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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Why NaComLeavMo?

1. I'll start with the obvious: why not? NaComLeavMo will be fun at the very least and will definitely introduce you to a few new blogs and perhaps even get you a few new regular readers. Josh says, "it might get you laid! Well, it might." I can see where he may have a point.

2. I'll admit that I've never done NaBloWriMo even though I've considered it each fall. The reason is that even though I seem to post almost daily, I never know whether or not I'm going to post. If I have something to say, I post. If I don't, I don't post. But I can always read regardless of the mood that I'm in. I've never had reader's block in the same way that I've had writer's block.

3. And reading is a creative process--responding to blogs is just as much a creative outlet as writing a blog. I think it's important to respond to a post when I can, not just to let the person know that someone out there is reading, but because blogging is a conversation. It's my job to hold up the other end: respond to the idea, answer a question, give support, let them know I laughed (since they're not in my living room and privy to the fact that I snorted coffee into the screen).

4. And it's great that we all have these amazing conversation going on within small groups, but sometimes people feel like they can't break into a group. NaComLeavMo is an invitation--join in the conversation; please comment. Anyone on this list is literally opening the door to their mind and allowing you to read and laugh and cry and learn something. And sing a little kumbaya.

5. And I don't know about you, but I tend to comment mostly on blogs that are similar in content to mine. I read lots of other blogs--I'll admit it: I read the Brothers & Sisters fan blog. I read cooking blogs and knitting blogs and random political blogs and even mommybloggers. But until we start having cross-blog conversations--having the IF bloggers talking with the mommybloggers and the political bloggers talking with...who do they need to speak with?...well, you know what I mean--the conversations need to be happening not just within the community, but between communities too. So bring your non-IF friends to NaComLeavMo, admit to your favourite book blogger that you want them to join along too, call out to all the fashionistas and ask them to get on the list so we can find out whether mesh tops will ever come back.

And that's why you should join NaComLeavMo and leave lots of comments in a 30-day period. Because of all those reasons and because you just might get laid. I'm not saying it's a promise. But it's a possibility.


Lori said...

By you? Or by Josh?

Either way, I'm in :-).

I love your point about crossing over to and connecting communities.

calliope said...

wait- please discuss this getting laid aspect. You mean if I read blogs that just aren't about vaginas that I might meet a man?? WHAT?!

I am now really digging the idea of getting to know bloggers from other realms. I have a bunch of real life friends that blog and feel too shy to comment as they don't want to break into the "IF clique". Should I get my non IF peeps to join over here?

It makes me feel like I can post about a broader range of topics while we are doing this.

Aurelia said...

We should definitely read and comment on the political blogs, and the mommyblogs, and whatever other other blogs are out there. And not just when we read something inaccurate they said, but whenever we feel like it.

Mostly because sooner or later even if they are too shy to comment, they will read us and learn from us, and figure out why our issues matter politically.

And that helps all of our fellow peeps, whether it's by providing funding for treatment, or just being treated nicer in the world when someone finds out we are infertile and need help.

Jendeis said...

Let me just lay it out right now. I heart you and Josh. You are both legen -- wait for it -- dary and full of awesome awesomeness. :)

Jen said...

I join Blog365 this year and consider myself crazy for doing so. Of course, sometimes my posts end up being really boring...

Pamela Jeanne said...

Aurelia has a most excellent point! I was only thinking in terms of maintaining my five a day on IF blogs, but now she's given me a new way to look at this!

Elizabeth said...

I'm all for leaving comments, but the reason I didn't sign up was that I couldn't muster up the energy to read past the second point on the "how to participate" instructions. I remember doing something like this last year though and it was a lot of fun. Maybe I'll just boil down the instructions to "leave lots of comments this month" and call that participating?

passingwindows said...

I didn't know you read cooking and knitting blogs, so do I! That's a great idea. Excuse my ignorance but when does it start? May 1?

And I'm so excited to see a picture of you. Love the bandana.

Overwhelmed! said...

You mean to tell me that Brothers & Sisters has a fan blog and I didn't know about it?! Get out! I love that series!

Thanks for the heads up about NaComLeavMo. I'll check it out.

Fertilized said...

i never thought of a comment is "breaking in on a conversatin" but it makes since.

Julia said...

Oh, ok. I knew you would talk me into it eventually.

Although the getting laid part is non-intuitive. Staying up late reading blogs usually does not help with the getting laid part, at least around these parts...