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Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Blog Roundup

Let's have a little talkie talk about Grey's, shall we?

Didn't she want to know how high her FSH was? I mean, she's an OB. I ask (and then write down every number in my little blue notebook) and I'm not even a doctor. I would just think that she'd...want to know how high is high.

But I did like the shut-up, shut-up, shut-up scene afterwards in the elevator. That felt real. The fact that they could run day-3 blood work on apparently any day of her cycle? Not so real. Breakdown in elevator--pretty spot on. I cry more, but that's just me and I'm not going to fault Addison that she stopped short with a simple head thumping. If it were me, I'd also cry longer than one day. But, again, that's just me.

Josh wants to know if it's true that you can wax your surfboard in a doctor's office in California. Topless. And barefoot. Is this all of California or only LA?

What did you think of the Addison-wants-a-child storyline? Will you watch the new spin-off show?

Okay, so now for everyone who doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy--the roundup.

I loved Larisa's post this week in The Waiting Womb about the infertility and pregnancy loss community--which has obviously been on my mind too. She writes: "What's important now? The story. The stories of all the women whose blogs I read. The yearning, the heartbreak, and hopefully the success. Follicles, schmollicles. Hope, love, support - that's the good stuff. That's why I keep reading and writing. All of your human stories that, though the technical pieces are different, the wants are the same." And I just wanted to second that. At the same time, please head over there and add your own "please stay" to her gorgeous note to her embryos that came later in the week. Be forewarned, I bawled when I read it because it was such a beautiful post.

There was a line in this post from Still Passing Open Windows that spoke to me--no, better, it screamed to me: "I just thought, 'This is so .... medical.' It just feels like something I have to do. The thought that a pregnancy and a baby could result from this is just surreal." I don't know why; I just loved that line and it was a sentiment that felt very familiar. I loved the whole post.

If you can't remember life before you knew what RE meant, head over to Matt's latest post on Maybe Baby. I think this is my favourite line: "Elements of surprise and anticipation are in short supply in an Internet world where nothing is new, secret or exciting, so as long as I don’t Google what an endocrinologist does, I have nothing to fear." More power to ignorance! Seriously, Matt, in this case, it really is bliss. Good luck today.

Donna at Double Happiness has this fantastic photo challenge that has been happening all week. Parents are redressing their children in their Gotcha Day clothes and taking a new picture many months down the line. The photos are pretty amazing and you can see all the children via the links at the bottom of the post. Warning--much cuteness abounds.

Mary Ellen of Our IVF Journey had hope restored this week when she found out that the nurse gave her the wrong fertilization report. The new fert report contained a beautiful hatching, balanced blastocyst. Which is currently residing in her uterus. And this post was just so hopeful and happy that it made it feel sunny outside even though I read it at night.

Cece at Child Bearing Hips has a great post this week about stress. And the whole idea of "just relax" and what the hell is relaxation anyway? I definitely related to it (though the other side of me also likes a good book on the beach). I think many of us enjoy operating at a high level of energy--feel more relaxed researching and reading and preparing. Or throwing ourselves into work or hobbies. I just wanted to raise a glass to Cece and to every other stirrup queen who kicks "just relax" in the ass.

Lastly, JJ at Reproductive Jeans, introduced us to a familiar move that many of us have danced at some point in the last month. Think you're not familiar with the TP Tango? Head over and find out...

Stay tuned for a round of Name That Blogger and Thank Her either later today or tomorrow. You'll need pen and paper. And, of course, your thinking cap.

Happy almost Cinco de Mayo! Happy almost Lag B'Omer!


TeamWinks said...

Name that blogger sounds like an interesting game!

I believe that Addison is the most well portrayed infertile woman I've seen yet on tv. What I was wondering was where they were going to go with it. Is it a one day issue, because that doesn't feel right. However, I did love the elevator and stairs scenes.

Larisa said...

Not a Grey's watcher. :)

Thanks for the mention, and I actually have more to say on one of your most recent posts, too. I've got to get my brain to start thinking about things other than embryos, first, though.

Thanks again.

Cece said...

Thanks for the mention... I had to quickly skim down the miss out on the Grey's spoilers! I tivoed it last night.

And I had read the post of Mary Ellen's wrong fert report - and it actaully made me cry - I was so happy for her!

ms. c said...

