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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

First Advice is Up

I just uploaded my first question and response to One Smart Mama. To make life easier for those who don't subscribe with bloglines or a similar service, I have included an icon on my side bar for One Smart Mama and beneath the icon are the words "latest advice." I'll update that link each time I upload something to the new blog. At least until I start updating it daily. Keep the questions coming--anything from fertility issues to marriage concerns to whether or not you should buy that new car.

Right. So that link is updated. And here it is again: latest advice (otherwise known as "The Tangled Web Indeed").

So this is the part where you click over and read the question and response. And then add your own advice. Unlike other advice columns which provide the questioner with a single point-of-view, the beauty of a blog is that everyone gets to weigh in with their own thoughts. So whether you agree or disagree, want to second a thought or provide an entirely new idea, think I'm brilliant or think I'm an idiot, give your own feedback to Green.

Like my advice? Looking for help? Send questions to and place "One Smart Mama" in the subject line.

1 comment:

Chili said...

I've successfully added One Smart Mama to my blog reader!

Which brings up a question - whenever I try to add *this* blog to my reader, it tells me that no feeds are available. This has caused me great distress, and I'm hoping you can help me fix it!

I'm a doofus when it comes to feeds, aside from pressing the "search for feeds" button in Sage (a Firefox blog reader extension).