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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Not to Sound Morbid...

Josh and I were just talking about the Academy Awards and how they do that tribute honouring those in the entertainment community who are no longer around. And it seemed like a nice thing to add to the Creme de la Creme post tomorrow--a shout-out to all the blogs that closed down this year. Especially since many can't send a link for the creme de la creme list because they closed down their blog.

The main problem being that I only started blogging in July of this year, so there are many blogs that I missed and didn't even know existed (or when they closed down--was Chez Miscarriage removed in 2006? What about Baby Hungry Man?). And I'm only one person so I can't possibly keep track of all the ones that have closed. So if you know of a blog (your own or another person's) that has closed in 2006, please leave me a comment and let me know so I can add them to the list.

There are the ones I know about. Of course, I can't do links for most of them because most of these blogs have been removed from the Internet.

Cancer Baby
The Naked Ovary
Random Ramblings
Gravida Zero
A Barren Island

I'm sorry to see them go. And I don't want to miss honouring any that closed down. No matter how long they were longing or how widely-read.

I've added 33 entries in so far to the list and I'll post it tomorrow morning. Don't be shy--just send over a link. I want everyone to be honoured Time magazine says...we are all the People of the Year.


Anonymous said...

Just like the tribute at the awards show, it makes me sad to realize so many great blogs have shut down. I'm glad we're remembering them here. Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Man, I really miss them. Especially, Gravida Zero and A Barren Island. The others either shut down before I was around or before I was able to get into them.

It is one thing to lose a blogger because they have moved on to parenthood and how busy that life can be. It is another to lose someone to hurtful people who make them feel bad for being honest and putting themselves out there. Regardless, I miss them.

luolin said...

Lisa V at Vindauga just closed down.

Anonymous said...

Chez Miscarriage

Glad you said Cancer Baby.

Uterine Wars.

Anonymous said...

Infertility 2.0 by Lindy (

Palatial Squalor by Suzanne

Underwater Clown Conspiracy by April (

Laughter and Forgetting (

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,

I've been distracted by crap, I don't know what to pick for mine. I may email you with some I think are great from other blogs.

And it's not just the shut down ones, but the password protect blogs, that may have greatness in them. I know some people want privacy, but it does make me sad when no one can see their great stuff.

And by great BTW, I mean even the worst moments of our lives. I am no Mother Theresa, and being a "good adoptee" or a "good infertile" or a "good griever" is a title I can't live up to.

Sometimes women are not little miss Mary Freakin' Sunshine. The world needs to know it, even if it makes them uncomfortable.

ms. c said...

Sunnie at The.Sunnie.Side.Up

(So weird... I was thinking about posting the same thing today...)

Anonymous said...

I just had to reply to the comment you left on my blog. :) What an interesting way to look at things! I kind of feel the same way about worrying about our potential bmom...I could sit and worry about it and make myself crazy, but whatever is going to happen will happen whether or not I worry. All I'm doing by not getting excited is keeping myself from experiencing the fun that goes along with expecting. I won't feel any more sad if it falls through than I would if I were to "protect" my heart. Some of the things we've got, like our car seat, we'll HAVE to have whenever we finally have our baby, so I like thinking that we're saving ourselves headache.
AND I sit there and watch those pictures flash on the screen and just let tears roll down my face. It's embarassing, really! :)
Keep in touch!

Frances said...

Tales of a Wessel.
I so miss her.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave my little entries yesterday and IE7 crashed. Not a good sign..

This isn't necessarily IF-related but I think its a deep post:

Sky said...

Karen at Naked Ovary has gone password protected.

Tales of a Wessel is another good blog that also shut down this year.

Anonymous said...

I miss naked ovary

The Town Criers said...

I'm confused with Naked Ovary. I thought she was closing up shop, but then I clicked on a link and it took me to a password protected sign on. Is she still blogging or is she in the process of taking down the blog?