OOO... I woke up this morning anticipating your Grey's commentary. I am not an avid a watcher as you, so I didn't realize that this was going to be a "spin off". I did debate the "reality" vs "gimme a break" the whole show. (in the Addison scenes, and also in the bridal shop/mother ones- though those were funny.)
To answer your questions: YES I would want to know how high was my high FSH, and NO I don't think that hot men wax their surfboards in clinics in LA, California or anywhere in the rest of the world.

Anywyas, thanks for the roundup, as always! Shabbat Shalom.

Ann said...

Boy, now I really feel like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't watch Grey's! I heard about it on the radio, and that it was supposed to be a spin-off show. Does that mean a spin-off about a fertility clinic? Interesting...

Beagle said...

I also think this is a better TV portrayal than any other I've seen. But, it did irk me that she could "get over it" in the space of a two hour show. I half expected the surrogate who ended up pregnant with her own bio child to hand it over to Addison instead of thay crazy foursome!

The elevator scene struck me as very real also. I just think they need to revisit the pain/loss aspect of infertility in a few more shows anyway and not end the storyline with her driving off into the sunset with a big smile on her face.

On the other hand, it is TV and they have to condense everything. But, then again, I think of my own struggle and the repetitive nature of the hope, sadness, etc. and I wonder, who would watch that on TV and call it entertainment?!

Oh, and I could use one of those kisses, if that alternative medicine guy is available.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Name that blogger sounds cool! I'm ready and waiting.

I don't know if I will watch the show-guess it will depend on my mood. I'd like to think that I will especially since I'm feeling a little more hopeful these days.

When it started and I realized what sort of office they were in and there was a fight over who a baby's father was I thought I may have to change it. I was afraid there might be a negative storyline on donor sperm and that is pretty time sensitive stuff in our household these days so I didn't want any negative vibes rubbing off on the hubby.

I love Addison's character so that will help, but some of it was a bit too cheesy (the kissing scene in the stairwell-who says, "I'm going to kiss you. I'm going to kiss you now with lots of tongue" Although I really did like his line AFTER the kiss). I also wonder if they are going to further explore Addison's fertility.

Today I ponder on my blog why this network suddenly has pregnancy storylines in EVERY SHOW!

dmarie said...

Grey's got on my nerves last night. I don't know what has happened with this show. As for the IF Addison plot--I just couldn't attach anything real to it. The character suddenly decides she wants a baby and very quickly finds out she can't have one. But hey, how much can you cover in an hour.

Princess Barren said...

I was shocked at how Addison could get over her IF in the space of an hour. I've been dealing with it for 3 years, and the thought that that there'll eventually be one day where I don't cry about it seems so foreign to me.
I couldn't help but cry along with her though.

Oh, and you'll be happy to know I'm back from my "Bahamavention", although not knocked up, as apparently immaculate conception does not occur in the Caribbean.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Thanks for the mention Mel!

I never watch Greys. I guess that maybe I need to start though because people are always talking about and I never have a clue. :-)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I just did a go.ogle search for the new spin off and found a tv blog where they said the potential name for the spin off is Private Practice. I really hope that is just a rumor because it seems a bit pathetic to call a show about a fertility clinic something that reminds me of the "parts" they are trying to fix!

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

Thanks for the shout-out. You made my day, which is saying a lot seeing as I'm leaving work in 30 minutes to become one with my reproductive endocrinologist.

I'm hoping she'll be like Santa, only prettier and with a sack full of babies instead of presents.

Jen said...

Details, details...

I know I wanted to know how "high" was high and why she didn't press for more answers, alternatives, anything for this baby she said she so desperately wanted.

But maybe that's because this storyline interested me more than McSquinty's latest mother figure dying or Christina's ambivalence to a wedding.

And I know I say I won't watch it, but I totally will.

thirdtimelucky said...

I'm very confused now but we're a little behind on Greys here so I guess I'll find out one day.

Anonymous said...

The show got on my nerves. I usually like it but as a single woman I just didn't decide overnight that I wanted a baby, and when I found out it was harder than I thought I still haven't gotten over that. Like most women who want children, I'd be asking what can I do, what are the options, not, oh well that didn't work let me play some tongue hockey with some new screwed up guy (okay well maybe I might do that)