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Saturday, May 24, 2008

And So it Begins: NaComLeavMo!

Updated at the bottom:

On your marks.

Get set.

Go forth and comment! you have seven more hours (remember, it runs May 25--June 25). Currently, there are 207 people on the NaComLeavMo list and the list officially closes in a few hours at midnight, EST. So a few people may slip under the wire, but right now, that seems to be the semi-final number. Which means that to be an Iron Commentor, you need to leave 207 comments once a week for all four weeks. That is a crazy amount of commenting, true, but I have full faith in you.

For everyone else, please do peruse the list and find the new blogs--not just the ones that are at the top of the list, but all of those people in the middle too (if you have the icon on your blog, you can simply click on it and quickly access the list--see, I'm think-y). The list is about 80% IF, but the other 20% are everything ranging from psych post docs to a parent of two teenage boys.

Ideally, leave 5 comments a day + return one comment (meaning, choose someone who has commented recently on your blog and comment on their blog). If you haven't written anything new and do not have any comments to return, simply leave a random 6th comment that day.

Let the games begin!


The list is now closed--12:01 a.m. Sunday, May 25th. Let the commenting commence! 214 participants in all.


Lori said...

OMG. I can't believe the invitation I just got from FB.


Io said...

Whoot! I'm ready to go!

Antigone said...

I guess I'll be calling in sick from work.

The Johnson's said...

I wanted to thank you for organizing this. So many people blog, but like you said it's a conversation.

I can't wait to blog, leave comments and get comments!

I think we're going to have fun.

Let the games begin!!

Thanks again.


PJ said...

...laughing and agreeing with antigone!

Samantha said...

I guess I got back from my trip just in time!

m said...

Here I am!!! (my little picture-y thingo isn't working! :( )

And I'm not even going to attempt to be an Iron Commenter....


Lisa said...

OK, I could have SWORN I signed up, but, I must be losing my mind! I'm going to participate anyway - I love commenting!!

loribeth said...

Does this one count?? ; )

Hecticmom Undone said...

Hi - Thanks for doing this. I'm already feeling the comment love on my blog. I'm purposely visiting new blogs from your list and have already subscribed to a few.

Thanks again!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Fun, Fun!

Looking forward to it!

Kim said...

So great! So excited! Let the commenting begin!

Rebecca said...

Yay! :) This is going to be fun. Thanks for organizing it.

hopeful #1 said...

The adrenaline rush is incredible. You just leave comment after comment and before you know it... you've done 20 in one afternoon! Holy crap this is great!

Happy NaComLeavMo!!!!!

nancy said...


I'm so doing it. And have been. Not an iron commentor, but I'm getting a good amount!