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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sample Emoblopedia--Updated and Changed

This post is just to give you an idea of the format of the emoblopedia. I obviously only filled out a one sample entry for a single category: coming to a place of peace with loss inside the larger Pregnancy Loss topic. Right now, I need (1) new category and topic ideas and (2) links to entries that can go under each category. Also, feel free to add suggestions or ideas on how to make the emoblopedia more user friendly. Currently, it will appear as it does below the example: a heading with a hyperlinked title and a listing of categories under each topic. By clicking on the hyperlinked title, a reader is taken to a page that contains the actual links to each blog post (go on, try it out). As the emoblopedia grows, I will add an index at the top of each page so people can jump to the one that they need rather than having to scroll down through the whole list.

Just to distinguish between the two: topics are the large umbrella titles such as general infertility, pregnancy loss, or adoption. Categories are the small, semi-specific sections that speak on a certain topic. This list is just getting started. We will be adding categories until the end of time as people write a new post, realize it could help someone, see that there isn't a place for it in the emoblopedia, and add a new category to house it. So, if you're suggesting a topic, you may also want to suggest a few sample categories that would fall underneath it.


Pregnancy Loss, Stillbirth, and Neonatal Death

Coming to a place of peace with loss

Sample of the emoblopedia main page (the hyperlinked titles currently work):

Scan the index below and click on the hyperlinked topic headings in order to jump to the topic page containing the entries you wish to read.

Pregnancy Loss, Stillbirth, and Neonatal Death
Coming to a place of peace with loss
Learning that a pregnancy may not be viable
Learning you are having a miscarriage
Remembering terraversaries
The first day you felt good after a loss
Making the decision to proceed with multifetal pregnancy reduction
Making the decision to proceed with a medical termination

General Infertility
Receiving a diagnosis
Family relations
Coming out about infertility
Being outed as infertile by another person
Taking a break
Marriage difficulties while trying to conceive
Marriage strengthening while conquering infertility
Depression and infertility

The first time you took Clomid
The dreaded HSG
Deciding to proceed with IUI
Deciding to proceed with IVF
Choosing a new RE
Injection classes
The first injection
GBLT experiences with clinics
Fears about starting fertility treatments
Excitement about starting fertility treatments
Emotions after a first failed cycle after starting treatments
Emotions after a first failed IVF cycle
Good interactions with the RE or clinic
Terrible interactions with the RE or clinic

Deciding to proceed with adoption
Getting through the homestudy
Matching with a birthmother
Birthmothers and children
When adoption plans change (adoption disruption)
The emotions of terminating a match
The first day feeling at peace again after an adoption disruption
Long periods of waiting
The first time meeting your child

Third Party Reproduction
Deciding to proceed with a donor or surrogate
Emotions surrounding the donor or surrogate experience

Choosing to Live Child-Free
Deciding to proceed with living child-free
Navigating life cycle events after deciding to live child-free
Emotions over stopping treatments
Snappy answers to intrusive questions
The moment you stopped feeling childless and started feeling child-free

Pregnancy After Infertility or Loss
Seeing a heartbeat
Being released from the RE
Fears during pregnancy
Doubts about being pregnant
Discovering that you're carrying multiples
Communicating with the OB after being accustomed to the RE
Moving to a high-risk specialist
Ambivalence about impeding parenthood

Parenting After Infertility or Loss
Ambivalence about milestones
Postpartum depression
NICU experiences

Secondary Infertility
How to come to terms with your new-found fertility-status
What to tell existing children
How to balance secondary infertility with parenting


Tina said...

Here are some suggestions I can think of now for topics to add:

Pregnancy Loss, Stillbirth, and Neonatal Death: 1) Affect on family, 2) Coming out about loss(es), 3) When is enough enough? 4) Coming to terms with recurrent loss

Secondary Infertility: How to come to terms with your new-found fertility-status?

Will post more as I think of things.

gypsyhick said...

Brilliant, Mel. On days when I feel so very alone, it will be good to tap into a one-stop-shop of blog entries to help me out of the dark.

Thanks for leading the way!

Jules said...

Great Idea.

Can I suggest other sub-topics:

Coming to terms with treatment not working.
When enough is enough.
Deciding to move on from treatment.

Now off to find some posts.

Bea said...

Here's a suggestion - something good about parenting after infertility/loss? We all need to hear those posts where the author is convinced it was all worthwhile from time to time. Motivational, like.

Gosh, as for posts... how about this sort of thing for "emotions after a first failed cycle".


serenity said...

I love this idea - I need to do some thinking and have more ideas about the areas, at least the ones I can answer. :)

I'm definitely on board!

aah0424 said...

I think this is a great idea, Mel! What would we do without you?