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Monday, April 07, 2008

Mmmmmmmmmm, Spring Cleaning Feels Soooo Good

It feels so good to throw things away. To crunch up old post-it notes and recycle bottles and donate clothes that I'll never wear again (goodbye skinny ass; there's a new derriere in town). I love Pesach cleaning. Not just the bleaching and washing and scrubbing, but the organizing and reducing and neatening that takes place simultaneously. Spring cleaning is one of the greatest traditions of all time.

My gut instinct was to start with the room last night (since isn't that how we think about those types of rooms? With a mentally-italicized "the"?), which didn't make a lot of sense so we settled on our bedroom. By 11 p.m., it was finished--blankets washed, drawers organized, piles of papers discarded.

I feel like I should take some before and after shots so you can watch the house come back into place. I tackled the sideboard this morning. I keep wandering back into the kitchen to marvel at the neatness of it.

Baruch ha'Shem for fertility treatments that made it only possible for us to afford a townhouse. Can you imagine if we only had to pay a co-payment and ended up in a house with 15 extra rooms to clean? There's nothing like Pesach cleaning to show you the silver lining in forking over thousands per cycle.


Jen said...

I agree! I love Spring Cleaning. I've even been known to make a jar full of little slips of paper with Spring Cleaning jobs on them. When I have time, I grab a slip and get going! I can't wait to get the new house all clean and organized.

Julia said...

You know, it is my contention that the bigger your house, the neater it is. I know for a fact that part of the reason a certain area of my kitchen is cluttered is that I don't have the space to efficiently set up an intuitive system of receptacles for what it is that ends up cluttering that space. Same can be said about my office and some of the corners upstairs.
But there is also the hypothesis that children are like gas in that they (their toys, specifically) will take up all available space. So it probably is a complete toss up and can't be solved but empirically-- if there is someone out there who wants to give me a load of money to buy a bigger house, I would be glad to perform this experiment for the good of science and mankind. :)
Good job on the cleaning. I am jealous. My virus is making it impossible for me to do the same just yet.

Lori said...

Like so many things, I like to have spring cleaning DONE, but I hate to DO it.

So if you simply need to keep scrubbing and organizing, get that fabulous derriere into my home (which is also smaller than it might have been, save for IF, g*d love it).

Bea said...

Efficient living spaces are the way of the future! You're not just getting a silver lining, you're ahead of the curve!


JamieD said...

Yes, I love spring cleaning! I love to feel organized and neat. The only problem is that I am a hoarder so when I feel the strength to throw away things I don't need, I have to jump on it at that very moment. Who knows when it will come again?!?!

Piccinigirl said...

oh yes, I love Spring Cleaning. Esp when you can open the windows and do it. The clutter goes and your house SMELLS good, I love that. It's also good for the soul, that cleaning, I know when I was in the IF jungle that cleaning (when I wasn't depressed and did it) served to clear out my soul. I was DOING something and saw/smelled the reward for it.
Just recently being home after the bedrest and the boys were sleeping more than being up, I washed and cleaned and cooked more than any other time in my life. I would tell Mr Kir I like this SAHM/W stuff a lot, our house had never been so clean, and all it took was me having twins to get it done.

Kim said...

I have been cleaning too! Lugging those huge trash bags out to the curb is certainly therapeutic! I wonder where I got all of this stuff I don't need? I guess I am 'nesting' because I am expecting our home study visits to be in the next few weeks!