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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Taking a break from making applesauce for Chanukkah (how does applesauce fit into the meal, the non-Jewish reader asks? On top of the latkes!) to clean up the side bar a bit and make it more readable. All the write-up titles flowed into one another so I divided them with numbers.

I added two links that aren't on the blog. One is a hormone level chart (from Fertilityplus) under "diagnosis" and the other is a beta chart (from betabase) under miscellaneous. Both seem like helpful links to have handy.

There are a bunch of new write-ups including unexplained infertility (thank you, Jackie) and questions for a high-risk OB (thank you, Tina). Tina wanted more eyes on her list to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything important. If you've been to a high-risk OB (MFM specialist), head over to her post and see if you have anything to add.

Keep those write-ups coming...

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