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Saturday, March 22, 2008


I wrote it on Henry Street but realized after I hit publish that I wasn't just thinking about the insurance company and their lack of empathy. It is so much larger and a response to three feeds I read tonight; three separate posts, all containing words that were said to or about the writer simply to hurt them.

Going through infertility, you realize how much we can't control. They are with us 24/7, yet we can't control our bodies. We can't control what they can or cannot do. But compassion--that is within our capabilities. We can choose in every single minute of our day how we're going to treat another person.


Sunny said...

What I have learned the most from this journey is compassion. Putting myself in others shoes and feeling their heartache. It is so important. If we all did it the world, including the IF world, would be a much better place.

Fertilized said...

I have also learned compassion and tolerance and acceptance. I also learned that their are so many more people out there that understand me and are supportive of what our community stands for

Jen said...

That is probably what I try for the most each time I leave a comment on someone else's blog. I always try to help and never hurt.

Heidi said...

You are leading by example. I've seen your comments on my blog. Just knowing someone is reading and caring, shows me all the compassion in the world. I'm following your example, and haven't missed a comment yet.

Julia said...