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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekend Housekeeping

I posted two things and didn't want them lost in the shuffle of posts so I'm linking to them here as well. They both have to do about adoption--and it's sort of strange how these two separate things intersected on the same topic on the same day.

The next book tour is kicking off. We're reading The Mistress's Daughter by AM Homes and the book club is open to anyone who wants to join along. The author will also be available for questions/comments along the tour. It is a very book; brief, but packs a punch. As I say on the post, it is A.M. Homes' memoir about her reunion with the mother who placed her for adoption many years earlier and the father who is absent even when present is truly a look at nature vs. nurture--where do our bloodlines end and environment begin? At the heart of the story is the topic of adoption, but the book becomes so much more--what does it mean to be related, how do we become like our parents, what does it mean to be a family? I hope you'll join along if you like book clubs.

The other thing is a call for interviews, specifically about adoption. I am prepping for this chapter right now and collecting interviews so I can begin writing it by the end of March. I'm grateful for any help you can give me with this.

On a completely non-adoption related note, all I want to eat right now are French Fries with Old Bay and vegetarian gravy. How to get Josh to run to the food store for me so I can loll about with a good book and Old Bay?


luna said...

that's so maryland! we had a friend from MD who put old bay on everything! I love french fries. ~luna

loribeth said...

What is Old Bay?? I'm thinking some kind of sauce?

LJ said...

Tell him Mr. Badger would do it.

nancy said...

ask him? That seems to work with my husband.

candy said...

i'm in for the adoption interviews.

JuliaS said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh - that is my ultimate comfort food! LOVE fries with gravy - I do the country style gravy, heavy cream and you gotta almost burn the flour first.

(For Loribeth - Old Bay is a dry seasoning - I think I have seen liquid - used traditionally for boiling with seafood and other methods. It comes in a very distinctive blue and yellow container. Maybe I will send you some!)

loribeth said...

OK, I zipped through this book in two nights! -- excellent choice, Mel! And I can't wait for the questions!!