get everyone together at once so when I get there tomorrow, I'm going to scope out the area and then throw out three times that I'm parking myself somewhere. And then we'll find each other that way.
  14. These are my goals for BlogHer: meet people, have fun, learn something new. Everything else is gravy.
Back to packing. I'm taking that whole "the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco" to the extreme and only bringing fleece. And wool caps. And a scarf.


Lori said...

Too many gigglable words/images in that post! TOOTPU, Juggles. KISS.

But the best thing?

I get to PARK with you!

Safe and tranquil travels, my friend. See you on the other side.

loribeth said...

If it's a blogging conference, I'm sure you won't be the only one with a laptop in tow (a bird on the head, I'm not so sure about...).

My great-aunt in Seattle used to send us See's candy at Christmastime. She recently passed away, so I guess we're going to have to find another way to get our fix! ; ) Have a great time!

Heather J. said...

I love the list! By the way, did you also realize that "Linny the Guinea Pig" is a girl? Kiddo and I got in a huge debate about that one - he didn't believe me and was quite put out when he realized I was right. (does anyone else ever have the urge to shout "HA! I was right! And now you KNOW I was right!" to their kids?!)

FYI, Linny is short for Linda - I know this b/c I have an Aunt Linny. :)

Bean said...

You make me laugh -- thanks for that! Safe travels, have a great time, and enjoy the candy. I can't wait to read all about your BlogHer adventure.

Tash said...

Sees. MMmmmmmmm. grlgrlgelgelglelgle (Homer Simpson drooling noise)

Have fun! I don't think you'll need to spice anything up intentionally, will you? I'm sure after a few drinks you'll have plenty to divulge.

bleu said...

Oh, I didn't know that about the Wonder Pets either, cool.

Lisa said...

OMG, Juggles!! I, literally, snorted when I read that!!!

Have a great trip!!

luna said...

1. mmm, candy. lollipop. I get it. if you also have a few minutes to spare, head down to the ferry building for some more super yummy chocolate candy.

2. re: 4 -- truth or spicy. hmm. how truthful will you be? now I'm getting nervous.

3. no need to primp or prepare. you're beautiful and have some of the coolest cards ever. kiss makeup not required.

4. juggles. funny.

5. can you have a live videoconference with the C and the W? I know it's not the same as snuggles, but at least you can all see each other when you send your kisses.

6. re: 13 -- if you park they will come. call/e me if you're looking for other places.

7. it has been cold, yes, so layer.

8. yay. see you soon.

Jen said...

Have a great time! I am expecting to read lots of excited "I just met Mel!" posts all over. And of course, I want lots of posts from you about what is really going on there!

Frenchie said...

Hey Mel--
I hope to see you whilst you are in the City By The Bay!!! I'm not sure I'll be able to get into the conference, but I will be in SF that day and stalking around hoping to meet up at some point. Hey, you have a stalker! A blogger-stalker! You are so cool.

Stacie said...

I can't believe I forgot to wish you well on your trip! I meant to, but things just got away from me!

Be safe and have loads of fun!

Much love,

Jess said...

I want a pic of you in KISS makeup.

Is ie juggles like with a long u or short?

I think you should be honest when you talk about meeting bloggers. Or spice it up and then tell us it was spiced. OR spice it up in real life so that it WILL be honest!!

I *heart* the wonder pets.

Have a safe trip my dear!

Summer said...

Good Luck at BlogHer! Wish I could be there.

I used to live in the Bay Area and the key to getting dressed is LAYERS. Yes, it gets cold in SF but sometimes it can be warm for no other reason than because you're walking around so you might even be too warm in fleece for parts of the day. But if you have layers on, you can adjust as needed.

Hope you have lots of fun!!

Jendeis said...

I will never get the image of you in KISS makeup out of my head. Um, next Purim, please?????

Have a wonderful time at BlogHer. You are going to be fantastic! We're all with you.

beagle said...

I can't say I wish I were there because I am so lucky to be 'stuck" right here right now.

But have a great time and a few cocktails for me!

You too Lori!

SarahSews said...

super smart idea on the packing and I hope I can fit myself into one of your times for #13. Doc said I could drive but DH is nervous about me taking the little one with me on the highway two weeks pp. And SF is an hour away. So we'll see. Maybe I can pump and leave him with daddy? ;)

Fertilized said...

you entertain me so much !! i appreciate that

Heather.PNR said...

Wait, you can't get See's candy everywhere? I suddenly feel bad for the rest of the country.

Have fun at BlogHer!

Kim said...

Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Your post made me laugh today, thank you!

Being that I was just at an ed tech conference with A LOT of bloggers. Yes laptops are in tow, coffee is a must, and croissant are in the hands too. However, I did not see any birds. Pack a small surge protector if you haven't, I kid you not there are never enough plugs and you become everyone's best friend who need to plug in too.

Safe travels and enjoy BlogHer

Aurelia said...


To reassure you, when I left my two for the first time to go to a conference, I was worried and I missed them, but then I figured out that I could have a drink or two, and maybe a whole night's sleep in that big bed all by myself, and that I could have a meal without even one person interupting with a fart joke....and I decided to enjoy my adult time for that tiny short bit.

And then when I returned I went back to the normal routine and told fart jokes....

They will be fine, and so will you. smooch.

Vacant Uterus said...

Juggles? Buwahahaha! That is awesome!

Have a great time at BlogHer. I wish I was going but since I'm not, I'll depend on your live updates to make me feel like I'm there.


Cecily said...

DUDE. The hair/nails prep I did is all about being a stupid egotistical nerd. And feeling goofy. That tattoos are, well, someone else's idea. :)


Julybug said...

Ohhhhh... tell my favorite city (well, except for the weather!) I say hi! Layers, layers, layers... Mark Twain knew what he was talking about!

Make sure to have a fabulous California-style fresh-produce beautiful brunch for me. There is just something about Californian food that doesn't occur naturally on the East coast, unfortunately for me!

And remember - the fog is one of the true natives in the Bay Area, and is a living thing in its own right. Almost everyone else is an interloper...

Have fun!

Lyrehca said...

You'll have a great time! Looking forward to reading your updates about it.

JamieD said...

I spent July in San Francisco once and, yes, VERY COLD!!

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Linda Sherman said...

Thanks for putting your Twitter link on your blog. @lindasherman is now following you.

As I just posted on my blog. My mission is HUGGING!

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Just Me. said...

Have fun at BlogHer!

wish I was there!!!!

Kristin said...

Have a wonderful time at BlogHer. A friend/fellow blogger is going to be on the panel about infertility. Here blog is Rantings of a Creole Princess.