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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Death By Carbs

Can't eat one. more. piece. of. melba. toast.

Must eat one. more. piece. of. melba. toast.

Why, oh, why did I open all of those boxes of melba toast, eat three crackers, and then leave five flavours of melba toast for consumption pre-Pesach?

It's a carb fest at our house. It's eat-it-or-toss-it time. You know, the chamatz cleaning and all. And I'm going the "eating it" route.

It has made me think about choices I make that create more work for myself in the future. Just a thought for a future post...

Tomorrow, I will not have the Friday Blog Roundup because the divine Ms. Bea over at Infertile Fantasies will be rounding up all of the infertility-and-loss-themed films that people have been creating over the past few months for the International Infertility Film Festival (and unlike our American House of Pancakes, this film festival is truly international with bloggers spanning from the States to Australia). Our entry will be up on the blog tomorrow morning due to Pesach stress and travel. And between Friday and Saturday, bloggers around the world will be posting their films (hence the scattering of posting times).

If I had been more clever, I would have made the subject of our film Aunt Flo instead of Aunt Jane.

But since I didn't consider this idea until this morning and there is pretty much no way I could convince my film redo the entire film to make every reference to Aunt Jane become Aunt Flo... Well, we'll just have to leave it as Melissa-is-not-that-quick-on-the-uptake and hopefully I'll go with the obvious in the future.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's movie tomorrow. Luckily, it's still a few days before Pesach so I can pop some popcorn. Sneak a diet coke into the living room (where we've barred all outside concessions). Three cheers for Bea!


TeamWinks said...

I can't wait to see all of the films!

andrea_jennine said...

The first name of one of the anchors on our local NPR station is Melba, and every time she says her name I think of the toast. My husband had never heard of melba toast, and I had to prove to him that I was not crazy by pointing out some boxes in the cracker aisle. Good luck consuming the carbs!

Pam said...

I'll admit I'm a very bad jew and don't bother with ridding the house of chamatz. Why don't you take the unopened boxes (are they unopened) of food that you need to get rid of and give them to the food bank? Gives you a feeling of mitzvah for no extra calories. :)

S&C said...

DP family gives the food (or chamatz as you say) to a friend just to hold till its over LOL

Have fun eating carbs!!! HHMMM now i am hungry :-)

Vee said...

I'm cheerin Bea !

I can't wait to see the films.

I would love a carb fest mmm.
Good luck.

Bea said...

You know, I didn't even think about the Friday blog roundup clash.

Good luck with the carbs. You *think* carbs are your friends, until they attack you all at once.

I think "Aunt Jane" fits nicely, too. Flo might have confused things, since she's already a well-known character elsewhere. In any case, I wouldn't worry.


RTTguapa said...

i'll be waitig for your film...!